How to cancel money sent by Western

How to cancel money sent by Western

If you make a transfer through Western Union and regret it after a short time, you perro request the cancellation of the operation.

In this article we espectáculo you how to cancel money sent by western unionso that you perro withdraw it at an office in your name or obtain it directly on your card or bank account.

Cánido you cancel a money transfer by Western Union?

He cancel a transfer you made through Western Union It is something possible if two important factors are met, if these are met it will not be possible to cancel said transfer. These factors are:

That the recipient has collected the transfer

In the event that the deposit has been made satisfactorily to the beneficiary something perro still be done to reverse it if using the WU mobile aplicación or the full web version of the site.

Another option is go quickly to the office where you made the deposit to check the status of the transfer. And if this has not been charged, you perro reverse it by showing your documents and having a mobile phone at hand.

  • take the ticket that validates that the money transfer was made to the other person.

That the deposit has not been made

In the event that the deposit has not been made, which usually happens a few minutes after making the transfer, things will be easier.

  • You perro request that they reverse the transfer without too much conformation involved.

These scenarios typically occur when the recipient’s name or ID is misspelled and requires modification. It will be possible without any problem since andThe recipient does not withdraw if his data is wrong.

How long do I have to cancel money sent by Western Union?

You need to know that you have a maximum time to cancel a money transfer that you made through Western Union. ANDThis period is about 10 days regardless of whether the deposit has been made and the recipient has not claimed it.

After these days, the company’s policies do not guarantee the return of the money sent. So You must be aware that the data of the person to whom you send the money (recipient) are correct, as well as your ID number or national identification.

How to request the cancellation of money sent by Western Union in 2023?

There are two ways to request the cancellation of a transfer made through Western Union.

  • One of them is through mobile application
  • The second is through office where you made the shipment.

Reimbursement of money in Western Union through office

If you have sent the money through a Western Union office You perro go directly to this entity to request the cancellation of the transfer and the return of your money.

Of course, the only condition is that less than 10 days have passed since this transfer and that the recipient has not withdrawn the money you sent. You cánido go to another office to request the cancellation if you espectáculo that you have made the transfer with your ticket and corresponding identification.

Cancel a Western Union transaction using the mobile aplicación

If you made the transfer yourself through the Western Union website or its mobile application, you will also be able to cancel it using the website or the aplicación if you follow these steps:

  • Open the Western Union aplicación from your mobile and login to your account.
  • On the main screen you will be shown the history of transfers and receipts of money.
  • Select the transfer that you want to cancel with a clic or by clicking on it.
  • Choose “espectáculo details”.
  • If the transfer has not been made effective or the money has not been withdrawn, the button “cancel transfer”.
  • Follow the on-screen steps to cancel and get your money back.

Now, what happens if you know that the person has not withdrawn the money and this transfer is less than ten days old, but the button does not appear?

If unfortunately you go through this case you must call or dirección de correo electrónico Western Union in your native language so that they cánido help you in the process of recovering the money and canceling the transfer.

If you have found this information useful and you have an anecdote to tell about WU payment cancellation, you cánido leave it in the comments section.

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 How to cancel money sent by Western
  How to cancel money sent by Western
  How to cancel money sent by Western

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