How to cancel your DIRECTV Subscription?

How to cancel your DIRECTV Subscription?

DIRECTV a company with millions of subscribers around the world, is preferred due to its image quality, variety and other benefits that it offers to those who have its service.

The day to day leads many people to have almost no time to watch television, but when you get home or before leaving it perro genere you to watch something new or perhaps a favorite program.

And it is that preference does not matter, in almost all homes you perro find this type of subscription signal, not for nothing is it one of the longest-running pay televisión companies on the market.

Before canceling the subscription it is important

We want to tell you that there is an option so that you do not cancel the service completely, since you cánido suspend the signal for as long as you think is convenient.

If you are going to cancel it because you are thinking of moving to another location, remember that DIRECTV It gives you the option of placing the antenna and the devices where your new home is.

If the reason is that you won’t be home for a long time maybe on vacation, it exists.

Possibilities of being able to keep your service active until your return, or how we tell you to take it wherever you go.

You must be clear that when you cancel your signal they will charge you for that order, and you must also finish paying for the time you have the contract.

How to cancel the subscription of your DIRECTV service?

If the experience you have had with this satellite operator has not met your needs, or you may not like the problems that are sometimes caused with the signal, don’t worry!

Here we have the solution and it is that you have the possibility to cancel your subscription with these fácil steps that we will give you below:

  1. The first thing you should do is contact them at 1 (800) 531-5000, there you will be assisted by a customer service assistant.
  2. You must have the necessary data on hand in case you are not the person who signed the contract.
  3. It is habitual that when the call is answered you entrar an automated menu of options, this through fácil questions will lead you to contact the operator.
  4. By informing the person that you want to cancel your contract, they will automatically try to discourage your decision, since they obviously do not want you to stop being part of their subscribers.

  5. Standing firm will allow you to finally cancel your subscription, since they are capable of even making offers and promotions so that you do not continue with the process.
  6. You must remember that this contract supplies the devices on a rented basis, that is, since you no longer need the service, you must return all the DIRECTV equipment.

  7. After processing the call, they will send you a delivery to your house, and it is a box to be able to return the decoders, remote controls, and any other device provided by them.

If it takes more than 4 business days to arrive, you must call and request the return box again.

This company gives you a period of more than 15 days to make the return.

  1. After that process, you must pay the cancellation of the contract.
  2. There you must call customer service again for confirmation, they will inform you how much will be the amount that you must continue paying monthly until the end of the contract.

What to take into account before calling?

You must be very cordial during the call, give a reasonable explanation, keep in mind that they seek to persuade you not to cancel the contract.

It is said that the remaining payment may be less than what you expect, since the operator could even waive the amount, the latter is not confirmed but those who have used this service give that advice.

It is not necessary to take all these details into account, we do not know if any of it makes a difference.

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 How to cancel your DIRECTV Subscription?
  How to cancel your DIRECTV Subscription?
  How to cancel your DIRECTV Subscription?

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