How to buy Stocks on eToro step by step

How to buy Stocks on eToro step by step

In this new article I bring you how to perform the buying shares on the eToro platform quickly and easily.

And a small introduction to how this whole process works, and the best thing is that I’m going to give it to you.

explain step by step. So you don’t get lost in the instructions.

So leaving the chatter behind, let’s get down to business at once!

What to do before buying shares on eToro in 2023?

The first thing you should do is go to the eToro official page, and login to your usuario.

It is important that you bear in mind that, to carry out any buy shares through the platform.

Obviously, you need to have already transferred some funds to it.

For this you will have to have made a deposit on the eToro platform, if you haven’t done it yet or don’t know how to do it.

So, here is this vídeo that explains how to make a deposit on eToro.

How to entrar the depósito section on eToro?

Once you have done the deposit on the platform, you perro use those funds to make the purchase of any share or other type of asset that interests you.

To buy the depósito on eToro You must go to the left sidebar.

Although there is another way acquire your sharesIn this article we will do it the easy way.

After you have positioned yourself in the sidebar you must clic on the instruments option

Within the instruments section you will be able to vea the action areawhich you will find at the top of this section.

Here you will see that you perro perform the search using filters, which you cánido use by clicking on the option to see all.

However, it is already categorized by default.

As I am using it from Spain, you cánido see that they are divided by different groups of actions.

Like the one in La capital de españa, Technology, Common Goods, Services, Finance, Health, among many more.

Also, if you go to the option above where it says industry and clic there, a menu will be displayed.

Where you cánido select the industry you are looking for.

FOR EXAMPLE If you select finance, all the actions available in the finance section will appear, from all the sites and depósito markets where you perro invest.

You cánido also select the option Depósito Markets, which you will find next to industries.

In the same way, another menu of options will be displayed.

Where you perro select for the most famous United States, such as NASDAQ.

You will also be shown the available actions in this section.

You cánido also carry out a more specific filter by clicking on the actions button and the areas of the selected section will be displayed.

How to search for a specific depósito on the eToro platform?

If, by oportunidad, you already have an action to which you want to invest directly, ignoring the other actions and investment products.

Then from the main page of your usuario panel.

You must go to the search bar that is at the top and place the industry or marketin which you are interested.

FOR EXAMPLE You know Alibaba, and you want to invest in that action, so in the search bar you place the slime ticket or the exact name of the action that would be Alibaba.

And the instrument should appear.

Just clic on it so you perro see all the information about the action.

Later you will see that the information that is reflected to you regarding the action is very complete.

You perro see them statistics of the selected instrument, graph, capitalization, the volume it has at the moment among many other things.

Also on the upper right side you will see a blue button with the option to invest.

Investing on eToro

Continuing with the previous example, after you have clicked on the invest button, a pop-up window will appear where you perro execute the purchase.

However, it gives you different options such as short-term investments, either bet short or habitual.

You cánido too include stop-loss, leverage, take profitamong others.

If you don’t understand what these are depósito investment terms, that I have left you before.

Well then you perro clic on the following backlink that I leave you.

which will direct you to a play listwhere each of these options is explained in detail.

So, after you have configured how you want to perform your investment or purchase of shares on eToro.

And you have also entered the amount you want to contribute in the action, you must clic on the button “Run Operation” that you will find at the bottom of this pop-up window.

Is it safe to trade on the eToro CFD platform?

The eToro platform has created a trust system around all its investors.

Thanks to your investment management responsibility and the trust it generates in each of the functions it offers.

Therefore, it is a totally reliable en línea broker, where you will operate with your money without worrying about any kind of scam.

The eToro platform is a popular trading company, where it allows you to invest in most stocks, cryptocurrencies and currencies.

Being a platform of popular investmentallowing you to copy the investment forms of professional traders.

Likewise, this vídeo tutorial, which I leave here, will help you to complement all the information that I have left you previously.

Which explains in detail, the process that must be followed to make a purchase on eToro in this new year.

This article has only been for informational purposes and no one mandatory investment recommendation.

Therefore, if you want to invest, you should consult a professional in the field, who will guide you in the investment process.

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 How to buy Stocks on eToro step by step
  How to buy Stocks on eToro step by step
  How to buy Stocks on eToro step by step

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