How to buy on Aliexpress to import from

How to buy on Aliexpress to import from

Since I posted the article The 6 best pages to buy in ChinaI have received many correos electrónicos in which different readers ask me how to order from this type of Chinese en línea stores.

Most of them want to know how to buy on aliexpress because it is one of the most accessible stores for anyone, and because the catalog of products they have is huge.

I have already bought several times on this website and, although the purchase process is very fácil, below I will explain step by step how to do it and some consejos that will help you Don’t be ripped off or ripped off at this Chinese store.

What will you find in this article?

What is aliexpress?

I imagine that if you have reached this articulo it is because you already know what is aliexpress.

But if you don’t know very well what it is, I’ll tell you that It is one of the largest en línea stores. that exist at this time.

It bills three times more than Ebay and Amazon combined, and in it you perro buy all kinds of products: clothes of any kind, accessories, jewelry, wigs, decorative objects for the house, cell phones and covers for these…

There are millions of people just like you who buy on Aliexpress every day. If you want to buy an item for your personal use and thus save some money, you cánido do it here.

But there are also many people who want to start their own business, and they start by buying their merchandise on Aliexpress for the low costs of each product and the small price that shipments have.

However, there is something you should keep in mind when you place an order: You will not buy the products directly from Aliexpress.

Aliexpress is just a platform for you to different vendors put their elementos up for sale and are purchased by other users.

That is to say: it works the same as Ebay or Free market where even you cánido put up for sale anything you no longer need and want to sell.

That’s why you have to be careful with every purchase you do, and you should pay close attention to each seller and their ratings.

The advantage of Aliexpress is that keep a close eye on your vendors so that you as a buyer are protected, and until you receive your orders, and signs that everything has arrived in good condition, Aliexpress will not give the money for your purchase to the seller.

If you do not receive your products, or you receive an order that is in poor condition or that does not correspond to what you bought, Aliexpress punishes the seller closing his shop and kicking him off the platform.

how do i search brands on aliexpress?

On Aliexpress there are also elementos (especially clothing) with the logotipo and name of well-known brands.

But beware! They are not real elementos: they are replicas, fakes, imitations

If you buy a bag with the Prada logotipo and name on it, don’t think you’ve bought a real Prada bag: It is only an imitation or contesta.

However, if you want to buy a product of this type and in the search engine you type brands like Prada, Nike, Balenciaga, Chanel, etcétera. you will not get any results, because it is illegal to sell replicas under the real name Of the brand.

Sellers use afín names to list their products and so everything is legal.

Here below I leave you a small list of some brand names and how should you search for them on aliexpress so that replicas of those products appear:

true mark
Contesta on Aliexpress
adidas adidas either shampooers
Armani A*mani vaqueros either GA EA
Chanel coconut bag either Coco Channel
converse All Stars either chuck shoes
Dior diorissimo
givenchy Antigone
michael kors michael kores
Nike Niked either Nikelys
Versace jellyfish either versacey

How to buy on Aliexpress in 5 steps

1. Register on AliExpress

The first step is go to aliexpress website.

Don’t worry: this page is completely in Spanish and the process will be very easy for you.

Hover your mouse over the word “Sign up” and then clic on “Sign up for free” as seen in the image below.

On the next screen, entrar all the information requested and clic on “Create your account”.

Once this is done, the page will automatically return to Aliexpress and you will already be logged in to be able to buy on it.

2. Find the products you want to buy

On the main page of Aliexpress you have two ways to search for products that you are interested in buying: writing directly the name of the item in the search engine, or clicking on the categories in the left column.

I recommend you to write what you want to buy in the search engine because in this way it will take less time to find what you need.

When you search for the item you want, you will see that many results appear and at the top you will have a kind of gray color bar where you cánido select multiple options.

In this part, I always select the option “Free shipping” to see all the products where I will not be charged shipping costs, and I also clic on the word “Price”.

In this way, all the results that appear They are ordered from lowest to highest price.

3. Select the product you want to buy

When you see a product that you like according to the photo and the price, you only have to clic on it to see its descriptionthe seller’s score, and the comments of other users who have bought it.


This part that I am going to explain to you next It is very important to buy a good item and that the seller does not cheat you. So pay attention!

Not all sellers on Aliexpress are trustworthy. Some create a new store to try to trick people who don’t know how to buy on Aliexpress, and keep their money without sending them anything.

How to know then which sellers are trustworthy on this page? When you see a product you like and want to buy, follow these steps:

TO) Look at the Aliexpress score for the seller

Within the product page, you will find a small menu at the top in which it appears the name of the store, its age, and the general valuation that has all the products that customers have bought.

The medals orinan Good reputation. the diamonds very good reputation. And the crowns excellent reputation. Next to it you cánido also see the overall percentage of positive retroalimentación.

B) Examining Buyer Ratings and Retroalimentación

The second thing you should pay attention to is the evaluations and comments of the people who have bought that article.

To see them, you just have to go down the page a bit and clic on the “Ratings” tab.

In “Average star rating” you cánido see what it is the orinan score of the article itself.

Next to it you will find how many positive, neutral or negative points the product has received.

and below you will see the comments that other buyers have left once they have received that product (although there are elementos that do not have any comment but scores).

This will help you know if an article is good or notand what do the customers who bought it think of it.

My recommendations for you to buy a good product from a reliable seller are:

  • That the seller have an average score of 95% positive retroalimentación or more
  • That the product has a valuation of 4.5 out of 5 points or more
  • That the product has 15 ratings (ratings) or more

If you see an article that meets these three conditions, you cánido be sure that you are in front of a reliable seller who will send you the exact same item that describes and that is shown in the photos.

4. Select the product and buy it

Once you have followed all the steps above, and have verified that the seller and the item are trustworthy, it is time to select it and buy it.

