How to BUY or SELL on ETORO

How to BUY or SELL on ETORO

As you already know, eToro It is one of the best known and most commercial brokers that exist. In it you perro not only trade (buy I sell) with stocks and cryptocurrencies, but you perro also trade ETFs and CFDs. In this articulo you will be seeing how to buy and sell on eTorostep by step and in a completely instructive way.

Well, as usual, first things first; you must have log in to your eToro account to start with the procedure that we will mark for you and, with it, you perro learn to make these transactions of buy and sell with your account on said platform. Once you have it, you cánido start.

How to buy assets on eToro?

To buy assets of any class on eToroWhat you should do is the following:

  1. You must entrar the asset name what do you want to buy in seeker designated from the top bar of that page.

  1. Once located your assetyou have to clic above it to access its main features.

Important: you must bear in mind that you must search for your asset in the section Instrumentsnot in People.

  1. Within the asset you have chosen, you must give clic the button Invest in the upper right corner of the current page in order to access your trading options.

  1. Then you will see the trading boxin which, you will see the two relevant options of Buy and Sell.

Access the Buy section in the Trading box

That trading tools they are given to you buy in this box and how perro you use them? Well, we will tell you below:

  • In principle, you have the section of fixed ratewhere you cánido establish a purchase order (either in Market either Limit), depending on the share price you want to buy at:

  • with the order in marketit will buy at the first price it finds.

  • with the order Limityou will buy only below the pre-equipo limit price.

Important: If the market is closed at the time of making your operation, you will not have the option available Limitif not, alone in market.

It is also important know that in low volatile actions there is no problem in using the order in marketbut in Cryptos, it is advisable to use the order limit in view of the abrupt price increases in the market.

  • Next, you perro see the section on Amountin which you cánido entrar the amount to invest wave number of shares that you want to buy in such an asset, depending on how you want to visualize it, using the designated button (you perro also use the signs + and to adjust these values ​​or simply use the keyboard).

Next, you will see three options together:

  • the one of SLthat is to say stop losswhich is one of the advanced type commands that allows you to minimize the risk of loss in a trade, after a trading analysis.

  • He Leverage, with which, you cánido receive a kind of financial support from the platform. By default, it’s at X1, which means you don’t have it, but you perro get it (for X2 or X5) by clic to that option.

  • And the Take a profita tool that gives you the possibility of make profit or profit in a certain transaction, always placing it above your equipo position.

Once you have everything fixed, you will clic to equipo orderso that the purchase process cánido begin.

How to Sell Assets on eToro?

In this operation, basically the same thing is done as in the purchase one. To be able to sell on eToroyou have to take the same steps that we have mentioned before, until you reach the trading box. It is the same box with the same sections and buttons, and you proceed in the same way:

  • You equipo your sales order with the order fixed rate (Limit either in market)

  • In Amount Entrar the amount or units of shares to sell.

  • If you want to disminuye the risk of losses, you cánido apply a Stop loss.

  • If you need it, you perro get Leverage (by X1, X2 and X5).

  • And finally, equipo your Take a profit depending on the objective you pursue.

Established all this, you will clic to equipo order and with this the process of your sale would begin.

However, Usually this sales section is not used to sell, once you have bought, because when you buy, you will see the option to close the deal or part of it, given that you have some capital already invested in the selected asset.

This is carried out for cases in which you have a short positionthat is, when bets down of the asset price.

Important: After any operation of buy or sellfix or mark a position, so it is recommended to use a stop loss (always at a margin below said position) to avoid large losses, and a Take a profit (always above said position) to generate profits. All this depending on the position in which you are, either short or long.

Also, if you’re in short, you win when the trading price of the asset falls; Naps in lengthyou win when that price goes up.

In conclusion, we cánido tell you with complete certainty that the steps described here are completely reliable, which you perro use when you start. your purchase or sale operations within eToro. Also, always It is recommended that you have a trusted financial advisor so that you go with “lead foot” every time you proceed to any of these crypto-financial operations and thus, do not have major problems in the process.

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 How to BUY or SELL on ETORO
  How to BUY or SELL on ETORO
  How to BUY or SELL on ETORO

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