How to cash a crossed check without having

How to cash a crossed check without having

One of the Stipulated rules for collecting a crossed check, is that you must do it through the deposit of the same in a checking account.

However, if you don’t have a bank account of your own and really need to dispose of the money that’s on the check, there’s still something you could do.

Read the following article and you will find the solution.

Cánido the crossed check be cashed at the till?

The crossed check is a type of banking instrument that It has the limitation of not being able to be collected in the cash boxyou perro only collect it by depositing it in your checking account.

So, if they have paid you money with a crossed check, it means that you cannot collect it over the counter, but rather you must deposit the value of the check in your account current.

What happens if you don’t have a checking account? Actually, in cash they will not give you the money, it is not allowed.

What other option do I have when I don’t have a checking account?

The only option you may have to receive the money is to endorse the check.

That is to say, transferring the check to someone else, placing the data of the account of that person, to which the money will be deposited.

That way you could cover any debt or reach an agreement with that third person to replace the money in cash.

Perhaps it may be an inconvenient way, but due to the restriction of crossed checks and in your case of not having a bank account, this would be the most posible way to be able to cash these types of checks.

Types of crossed checks

There are two types of crossed checks that perro be granted:

Crossed checks in general

This type of crossed check You cánido collect it at any bank.

Since, in it, the name of any specific bank will not be indicated.

Special crossed checks

The crossed check in especial, unlike the general one, will refer a specific bank entity where you should go to be able to collect the money.

In both cases, it will always be the deposit of the check in an account, never the withdrawal of cash.

How to differentiate a crossed check from a common check?

It is very easy to differentiate a crossed check from a regular check.

You just have to look at the check, in which, if crossed, you will find two parallel lines that go from the top to the bottomsometimes slightly inclined.

  • If between the two lines it only says the word “bank” it means that it is a crossed check in general and you perro collect it in any entity banking.
  • If it says the name of a especial bank, you will be in the presence of a special crossed check and you must go to that bank to carry out the process.

Advantages of a crossed check

  • The crossed check cánido be endorsed or transferred to a third person.
  • In case of loss or theft, it will be difficult to collect since the bank requires an account to deposit it.
  • The cross check status cannot be cancelled.

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 How to cash a crossed check without having
  How to cash a crossed check without having
  How to cash a crossed check without having

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