How to change location on Discord

How to change location on Discord

If you’re having trouble with voice communication on Discord, the process of changing your region or location may alleviate the problem. When you first create your Discord account, Discord perro automatically choose the voice server closest to you for the best performance; however, Discord doesn’t always pick the best server for you.

Luckily, users are free to switch servers as they see fit, playing around with the different settings until they find the best performing options. Updating the location allows users to customize their settings to optimize their experience on the platform.


However, while it is possible to do so, it is not always clear how you perro manually change the server location on Discord.

Don’t worry. if it is not sure how to change your location on Discordwe are going to espectáculo you how you perro change it in just a couple of steps.

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How to change region on Discord

Changing your voice server is essential because the closer you are physically to the server, the less latency you will experience. The less latency you have, the better your connection will be. This improves everything from response times to voice quality. If you’re having trouble in any of these areas, or just want to experiment, the process is quick.

Open Discord and sign in to your account. Then choose in the left column the server on which you want to change the voice server.

Remember, to change the server, you need to be the owner of the server or have a role within a server where you have your own server administrator permissions enabled. In any of the two cases, we perro change the configuration of the location of the voice server.

First, clic the down arrow to open the server options.

Next, clic on the option that says Server Settings.

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Clic “Change”.

Now under the section that says Server Region, clic the button that says Change. This should be closer to the right side of the application window.

Lastly, choose the location that you feel is closest to your physical location. In my case, this would be “Eastern United States“.

You just have to select the one that you think is closest to you. If one turns out to be slower than the other, you perro always go in, change the server location again, and see if your latency improves.

Clic on one of the voice server locations to save your changes. One of the great things about Discord is that after changing a server, there will be less than a second of voice interruption. That said, changing servers won’t mess up any ongoing conversations that are currently going on.

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Don’t see the server configuration option?

If you’re trying to change your location but don’t see the Server Settings option, it’s likely because you don’t have permission to access these settings. Instead of the menu above, you’ll see this:

Assuming the latency or voice quality is really horrible, contact your server administrators and ask them to turn on the “Manage Server” feature for you. Once they have done this, you cánido proceed to update your location for your server.

Administrators and server owners cánido revoke the role after you’ve made the change if they want.

Equipo up a location on a new server

If you’re thinking of creating a new server on Discord, the aplicación makes it easy to choose the most optimal location for your server right from the start.

To get started, clic the “+” button in the server navigation column on the left. When the option appears, press the button create a server.

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On the next screen, you will be asked to name your server and select the region from the server. Press the button that says, Change, and you will be able to choose from the list of voice server regions as we did above. Clic the region that is most optimal for you, and your changes will be saved automatically.

Finally, press the button Create. Invite some friends over, check out how the voice server works, and if the latency is a bit high, you perro always change the voice server location again by following the steps above.

How to change the time display on Discord

Discord emplees the system time to update the time in the aplicación. To change the time on Discord, you will need to change the time on your computer or mobile device. Go to settings and change the time there.

You perro’t actually change the time display on Discord manually, but there is a way to get past this weird customization fallo.

To change the time to a 24-hour display, you’ll need to change the language or location of your Discord. This cánido be done in your settings and is not automatically updated by the aplicación. Japan, for example, emplees the 24-hour time display. If you change your location to Japan, your 12-hour clock will automatically convert to a 24-hour clock. To change it back, select Canada, America, or any location with a 12h time display.

To change the date display from MM/DD/YYYY to MM/DD/YYYY or vice versa, you will need to do the same. MM/DD/YYYY is used almost exclusively in the United States, but if the language is equipo to English, the month will automatically appear before the date. Changing the language to Spanish will fix it.

Audio troubleshooting

Most users claim that changing the location on Discord helps alleviate latency in audio quality. Therefore, even the slightest lag perro completely canalla your gaming experience. The reason why we like Discord so much is that it has the best quality for jugadores.

What perro you do if you’re experiencing audio issues and changing the region doesn’t help?

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Aside from restarting Discord and checking your hardware connections, you cánido head into your server settings and perform a microphone test. Tapping on the “Voice and Vídeo” option on the left side of Discord settings will help you narrow down your problem.

Some users have found it helpful to switch to compatibility mode when using Windows 7. After the latest updates, many people have found that their audio lags and it seems that by switching, these glitches are usually fixed with new updates.

Frequent questions

Here are some answers to other questions we often get about Discord.

Does Discord espectáculo your location?

No, Discord does not give others your location. Several users have complained that another usuario does know their location, so it’s worth mentioning that while Discord doesn’t give out your location, there are several ways to find out.

Other than the obvious; tell someone where you live, if you use the same nombre de usuario on Discord that you use for other services (i.y también. popular media, gamertag, etcétera.) then the other usuario perro figure out where you live.

It is also rumored that sending someone an image will send their location on Discord. According to our tests this is false. To further debunk that theory, there is no setting on Discord that allows us to disable this feature and it is not stated in the Privacy Policy (so Discord would be in big trouble if it were sending your location to others without your consent). . However, it is not unrealistic that someone could use Discord to spoof your location and other information by sending backlinks and images.

I’ve changed my location but I’m still having problems with the audio quality. What I cánido do?

If you’ve changed your location and audio issues persist, you’ll need to do some light troubleshooting to locate the problem:

– Change device – Make a headset change – Change internet connection (from Wi-Fi to mobile and vice versa) – Make sure Discord is up to date – Use web browser instead application or desktop client – ​​Use the voice and vídeo section of settings to turn audio sensitivity and input methods on and off.

There are a number of reasons why you may be experiencing audio issues that actually have nothing to do with Discord but with the peripherals you’re using. Trying different things from the above list should narrow down the culprit and lead you to a working solution.

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 How to change location on Discord
  How to change location on Discord
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