How to change Skrill cómputo to Bolivares with

How to change Skrill cómputo to Bolivares with

If this is your first time using AirTM, before you start you need to learn how to create an account:

How to open an AirTM account from Venezuela?

Once you have it, with this little tutorial you will learn how to transfer your Skrill cómputo to Bolivares (or whatever the local currency of your country is), in a few fácil steps.

Record our bank account

It should be noted that you perro put the bank that you want, but it is best to make use of banks that are knownso that the transaction is processed faster.

In the form you will fill in:

  • choose your bank
  • Name of owner (Make sure you spell it correctlyAirTM does not allow you to modify this data, to make changes you will have to contact support)
  • ID of the holder (Entrar the ID number, starting with the initial “V” if you are Venezuelan)
  • Account number
  • Correo electrónico (It is optional)
  • Account type (Savings or checking)
  • Interbank transfer (Personally I always leave it on Yes)

Deposit with Skrill

As soon as you add your bank details, you perro already request a withdrawal, for this go to your main panel and select the option that says “Deposit to AirTM”.

Once this is done, we select the amount we want to deposit, in my case I will deposit 22.5 dollars.

  • In the first box you have to select electronic transfer
  • In the second Skrill
  • And in the third, the amount to sell!

Commissions for depositing Skrill

Before going ahead with the operation, we cánido review the rates and commissions that we are going to be charged, to know how much money we are going to have left.

As cánido be seen in the image above, of the $22.5 that I will deposit, the cashier is going to deposit me: $20.46.

The difference of $2.04 is due to the commission that the ATM is earning and AirTM also charges a fee… Since I am exchanging currencies for bs with them, the commission for using the platform is fixed and has always been $0.3.

Obviously the commission is not cheap, but so little is so expensive compared to other exchanges.

I think that’s why there are so many ATMs at AirTM, there are people who are fully dedicated to earning money with the commissions they have left over from each transaction they take… You too cánido become an airtm cashier if you want!

Are the commissions very expensive?

Indeed, with the exception of PayPal, if you have money in processors like Skrill, payer, Upholdetcétera… There is no need to waste your time searching, because you will hardly find a better option, it is better to sell one through AirTM.

Finalize transaction with the cashier

What follows now is to clic on the “send request” button.

Then you will get a message telling you that the transaction will be accepted by a colleague shortly, you say yes.

Then all that remains is to wait, it usually doesn’t take long, as soon as you send the request someone grabs it instantly.

When an ATM accepts your transaction, you will be able to see his name, the reputation or number of stars he has on the platform, etcétera.

It should be noted that since there are processors like PayPal that they do not tolerate that they use their application for currency exchange, airtm espectáculos you a message recommending that you do not put anything that refers to this type of exchange.

Immediately afterwards, it espectáculos us the details of the ATM, so that we cánido make the deposit.

After the transfer is made, we clic on the button “electronic transfer sent”, to notify the cashier to confirm and proceed to release the money.

Proceed to send the money from Skrill

Although many already know, I know that others only created the account to receive payments from the pages to earn money that I have on the blogbut they still don’t know how to send Skrill money elsewhere.

But doing it is extremely fácil, first log in to your Skrill account.

Then clic on the Send option (Where the little plane leaves).

Then you will see 2 options, and we select the one that says to send money to an dirección de correo electrónico address.

The following is to place:

  1. The currency (In this case, since it is the dollar, it is left in USD).
  2. The amount (You send the exact amount).
  3. Limit: It is the cómputo you have available in Skrill.
  4. Dirección de correo electrónico: Here you paste the dirección de correo electrónico of the AirTM cashier.

Then you hit the next button and that’s it.

It should be noted that something great about Skrill is that on your first withdrawal they do not charge commission for sending to another Skrill usuario.

Finally you hit the button send and instantly the transfer will fall to your ATM.

Immediately, you send the money, copy and paste the transaction ID and pass it to the AirTM cashier to verify that the transfer has already arrived.

Just clic on the button “electronic transfer sent” that I mentioned above, but additionally if you want you cánido also notify the cashier through the chat.

