How to change POF password?

How to change POF password?

POFknown by its acronym Plenty of fishhas caught a lot of buzz during these years and is a very good alternative to services more like Tinder or Badoo.

Like these platforms, ”POF” is one of the pioneers in terms of en línea dating, it was even acquired by Match (owner of Tinder) in 2015.

This service has earned millions of users due to its interesting system of registration of personal tastes in order to obtain a list of coincidente people.

In addition to having millions of users who calmly use this platform, there are also users who are dissatisfied or rather who do not understand the platform, something for example like change password it perro be complicated.


This not only in POF, But in other popular networks and sites, the password is strict and essential to maintain the security of your account and prevent other people from taking advantage of and accessing your data without your authorization.

Actually, it is not that complicated, it is a fairly fácil procedure that you perro perform in a matter of minutes thanks to the steps that we will detalla here.

Change POF password from PC

To change your password POF on your computer you must follow the following steps.

  1. Entrar the site either from your preferred browser, either google chrome or mozilla firefox.
  2. In the section where it says “nombre de usuario” and “Password, entrar your data and log in by clicking on ”check dirección de correo electrónico”.
  3. Go to the section “Editar profile” located in the upper ámbito or, copy and paste the following backlink in your browser:
  4. Go to the “change password” menu
  5. Entrar your old or current password and then entrar the new one.

    Confirm by entering the same password.

By completing these steps you will have successfully changed your password POF and you perro entrar with the new password

Note= Sometimes it may happen that you forgot your current password, so these procedures are used for cases in which remember your current password And if therefore you do not remember it, you cánido entrar our article to recover the account of POF.


Change POF password from Android or iOS

Without any inconvenience from the official Aplicación of POF From your Android and iOS it is also possible to change the password.

If you haven’t downloaded it yet, you perro do so here.



  1. go to “Editar profile”
  2. Then go to the section ” Change Password”
  3. As we have well mentioned, change your current password and entrar a new one, then repeat the same new password to confirm.
  4. Press the button to confirm.
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Consejos to change your password in POF

You must take into account certain aspects before changing the password of POF just like any other service, because this way the security of your account will be kept as high as possible.

Here are some consejos.

  1. It is important to choose passwords hard to guessthat do not have personal data such as your name, surname, hometown, among others…
  2. Create some password containing combinations of numbers, letters and even special symbols.
  3. memorize your password or use a manager, never do something like save it in a archivo or on a highly aparente piece of paper.
  4. don’t use never the same password in other servicesmuch less in your correo electrónico.

When reading these recommendations it is important to keep them in mind, so you will keep your account safe.

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 How to change POF password?
  How to change POF password?
  How to change POF password?

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