How to change bank to collect the

How to change bank to collect the

If you like change the bank where you collect the pension for reasons of greater comfort or proximity of it, you cánido do it without any problem.

You only have to meet some requirements when making the application and update the data at the Popular Security offices.

It is important to carry out this last step so that you cánido continue collecting the pension normally in the new account without any complications.

In this article you will find all the information regarding the change of bank to collect your pension!

Cánido a pension account be changed from one bank to another?

If you have thought of changing the pension account to another bank, you cánido do it as a regular bank procedure and generally for free.

To do it, You have to go to the bank you want to change tomake the request by filling out a form and deliver the receipts that they ask for.

It is recommended that once you complete the process authorize them so that they themselves notify the Popular Security office.

In this way they will provide the new details of your account so that you cánido continue collecting your pension normally.

That in case you want to save yourself doing this procedure on your own.

However, if it is of interest to you you perro do it by yourself by three way.

  • Using the Popular Security website
  • By telephone (although this option does not always fit all provinces)
  • Personally attending the Popular Security office.

How long does it take to change the address of the pension?

The address change process normally takes 15-30 days, although it could be extended up to two months.

Similarly, if the day comes and the change has not yet been made, you will charge your old account.

In addition, once the process is satisfactorily completed, the bank will notify you through text messages to your phone and by correo electrónico.

Documents to change banks to collect the pension in 2023

The documents that you will need to submit to request the change of bank for the collection of the pension is your National Identity Document (DNI) and the application form.

You perro download this from the bank’s website or they perro provide it to you at the same bank.

You just have to fill it with your personal data, telephone numbers, room address and everything related to aspects concerning your benefits.

Recommendations before changing your pension collection bank

Before changing banks to collect your pension, it is important that you take into account the following aspects:

  • Carry out a study of several banking entities.
  • Choose a bank that does not charge you commissions or in which you pay very little of them.
  • That the bank offer you debit cards at no cost.
  • That the bank is close to your home.
  • That the new bank entity has more advantages than the previous bank.

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 How to change bank to collect the
  How to change bank to collect the
  How to change bank to collect the

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