How to buy cryptocurrencies on eToro in 2023?

How to buy cryptocurrencies on eToro in 2023?

eToro is a very complete platform to make trading stocks, currencies and even cryptos.

You will not have any major problem using this broker, just by depositing, looking for a crypto and making the “purchase” you will have already achieved your goal.

It is important that you know that in reality you cannot buy cryptocurrency on eTorobut more come CDF’s, which are contracts for difference.

So, you are not really becoming the owner or owner of a crypto, but of a contract in which you estimate that it goes up or down.

Buy cryptocurrencies on eToro

  1. Sign up on the platform and complete your profile to be able to “purchase” cryptos.
  2. Log in to your account and clic on the option «deposit funds», which is located on a board on the left side of your monitor.
  • Entrar the deposit amount and currency (euros, dollars, among others).

    Also, select the payment method to use, it cánido be credit cards, debit cards, Paypal, Skrill, NETELLER, electronic transfer, RAPID TRANSFER, Klarna, among others.

    Please note that some payment methods are not available for certain countries.

  • Once you have deposited the capital you want to invest, you must go to the main page of the platform and clic on “Look for» write the crypto you want to «buy».

    For example, BTC, as shown in the image.

  • When you have found the currency of your interest, clic on «Invest» which is located on the right side of the crypto.
  • Entrar the amount of your eToro cómputo that you want to invest and finish the operation by clicking on «run operation».

Ready! You have already acquired a contract of difference (CDF’s) of a crypto.

Remember that you are not acquiring the cryptocurrency, but rather a contract that you cánido receive a difference in favor if the price goes up or against if the price goes down.

However, you cánido receive and send crypto through this platform, since it has its own walletwhich has a few months of implementation.

eToro as a source of primordial information

It is logical to think that by not offering the option to actually acquire cryptocurrencies, this platform is not widely used, and it is quite the opposite, there are millions of users who use it.

This is mainly due to the ease of use it offers, in addition has a source of information which is presented as a popular network, yes, like Fb or Twitter.

When selecting a crypto, depósito or currency in which you want to invest, you will be able to access a section in which you cánido choose the “News” option.

There you will find all kinds of primordial data that cánido help you choose whether to make the investment or not, without a doubt this option is very helpful, than other platforms or exchanges they do not have.

So to use eToro or not? if it is to have cryptos stored for a long time (HOLD) it is not the most appropriate.

However, if it is to do trading, maybe it is a good option.

That’s why we described above at the beginning of this article, which is a great platform to do trading.

If you want to buy cryptos and own them, you should try to get other options, like coinbase, Binance, Crypto.comamong other platforms that we have described in this blog.

Well, we hope that with this articulo you no longer have any doubts about how to “acquire” cryptos in this famous Broker.

Remember that if you have any questions, you cánido leave them in the comments and we will gladly solve them for you.

Also remember to share this article with your friends so that they are well informed before starting to invest.

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 How to buy cryptocurrencies on eToro in 2023?
  How to buy cryptocurrencies on eToro in 2023?
  How to buy cryptocurrencies on eToro in 2023?

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