If it is a piece of clothing, be very careful with the sizes. Take a good look at the description box where they usually put the measurements of all the parts of the body.

Remember that Chinese sizing is usually smaller than the European or Latin American.

If you have any questions about this or any other matter, send the seller a message for me to clarify.

Once you have chosen the options you want and the number of units of each product, you have two options.

If you are going to buy only that item, you perro clic on the button “Buy now” to go directly to the shopping cart and checkout.

But if you want to buy more products from the same or from other sellers, clic on “Add to Cart”.

In this way, when you later go to your shopping cart you will be able to see all the products you have in it and finish the payment.

5. Make the payment of your order

On the next page you will see several fields that you must fill in your shipping information.

Once you have written everything on them, clic on the orange “Save and send to this address” button.

If your home address contains a “ñ”, Aliexpress will not accept it as valid.

It is better that you replace that “ñ” with an “n” so that there are no problems.

Below, Check carefully the elementos you are going to buy, and if everything is correct, clic on “Place order”.

On the next page you will see the different options to pay depending on your country.

In general, you perro buy on Aliexpress by paying through card, Western Union (minimum order must be $20), wire transfer (also $20 minimum), MercadoPagoand other forms of en línea payment such as Web Money or Qiwi Wallet.

PayPal is not available to pay at this store.

When you have selected your payment method and have finished entering your data, you just have to clic on the orange button “Save and pay” and ready: You have already made your first purchase on Aliexpress.

6. Confirm receipt (Update)

The wait has paid off I already have the order in my hands.

I made the order on December 14 and received it at my doorstep on January 2, this means that it took 18 days to arrive and if we only count business days, they are much less.

The package is small, and the value is less than $30 so, went through customs with no problem and the shipping company brought it to my house.

The delivery was fast, and the product is as published, therefore, it’s time to confirm receipt and rate the seller.

The store will not receive the money until you confirm receipt, so it is important that you do it as soon as possible.

I I recommend that you upload photos, I think that seeing real photos of the product is very helpful for other buyers.

If it is an electronic equipment or a cosmetic, please try it First, so you cánido assess the operation and quality.

Now, let’s get to work! Log into your AliExpress account and go to the section “My orders”

There, look for the product you received and select the button “Confirm receipt of the order”

It will open the order detail page, select again the confirm receipt button.

The next page you will see is the assessment questionnaire.

Evaluating is easy, because you will only have to fill in the stars.

One star is that you are very dissatisfied, three stars is that you feel neutral, and 5 stars is that you are very satisfied.

you will have to score if the description is correct, the seller’s service, and the preparation and shipment of the order.

Leave a little comment, Giving your opinion of the product and how long it took you received it, if you want, upload your photos in “upload images”

When everything is ready, Select the “Leave retroalimentación” button and ready! You have officially closed your purchase on AliExpress.

My order does not reach / This is not what I ordered!

When you place your order, the time it will take to receive it will depend the country you live in and the shipping method that you have chosen

Normally when you make a purchase in aliexpressthe page itself will tell you at all times if the seller has already prepared your orderif it has been sent, and in what time it will arrive to you.

But if that time passes and your order has not arrived, or you receive it and there is a problem (it is defective, it is not the same as in the photo, etcétera.) you perro open a dispute to solve it.

You just have to entrar your account, go to your order, and Clic on “Open Dispute” next to the item you’re having a problem with.

From there, a page will appear in which you must Answer the questions that they do it to you (everything is in Spanish) and write what problem you had.

That claim will reach the seller, you will talk to see how everything cánido be solved, and if a solution is not reached and you are right, Aliexpress will return your money.

Update July 2018: Questions from my followers

What is the minimum purchase I cánido make on Aliexpress?

There is no minimum amount nor is it mandatory to purchase a specific number of products.

You cánido buy a single item, two, three, or 40 of the same products, and order from $1 up to the amount you want.

Is it safe to buy on Aliexpress?

Yes, it’s safe: Aliexpress has a purchase system in which until you receive your order, and you confirm that everything has arrived well, they they do not transfer the money you have paid To the seller.

If you do not receive your package, or when you do, it is damaged or there is a problem, you cánido open a dispute on Aliexpress and they will refund your money or resend your products.

Is it legal to buy on Aliexpress?

Buying on Aliexpress is 100% legal. In fact, it is one of the companies belonging to the Alibaba company (one of the largest business groups in China) that is listed on the depósito market.

What are the taxes / customs expenses that I have to pay?

That depends on the country you are in, since each country has its own import laws and limits.

The best thing is that you entrar the website of the customs agency of your country, or call the customs service, so that they perro inform you better.

where will they send me the products you buy?

on aliexpress They will send the products to the place you want and to the address that you indicate when placing your order: to your house, to the house of a relative or friend, to your work, etcétera.

How long does it take for orders to reach my country?

Aliexpress ships most of its products from China, so orders to both Europe and Latin America usually take time to arrive between 20 to 40 days approximate.

However, Aliexpress now also has a new section called “Aliexpress Plaza” in which shipments are made directly from Spainand they only take between 2 to 5 business days.

What should I do to avoid problems with customs when buying on Aliexpress?

The best recommendation is that never go over the money limit that you have established in your country to import from abroad, and that avoid using private courier companies such as DHL or UPS since these usually pass all the packages through customs.

Buying on Aliexpress is very easy, and it is one of the best pages to start import products from china If you want to open a small business.

But you must follow the correct steps to make your purchase successful.

And you, Have you ever bought on Aliexpress? Share your experience on this page by leaving me a comment below.

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 How to buy on Aliexpress to import from
  How to buy on Aliexpress to import from
  How to buy on Aliexpress to import from

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