How to change the Megacable password in

How to change the Megacable password in

Internet services these days are practically essential.

Megacable Comunicaciones is a company that offers telephone, internet and cable televisión services with thousands of subscribers.

If you are one of them and you don’t know how to change the Megacable password in México, we will teach you

What is Megacable?

Megacable Holdings SAB, or as it is also known Megacable Comunicaciones, is a company that markets various communications services, including fixed and mobile telephony, cable television, and internet service.

Even though its headquarters is located in Guadalajara, this company has thousands of subscribers throughout the Mexican territory, especially with regard to its internet services.

Megacable offers different plans that adjust to the needs and requirements of customers who receive Internet service through a wireless módem.

The módem offered by the company is a device that transforms digital signals into analog signals and vice versa.

These signals are transmitted through telephone lines, coaxial cables or optical fibers, so the módem is the necessary tool to connect to the Internet service.

Therefore, it is important that you learn the basic functions of it, such as changing the password.

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How to change the password?

That depends on the brand of Megacable Módem, although the variations in the instructions are very few.

Next, we will indicate the brands that the company delivers:

  • Arris TG862 / TG862a
  • Cisco DPC2420
  • Cisco DPC392s / DPC3928S / DPC3925
  • Huawei WS319
  • Ubee DVW32y también
  • Netgear WNR500 / WNR1000v3
  • Netgear WNR2000v4
  • Technicolor CGA0101

Install the Megacable módem

If you have already contracted the Internet services of this Mexican company and want to start enjoying them, all you have to do is install the Megacable módem by following these fácil steps:

  • Place the Megacable módem in a suitable area, this must be elevated and clear, such as a table, library or shelf.

  • Connect the módem to the electrical outlet and the Ethernet cable.
  • Turn on the módem and wait a reasonable time for all the lights on it to come on.
  • Locate the WiFi network and password on the módem or on its packaging.
  • Entrar the data in the equipment, wait for it to connect and it will be up and running.

Change Megacable password

The Megacable módem usually comes with a factory-assigned password that cánido be a bit difficult to remember.

For this reason we will teach you how to change the Megacable password in México:

1- Check that your módem is well connected, both the cables that go to the computer and those of the internet device.

2- Connect the módem to the network, logging in with the nombre de usuario and password assigned by the manufacturer.

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3- Once the Megacable módem is connected, access one of these addresses from your browser: or

4- Entering in any of the previous addresses will display a screen, in which you will be asked for a Nombre de usuario and Password, you must try some of the following options:

  • Usuario: admin – Password: (leave blank)
  • Usuario: admin – Clue: admin
  • Nombre de usuario: usuario – Clue: usuario
  • Usuario: cisco – Clue: cisco

Once the system accepts these data, we have access to modify the nombre de usuario and password, as well as many other options and configurations of the Megacable módem.

5- To change the password of the Megacable módem in México you must follow a very basic process:

  • Locate the option in the menu Wireless.
  • Clic on Network Name SSID and change the nombre de usuario
  • Locate the option WPA Pre-Share Key and change the password.
  • Press the section apply.

We recommend a change of nombre de usuario, password and network name with some frequency to always maintain security.

It is important to create a strong password, our suggestion is to use a combination of letters, numbers and symbols, including upper and lower case letters.

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6- It is very important to save the changes made.

It is possible that after this the módem will reboot and apply the new settings.

7- Start the session again and entrar the new Megacable módem password.

These instructions are usually those that are commonly used in the different models, however, each team comes with a usuario manual that you should review carefully before making any modifications.

Megacable módem password

As we mentioned earlier, security is very important.

The networks we use in the office or at home must always be protected to prevent them from being exploited by unscrupulous people.

Remember that these days our correos electrónicos, popular networks and important pages may suffer from a computer attack by people who seek to profit from our private information and that is something that we must avoid at all costs.

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How cánido we do it? Well, protecting our information, safeguard it and avoid sharing it with other people.

Never share passwords, security questions, usernames, or other data with anyone.

Avoid sending information to strange pages and users or of dubious origin, be very careful and cautious with your data.

In the case of our Megacable Módem, you must not forget to frequently change the nombre de usuario and password, especially if you consider that the network is at risk, avoiding future inconveniences related to our information.

Benefits of changing the Megacable módem configuration

Taking into account the above, you already understand the advantages of a closed network that does not allow third parties to connect to it without your consent.

Therefore, do not hesitate to change the configuration of your Megacable módem, as you will enjoy this and other benefits that we mention below:

  • By customizing, you will have a network to your liking.
  • You cánido equipo a strong and easy to remember password for yourself.
  • Modify the Megacable módem password as many times as you want.
  • Share the password with the people you escoge.
  • Monitor the network.
  • Change the configuration as many times as you deem necessary, at no cost.
  • You perro pair up to ten devices, all connecting at the same time and at the same speed.

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 How to change the Megacable password in
  How to change the Megacable password in
  How to change the Megacable password in

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