How to buy on Aliexpress?

How to buy on Aliexpress?

If you wish buy on aliexpress but you don’t know how.

Don’t worry! You have come to the right website.

Here we will teach you step by step how to open your Aliexpess accounteven how to add credit cards and even shipping methods.

Also, we will answer the most frequent doubts among people.

So, if you are interested in knowing all this information, I invite you to continue reading this article.

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Steps to Buy on Aliexpress

Before I begin to explain to you what are the steps to buy on aliexpressneed to know that this is an en línea store. Globally recognized Chinese retail storewhere you perro find a wide variety of products.

This en línea store makes sales for anyone who is anywhere in the world.

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Step #1: Open your AliExpress Account

to start buy You only need to entrar your correo electrónico and password to open your account.

Aliexpress also gives you the option to create your account from your data from your popular networks.

As are Google plus, Fb, Twitter and even Instagram.

Just as you perro see it in an easy and fácil way, you perro open your account and buy on aliexpress.

Step #2: Equipo the Shipping Country, Language and Currency.

This is one of the most important steps that you must take into account in order to properly configure your account.

To equipo shipping country, language and currency, You will have to locate this in the upper right part of the page (Keep in mind that this will be done according to your country location) Once you locate it, you will proceed to select it, in this way:

  • Shipping country: Choose in this section USA-United States.
  • Language: Select Spanish.
  • Currency: US$, that is, American Dollars.
  • After the above indicated you will go to configuration of the country and currency of your account.

Step #3: Equipo Delivery Address or Mailbox Address (If Required)

This is another great step that is of great importance, since here you must entrar the delivery address of the product or products purchased.

It is necessary that you entrar the correct data and in this way your purchase in aliexpress it will be successful.

Since, from these entered data, the delivery of the purchased item will depend.

If you do not have an address, you cánido entrar the one in the box of your preference and use.

Remember that the latter normally assign you an identification code to track the package.

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So you cánido configure this data, you just have to go to the “My Aliexpress” session of your account. Once that is done, you will go on to configure the addresses of your account (this way you will be able to buy on aliexpress in a safe way).

Once in this “Shipping address” area, you must proceed to fill in all the information that will be requested on the page, including:

  • The Country: in this case, we select “Unites States”.

    In the event that you use a box, entrar the country of your location.

  • After this, fill in the fields of city, state and even the zip code.

    (Here, as explained above, you must entrar the address information provided by your mailbox).

  • Place Number, or the one that your locker gives you.
  • Check the box that says “Equipo As Default”.

    In this way it will be direct for future purchases.

  • Finally, all that remains is to save the data by simply selecting the “Save” option.
  • And ready! The address entered in the shipping address is already noted in your account aliexpress.

Step #4: Equipo up your payment method on

In aliexpress gives you the opportunity of 4 payment methods.

In this way you perro have a wide variety of options at the time of your payment. And these payment methods are the following:

  • Debit or Credit Card: You perro pay for your purchase through international cards in American Dollars.

    Or those that have international transaction permits.

  • WebMoney: This is a platform for payment services through the Internet, which is used internationally.
  • Wester Union: This is a company that is international, which is responsible for sending money.

    Our en línea store, aliexpress, allows payment to be made at any of its offices once the order is placed.

    They will provide you with all the deposit information about your purchase, then you will need to entrar the page of pending payment orders.

  • Wire transfer: You perro affiliate your international bank account with Aliexpress.

    In this way you perro make payments through this option.

    It should be noted that the minimum operation is $20 to be able to use this form of payment.

How long does it take to ship?

Usually, The protection time of said order will be 60 days. So this is the time limit that a shipment perro take.

It is important to note that if your order has not reached you within this period, you must start with a claim.

Start this process so you cánido claim your money, or you also have the option of extending the protection period.

Similarly, all shipments have a code that allows you to track your AliExpress orders.

This way you will know where they are.

Cánido I Change or Cancel an Order?

AliExpress allows you to cancel an order automatically while the payment is being verified.

This process will take a few hours after making the payment.

And in this way your money will be returned automatically.

In the event that the payment verification has been processed, you perro request the cancellation of the order.

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But the latter depends on the seller, who will have to accept it.

But this is linked if the seller has not shipped the order yet.

In the case of changing the order, you must cancel it and redo it.

Now that you know how buy on aliexpress, you cánido make your purchase easily and simply.

At the same time, we have clarified certain doubts that tend to arise when using this en línea sales platform.

So what are you waiting for? Learn to buy on AliExpress in a safe way!

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 How to buy on Aliexpress?
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