How to Buy on Binance with Revolut

How to Buy on Binance with Revolut

Binance has become one of the most habitual cryptocurrency exchange platforms in recent years, in fact this pAllows you to trade more than 100 digital assets. This is characterized by the security it provides to its users.

If you wish buy on Binance with Revolutbut you do not know how to achieve it, you will be happy to know that in this article we provide you with the necessary information so that you perro achieve it, so stay tuned!

Buy on Binance with Revolut step by step 2023

Many people prefer Binance because it is the exchange platform with the highest commercial volume in the world. This offers an excellent alternative to buy cryptocurrencies, P2P trading.

To know how to buy through Revolut on Binance easily and quickly, you must apply the following steps:

  1. Access the interfaz Binance.

  2. In the upper left bar you will be shown the option “Buy cryptos”, clic on it.

  1. Various options will be shown to you, you must choose “P2P Commerce”.

  1. In the upper bar you must clic on the “Buy” option.

  1. You cánido proceed to filter in the “Fiat” option and select the currency with which you want to buy.

  1. You perro buy any currency you want. In the upper bar you will be shown several alternative currencies, for example you cánido choose “BTC”.

  1. Proceed to filter the payment method, for this you must clic on “All payments”, then choose the “Revolut” option.

  1. Going forward, you will be able to see people selling BTC for USD. The platform will espectáculo you the available amount of people and the minimum and maximum limits that you perro buy. If you want to buy a person you perro clic on “Buy BTC”.

  1. A bar will be displayed in which you perro place the amount you will buy, then you must clic on “Buy BTC” to make the request.

  1. In the option that says “Transfer the funds to the seller’s account that is provided below, you must choose the payment method, in this case it will be “Revolut”.

  1. Next, you will be shown the “Nombre de usuario” topic and the “Phone number” topic, where you must place the payment backlink.

  2. If you have any questions regarding the payment or want to know something about it, you perro write to the other person through the Binance chat. This is located at the bottom right of the screen.

  1. Once you have sent the payment, you cánido clic on “Transferred, notify the seller”, so the seller will release the cryptocurrencies and the process will be completed.

As you cánido see, it is very easy to buy cryptocurrencies with Binance, the best thing is that The entire process is regulated by the security laws of this you cánido fully trust her.

As a final suggestion, we recommend the following vídeo tutorial, which will be useful for you to carry out the step by step.

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 How to Buy on Binance with Revolut
  How to Buy on Binance with Revolut
  How to Buy on Binance with Revolut

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