How to change Uber password (for

How to change Uber password (for

If you drive or ride with Uber, you may run into a situation where you need to change your password.

It cánido happen for a variety of reasons, but when it does, you want to make sure you perro make it as quick and easy as possible.

In this articulo, we will espectáculo you how to change your Uber password.

This will be useful information whether you are a passenger or a controlador.

We’ll also look at some common reasons to change your password, what to do if you forget it, and how to keep your Uber account safe.

Reasons to change your Uber password

whatWhy you would want to change your Uber password in the first place?

If you have a password that you cánido easily remember and like to use, changing it might seem silly.

However, there are several situations where changing your Uber password might make sense.

The first scenario is that Uber has had some kind of data or security breach that leaked passwords to piratas informáticos, criminals, or others who shouldn’t have access to payment options and personal information stored in your Uber account.

Uber is likely to notify you of any serious data breaches, but you should also be aware of news that may affect you.

If you’re not sure if a breach affects you, it’s better to err on the safe side and just change your password anyway.

You perro never be too careful with these types of matters.

However, data breaches are not the only reason to change your password.

You may also need to change your password because you have forgotten it.

It happens to the best of us, especially if the password is long or complicated.

If you cánido’t remember your password, it’s better to go ahead and change it instead of typing as many variations as you cánido into Uber’s system.

This will only result in you being locked out of your account, making it even more difficult to log back in.

Finally, you perro change your password for more general security reasons.

If your password is weak, you should do yourself a favor and change it to a stronger one.

You don’t want to have a password that is easy to guess.

Examples include the following:

  • Your name (and any variation thereof)
  • “Password” or any variation
  • The name of your pet, partner or children
  • Your birthday
  • Short words or short strings of numbers (these cánido be easily guessed by automated hacking systems using brute force)
  • The same password you use for all other sites

Instead, you should try to have a password that meets the following criteria:

  • as long as possible
  • Contains a combination of symbols, numbers, and upper and lower case letters
  • Not a password you use for any other site

We’ll discuss a few more consejos below on how to keep your Uber password and account safe, but you should definitely change your password if you find yourself in any of the situations we’ve discussed so far.

How to change your Uber password

So you’ve decided that you need to change your Uber password.

How do you do it?

Fortunately, the process is quite fácil for both cyclists and drivers.

How to change your Uber Rider password

We’ll start with how to reset your Uber rider account password.

You will need to use the Uber aplicación to do this.

Follow these steps:

  1. Select «Setting» in the main menu of the application
  2. Touch the bar that displays your profile information.
  3. Tap under where it says “Password«
  4. Re-entrar your current password
  5. Type your new password and then tap «Keep» when prompted.
  6. Please note that passwords must be at least five characters long.

If you forgot your password, you will need to take additional steps to reset it.

Don’t worry, this isn’t complicated either.

Just visit the “forgot your password” page on the Uber website.

From there, entrar the dirección de correo electrónico address associated with your Uber account in the box provided:

Uber will then send you an dirección de correo electrónico with a password reset backlink.

If you don’t see the dirección de correo electrónico, be sure to check your contenido publicitario folder, as password reset correos electrónicos cánido often get caught up in Gmail’s or other dirección de correo electrónico service providers’ contenido publicitario filters.

Once you have opened the correo electrónico, simply clic on the included backlink.

You will then be redirected to a page where you perro entrar a new password.

Be sure to open the correo electrónico and clic on the backlink as soon as possible.

These backlinks are only valid for a limited time for security reasons.

How to reset your Uber controlador password

Resetting your Uber controlador account password is even simpler than your passenger account password.

Unlike your usuario account, you cannot reset your Uber controlador password from the Uber Partner aplicación.

Instead, you will need to visit the password reset page.

You will follow the same steps as if you had forgotten your Uber passenger account password.

Simply entrar your correo electrónico address in the box provided, clic “Next” and then wait for an correo electrónico with a backlink to reset your password.

If you’re still having trouble, please contact a member of the Uber support team for further assistance.

Note: When resetting your password, you may need to entrar a verification code from Uber.

This is called 2-Aspecto Authentication, and it’s a great way to make sure no one else has access to your account.

3 consejos to keep your Uber account safe

Before concluding this article, we wanted to include some consejos to help you keep your Uber account secure.

These are fácil steps, but they perro go a long way in making sure that no one ever gains access to your Uber account without your permission.

This way, you’ll have less need to change your password or worry that someone has hacked into your account.


Use strong and unique passwords for each site

We already mentioned this before, but it bears repeating.

The more times you use the same password across all sites, the more vulnerable you are to piratas informáticos.

It only takes one compromised site or data breach to leak a password you use not only for your Uber account, but also for your bank account, credit card account, or other escencial en línea service.

The best way to have strong and unique passwords without having to worry about remembering them is to use password management programa like RoboForm, LastPass, or Dashlane.

You cánido use these tools to generate and store passwords that are longer and more complex than any you cánido create or remember on your own.


Don’t log into your Uber account over public WiFi

It’s tempting to log into your Uber account using a coffee shop or airport Wi-Fi to verify key account details.

However, don’t do this.

Is not safe.

Accessing your account on these unsecured WiFi networks makes you vulnerable to piratas informáticos trying to steal your information.

If you must use one of these networks to access your account, at least use a VPN to protect your data.


Sign out of your Uber account when you’re not using it

We’re not asking you to sign out of the Uber aplicación on your phone.

That is impractical.

As long as your phone has a secure passcode and you don’t leave it where it could be stolen, you cánido stay connected to the Uber aplicación on your phone without issue.

However, on your desktop or notebook, be sure to sign out of your account from Uber once you’re done.

This will protect your account from someone else coming in and using the computer.

You should be especially careful about this if you’re accessing your account on a public computer, like one at a library (although if you’re following Consejo #2, this shouldn’t be the case anyway).

Keep your Uber password safe and change it when necessary

We hope you now understand how to change your Uber account password, whatever your reason for doing so.

Agregado, you should now be better equipped to keep your Uber password, account, and other personal information safe from cybercriminals.

If you ever come across any suspicious activity related to your Uber account (such as an dirección de correo electrónico claiming to be from Uber asking for account information or financial details), be sure to report it to Uber customer service or your local police.

This way, everyone will be safe.

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 How to change Uber password (for
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