How to buy Bitcoins on Agregado500

How to buy Bitcoins on Agregado500

As a Agregado500 usuario, you are surely interested in knowing the ways to make your bitcoin purchases on their platform. Well, in a brief way, in this article you will find the explanation about how to buy Bitcoins on Agregado500as fácil and clear as possible so that you do not have major complications in your task.

Important: first of all, you should know that, when you are in Agregado500what you are buying, basically, is CSD. Therefore, it will not be a bitcoin position as such that you will have. In itself, it will be like a simulation of this, so to speak.

What is the way to proceed when buying bitcoins on Agregado500?

Once inside your Agregado500 account, what you should do to buy your bitcoins and other cryptos, will be the following:

  • Go to the search engine in the upper area and entrar the name of the cryptocurrency to search, in this case, Bitcoin (BTC).
  • Immediately afterwards, to the right of a new page, you will see the bitcoin section with their respective indices and statistics in real time.
  • You cánido also see the leverage of Bitcoin with their respective relationship.
  • Now, to proceed to buy your BTC you just have to give him clic to buy button and in this way you would proceed to make your purchase.

However, at Agregado500 you not only have the option to buy Bitcoins, but also a wide range of cryptocurrencies that exist on the market.

How to locate and buy different types of cryptocurrencies on Agregado500?

To locate and make purchases of other cryptos in agregado500What you should do is very fácil:

  • Go to the left sidebar of your screen and enters in option Market.
  • Once inside the section Marketyou must locate and press the option cryptocurrencies.
  • And, once this is done, you will already have before you a wide variety of Cryptocurrencies that Agregado500 offers you with which you cánido also operate without any problem.

Well, as mentioned at the beginning, in this fácil and briefly described way, it is buy Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies in Agregado500. Therefore, when you escoge to start doing this type of operation within the aforementioned platform and you need some guidance, do not hesitate to use this guide, which has been created precisely for that purpose.

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 How to buy Bitcoins on Agregado500
  How to buy Bitcoins on Agregado500
  How to buy Bitcoins on Agregado500

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