How to blog on Fb and earn money

How to blog on Fb and earn money

In recent years, Fb has shown its intentions to monetize the content created on your platform. After all, it is the creators who work tirelessly to generate interactions and entertainment within the platform.

This has come to be in a very diversified way, from blogging, generating audiovisual content and many more options.

Read on to find out about all the ways to monetize that are available on Fb.

How do you make money on Fb?

If you are a content creator, Fb has you in its sights, and not only to make its popular network more profitable, but also to share that profitability with you.

For this reason, in this section we will espectáculo you the latest monetization options that Fb has currently established and for the coming years.

Include ads in vídeos

This is one of the most profitable ways to earn money as a content creator on Fb, the vídeo format is something that has a lot of potential and high consumption on this popular network.

If you manage to reach the number of the 10,000 followers and you meet other less complicated requirements and start monetizing through Fb vídeos.

Through this you have control of the ads, from their format to which vídeos to espectáculo them and which ones not.

Also, through this option you perro monetize as you grow in content and reach.

Ads in Instant Articles

Instant Articles are a hyper-fast loading text format (4.9 faster than a habitual page), and from what Fb mentions, it seems to be more favored by the algorithm as it is a native format.

To monetize through this format there are two options:

  • Advertisements: The most habitual way is to do it like Adsenses, adding advertising content within the posts.

  • Subscription: You perro also equipo payment barriers to provide premium content to your subscribers.

In this way, if you are very good at writing or have an audience that values ​​written content, you cánido use this option to monetize your written content.

Direct access for subscribers

In the previous point we already mentioned the subscription, so here we will only give more detail.

It’s about offering access to a seguidor club monthlythey will pay to acquire your content on an ongoing basis.

This method is quite maleable, since you perro give a collaboration button for your general entusiastas, as well as distribute different logins for different types of users.

You cánido segment by themes, type of content or services provided together.

Collaboration with brands

This is the type of business that influencers run.

Through the brand collaboration option it is possible to create content in order to promote brands or products in exchange for a specific amount.

In fact, Fb makes it very easy for you: through the collaborator manager brands cánido better discover you, so you cánido collaborate on campaigns to get more reach and earn something in return.

with live vídeo

Live broadcasts are something that is becoming increasingly relevant, in these broadcasts it is possible to use the option “star” that allows users to participate and interact with you in the broadcasts.

Each star means a penny that is being sent to you, which is shown in the comments of the vídeo.

How much does Fb pay for a thousand followers?

Currently, in order to monetize your content, You must have at least 10,000 followers.

So if you expect to monetize with only a thousand followers you won’t be able to.

However, this does not orinan that you cannot take advantage of that number and followers, there are other options such as affiliate marketing or directing traffic to a page that gives you money in another way.

Perro you create a blog on Fb and earn money?

There is a way to “blog” on Fb and earn money, and it is using the option instant articles.

These are dynamic articles that are specially designed for the mobile version, through these it is possible to place ads just like the vídeo ads and thus monetize through them.

Other ways to earn money on Fb

Other ideas to earn money on Fb are outside the monetization policies offered by the platform.

This perro be through affiliate marketing, en línea sales, using the marketplace or Fb groups to sell products and services.

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 How to blog on Fb and earn money
  How to blog on Fb and earn money
  How to blog on Fb and earn money

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