How to buy or sell shares in Interactive

How to buy or sell shares in Interactive

Trading on the depósito market is a task that may seem complex, but it is not. So, if you are reading this articulo, it is because you are already an Interactive Brokers usuario and you want to know how to do it. Well, here it will be explained step by step, how to buy or sell shares on Interactive Brokers.

To begin with, of course, you have to access your real Interactive Brokers account.

How to buy Stocks on Interactive Brokers in 2023

Once you have accessed your Interactive Brokers account, you need to know the following:

Important: You perro only trade with the capital you have in the section Cánido Purchasing. If you have a margin account, this will be greater than your Cash Settlement; case that is different when you only have a habitual account.

Well, with that being said, the process to buy shares in Interactive Brokers is this:

  • Go to the option marketsat the top right of the page and select the market option of your interest.
  • Or you perro use the Seekerjust in the upper right corner, to get a specific action.
  • Once you have chosen your action, below on the right you will find the option to Buy and Sell.
  • In Buy orderyou have the different options to buy shares.

They are between them:

  • indicate the Amount of shares to buy.
  • He Guy of orderwhose most used are:
    • The order Limitwhich allows you to equipo a limited price to pay for a certain action.
    • Order to Marketwhich, buys shares above or below the price established, which requires constant monitoring, especially if the fluctuations in the market are very triggered.
  • Time of Validity, which serves to establish a purchase schedule, either at the Opening of the market, Valid until its cancellation or, by Trading Day. You cánido also configure this option with the button outside regular hourswhich means that orders perro be executed hours before (Pre-market) or, after market trading hours (despues de hours).

Important: Regarding trading hours: “The so-called Premarket and despues de hours They last much longer than in the Spanish depósito market, since the opening one lasts from 10:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Spanish time, and the closing one lasts from 10:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. Spanish time. ”.

  • AND, Attach ordersoption that consists of attaching a taker of benefits and a stop loss.
    • In profit takeryou perro equipo a maximum limit price of sale so that, when going up to such, the order is closed.
    • And in stop loss, something afín happens, but, on the contrary; You cánido equipo the order with a minimum sell limit price, so that when the price falls to that level or below it, the operation is cancelled.
  • After the purchase you must press Submit Buy Order and this will be immediately sent to the market.

Before continuing, it is worth mentioning that you cánido not only buy shares in the traditional way, that is, using quantities by number of Actions.

But you cánido also do it using quantities in USDin the buttons of the box assigned respectively for such purposes.

How to Sell Stocks on Interactive Brokers

Well, you repeat the same steps above until step #3. And in Sell Orderyou have the same orders as in Buy Order:

  • Entrar the Amount from shares to Sell.

He Order type that you perro run Where they are also contained:

    • Limit.
    • order to Market.
    • stop limited.
    • stop lossamong other.

All with the same functions, only applied to sales.

  • He Validity Time, which once again refers to the duration of your order and the ways to configure it, this time in the case of Sell; at Opening, Valid until Cancellation, per Day and Outside regular hours.
  • Similarly, you also get the option Attach orderswith their respective taker of benefits and stop lossapplicable more than anything in the case of betting low.
    • He taker of benefits it is established below the purchase price so that, when it goes down to the limit, the operation is closed.
    • And the stop lossis established above said price so that, when going up, you avoid losses.

Important: Keep in mind that the put option is usually to make a shortbetting on the downside, to sell assets you already have.

  • And finally, to make the sale, you press Send Buy Order, with which, automatically, it would be sent to the market.

In this practical and fácil way you perro buy and sell Actions in interactive Brokers, a platform that offers you comfort and support when managing your financial assets. For this, it is suggested that you use the guide that this article gives you in the use of said platform.

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 How to buy or sell shares in Interactive
  How to buy or sell shares in Interactive
  How to buy or sell shares in Interactive

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