On the main dashboard of your account you will always be able to view all the transactions you have made within the platform and the status of each one of them.

transaction completed

rate the cashier

Give it 5 stars if it served you well, or give it a single star if it was rude, or took forever to pay you.

How to withdraw the money to the bank account?

Once the previous step has been completed, you will already have money in the cómputo of your airtm account, which you cánido withdraw immediately if you wish.

To do so, clic on “Withdraw from Airtm”.

Once we have reached this point, what we have to do is basically repeat the process.

We will fill out the withdrawal form as follows:

  • In the first box we select bank transfer.
  • In the second Venezuela.
  • And in the last one we put the amount of money we want to withdraw.

Advice so that your money is not devalued

If you don’t have the need to sell, leave your dollars or cryptocurrencies saved in airtm.

I did this tutorial about 6 months ago, but I had forgotten to upload it and in such a short time look how much the dollar has risen.

Back then I sold $20.16 x 2175 BS, today a single dollar is already 6 thousand bs.

Having money saved in bolivars is foolishly losing it.

Change to bs only when you need them, if you don’t need them, it’s better to save in foreign currency.

Withdrawal details

Also here they will espectáculo you every detail of the transaction before requesting it.

If you agree, clic on validate request and then wait for a cashier to take it.

Normally they do it extremely fast, although it depends on the time, I have noticed that very early in the morning sometimes it takes a while for someone to grab it.

Transaction accepted

Immediately the cashier will have access to your data and will make the transfer.

They usually transfer fast, some do not even take 2 minutesbut there are others that cánido take a while, it all depends on the ATM that touches you.

It is not necessary to be reloading the page to see if you have already been paid.

At the moment the cashier transfers you will receive an correo electrónico notification, also they usually write to you through the chat with the reference number.

confirmed transaction

It is important that in the airtm chat, you never open any backlink that the cashier perro send you, the chat is only for writing or sending screenshots.

Finally, when the cashier notifies you that he transferred the reais to the bank, press the button that says: Transfer Received.

No way are you going to press this button, until you have verified that you actually already have the money available in your bank account.

First verify it and only then release the money.

AirTM makes this very clear:

Finally, when you have confirmed the transfer, all that remains is for you to qualify the cashier.

Finally, I espectáculo you a screenshot of my withdrawal:

Frequently asked questions about converting Skrill dollars to bolivars


I cánido transfer from my AirTM cómputo to an account in dollars at Banco de Venezuela

The truth is, I understand that you cánido only transfer to your account in bolivars.


To make AirTM withdrawals to my bank account… does the account necessarily have to be verified?

It is the most recommended to avoid any type of inconvenience.

For that reason, before making any deposit or withdrawal Check your account!


Is it possible that the cashier does not release the money and we are scammed?

No, your money is safe « AirTM is a very safe page » I have been using it for a long time and I have never had any problems.

In that case that due to very bad luck you get an ATM that wants to go liveyou perro always contact AirTM support and they will take care of protecting your money ✔


How to earn money for Skrill and other payment processors?

There are options for all tastes… I assure you that it does not matter if you are new to this, if you make an effort and do things well you will earn a good salary working en línea.

The 2 best pages to earn money on Skrill

Right now, 6 dollars is the value of a minimum salary in Venezuela… You perro make 6$ in 1 day working in Appen even with a level 1 account.

On the other hand, there are also pages that pay for other processors (PayPal, Bitcoin, Uphold, Payeer, etcétera) where you perro do very well, such as:


Definitely, Airtm is a good tool to spend the dollars we have in Skrill and in other processors to the local currency of our country.

But also if what you were looking for was:

• Convert Skrill cómputo to Amazon gift cards • Change Skrill for PayPal cómputo • Switch from Skrill to Bitcoin or some other cryptocurrency

Of course you perro also do them with AirTM, these and many more types of transactions, the process is basically the same for all of them.

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I hope you liked this tutorial and that it was well explained, as you saw it is quite quick and easy to exchange your currencies through AirTM… Anyway, if you have any questions, please leave them in the comments and I will answer you as soon as possible.

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 How to change Skrill cómputo to Bolivares with
  How to change Skrill cómputo to Bolivares with
  How to change Skrill cómputo to Bolivares with

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