How to buy real estate without money? 5 Shapes

How to buy real estate without money? 5 Shapes

The truth is that buy a house with no money It is completely possible, since we are talking about the fact that in México opportunities have been created so that people perro access real estate even when they do not have money and when the money they do have does not cover all acquisition expenses.

Sohow to buy a house with no money In this space we will talk about 5 ways that allow the purchase of a house without enough money for this action, so that all those citizens who need to buy a house perro do so, to improve living conditions in México and so that Everyone has a home where they cánido take refuge.

Mortgage loans from banking entities

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  • This is the first means or the first way of how to buy a house under these conditions, and it is that we are talking about the home loans They have become the most used in these cases.

    First of all, we have to understand that the housing loans they grant a part to the person, but not the entire amount corresponding to the purchase of the house, we are talking about a notable part of money that will allow the amount that the person has to buy the house to be increased.

    In the financial market there are many mortgage loans that, in order to be granted, have a series of requirements, different in all cases, requirements that users must meet in order to obtain the money.

    But in general terms, the reason for which a loan is granted is the commitment of the person to return it within the time in which the term has been established, which indicates that a requirement that all mortgage loans have in common is the credit check of the person, that is, first of all, their monthly financial income and second, their reputation in terms of credits.

    The home loans They only grant an additional percentage for the down payment, so we are talking about a maximum of 90% in some cases, never 100%, and the price of the home is never completely covered.

    Infonavit credit

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  • We should already know what Infonavit is about, since we have repeatedly spoken about this institution, which is the Institute of Housing for Workers, where Mexican workers manage to create a savings fund that will be used to purchase the House.

    In this sense, we must understand that we are talking about one of the public entities that grants housing loansso we must understand that as long as the person is registered in the institution and quotes according to the law, from a small portion of his salary, he will always have the sole and exclusive right to have mortgage loans that allow him to possess of some house.

    It is also important to understand that since we are talking about members of the institution, here people do not require a history that demonstrates their credit efficiency, in this case it will not be mandatory, that is, it is not part of the requirements.

    Fovissste Credit

    How to buy a house? Especially if you do not have the money for the possession of this real estate, the answer is guided by the opportunity that the housing loans that have been established in México through different financial institutions.

    And in this case we will talk about the Institute of Security and Popular Services for State Workers, which grants home loans to all the people who are registered in your data, that is, to all the people who work in any government institution.

    government support

    The truth is that there is another way to secure a home loan without having to belong to any of the institutions that we have mentioned above.

    We are referring to the fact that the government has created a space called the National Housing Commission, which is an institution that works with credits granted to people who work but have low resources, and who therefore deserve support in order to achieve the buy a house.

    In this sense, we must understand that we are talking about credits that correspond to the amount of 86 thousand pesos as a referential amount, it cánido be more or it cánido be less, this is determined as the case may be.

    Buy mortgage auctions

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  • This is a different option to what we have been proposing about the home loans either housing loans.

    We refer to buying mortgage auctions that are real estate that have been obtained from when people have not been able to pay their mortgage debts, and therefore, credit institutions become owners of their assets in the form of payment.

    In this sense, we must understand that the banks that keep these assets sell them later in these resales at a much cheaper price, that is, even an affordable price, so that people who do not have as much money to buy a house, they perro vea the offers that are established in these cases and opt for a mortgage auction that they perro cover with the capital they have.

    These are 5 effective ways to buy real estate without money in México, highlighting that it is completely possible for this to happen and that all people have the possibility of acquiring home loans that allow them to have their home even when they do not have the full money to buy one.

    Through this dynamic, Mexicans perro access their own home, taking into account that the credits are money loans that must be canceled according to the stipulations of the previous contract made and according to the regulations of financial institutions.

    So if the banks cannot grant the credits, then the other financial institutions that we have talked about in this space will, but that perro be buy a house without money in México, It perro be achieved, it is only a matter of carrying out the corresponding processes for this to happen.

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     How to buy real estate without money?  5 Shapes
  How to buy real estate without money?  5 Shapes
  How to buy real estate without money?  5 Shapes

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