How to buy ETH (Ethereum) on Binance

How to buy ETH (Ethereum) on Binance

We will teach you step by step and in a very fácil and fast way, how to buy ETH (Ethereum) in Binance. You should consider that you will need to have an account on the platform, which you will need to access to start the process.

How to buy Ethereum on Binance in 2023

The next step, once you are in your Binance account, will be to go to the top bar, and access Buy Crypto. There a series of options will be displayed, but you will have to choose specifically Credit/debit card.

Credit / debit card

By accessing credit/debit card, a new tab will open, in which you will have to entrar the amount in Euros, or some other currency; this will depend on your country and your local currency. Below it will tell you the amount you will receive.

Since in this case what you want to receive is Ethereum, you will have to modify and place exactly that one. Depending on the amount you have placed in your currency, it will indicate the amount you will receive in the cryptocurrency. This usually varies, so it will depend on the day you do it. If you agree with it, you will only have to select Continue.

choose the card

The next step will be to choose the card with which you want to buy your ETH, if you do not have it, you will only have to add it and conclude the procedure by selecting Continue.

Vídeo tutorial on how to buy ETH on Binance

Additionally, we leave you a vídeo tutorial of how to buy ETH (Ethereum) on Binance updated. If you have any doubts, looking at the audiovisual explanation perro help you. If not, you cánido leave a comment with your concerns and we will clarify them.

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 How to buy ETH (Ethereum) on Binance
  How to buy ETH (Ethereum) on Binance
  How to buy ETH (Ethereum) on Binance

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