How to buy commodities on eToro

How to buy commodities on eToro

Invest in raw materials in Etoro, either long, short, buy, sell and others cánido be done in a very fácil way, although you may not be very aware of it. For this reason we will teach you step by step how to do it, although you must actually start by maintaining some capital in the account.

If you don’t have money in Etoro yet, you will need to deposit in order to continue with the operations to be carried out.

Access your account in Etoro

The first step to operate or invest in raw materials in Etoro will be to access your account in it, with the capital in dollars already available in it, you will have to go to the left sidebar and select Instruments.

Raw Materials

In Instruments It is where we will find what we really need to carry out our operations within Etoro. Once you have selected it, you will have to go to the top bar, there you will find several categorizations, you will have to access Raw Materials.

Raw Materials Results

In the upper left corner, once you have accessed Raw Materials, you will find the number of results with which you have available accounts. Each of them identified in English and with an icon that helps to recognize it much easier. It is possible that the first ones are the most common, then others that are less recognized.


One of those that you will possibly find will be gold. If you access it or any other, you will have a blue button that indicates Investwhich you will have to select.

You cánido do it as if it were any other asset, both in units and in dollars directly. You cánido even buy just a fraction or whatever you want. In the same way you perro also do it with Leverage; same with take prort and Stop loss.

Sell ​​and buy

You perro execute all this both for sale and purchase, depending on whether you want to bet on the low or at risewell be the short or the long. In this way, you could search for any type of raw material, in the section of Raw Materials.

Vídeo tutorial on how to buy commodities on eToro 2023

If you want to capture all this information in a visual way, live, through a vídeo tutorial, we leave it to you below. We explain step by step how to buy commodities on eToro 2023.

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 How to buy commodities on eToro
  How to buy commodities on eToro
  How to buy commodities on eToro

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