How to block unwanted calls on iOS,

How to block unwanted calls on iOS,

There may be no greater hassle when you’re working than being interrupted by unwanted phone calls. Whether you’re on a landline or on your mobile, they seem to be getting worse. There are a few ways to prevent calls: by blocking them with your service provider, through aplicaciones, and in the US, we have something called “do not call list«. Read on to find out how to block unwanted phone calls you receive so your workday isn’t interrupted as much.

FCC Consejos to Disminuye Unwanted Phone Calls

It is important to realize first of all that you will not be able to completely end unwanted phone calls for the fácil reason that only known calls and callers cánido be blocked. A telemarketer or spammer has to be identified to be blocked. However, you perro greatly disminuye the number of these calls you receive to stop receiving increasing interruptions.

The FCC (Federal Communications Commission of the United States) has published a list of suggestions to disminuye unwanted robocalls and text messages. A lot of them are common sense, but there are some good suggestions in there, so they’re worth a read. Below are some of these that will help end the constant interruptions in your workday.

do not call list

If you live in the United States, you perro register your landline or mobile phone on the “Do Not Call List”. It will greatly disminuye the amount of interruptions from unwanted phone calls. Getting on the list is just a matter of visiting the website and registering your number. It is a completely free service.

Legitimate telemarketers refer to this list and do not call registered numbers. However, you will still receive contenido publicitario calls from charities, political groups, debt collectors, surveys, etcétera.

After 31 days of registering your number, if you are still receiving unwanted calls, you cánido report the number to the FTC (Federal Trade Commission).

I added my cell phone number and home phone number to this list, and it greatly reduced the number of calls I receive. There were many days where I felt like I was not going to do anything about calls offering lawn care, duct cleaning, carpet cleaning, etcétera. Particularly annoying were the calls offering to fix my Windows computer. I don’t have a Windows computer. Now, I don’t get those calls anymore.

Phone company blocking tools

This was a contenido publicitario call I received in the process of writing this article. My phone service provider, AT&T, provides the warning “contenido publicitario risk«.

When I get this message I just clic the red button and it denies the call.

Call Blocking is used by telephone companies to help prevent illegal and unwanted calls. An FCC report found that when phone service providers partner with third-party analytics companies, they perro block billions of calls each year.

Some phone companies will block calls related to suspicious calling patterns. This is how I got the notification of “contenido publicitario risk«. Providers also allow customers to block additional unwanted calls by signing them up for an additional service or installing an aplicación that may or may not cost plus.

Not all providers send notifications of “contenido publicitario risk«. Some providers send a blocked call directly to your voicemail, or sometimes just block it and not notify you at all, further erasing interruptions to your workday.

If you are concerned about missing wanted calls, you cánido cancel this additional service. Some carriers allow you to determine what types of calls you want to block.

It’s worth giving your phone service provider a call or a quick visit to their website to see what’s available to you. You could put an end to those constant interruptions as soon as tomorrow.

Third Party Analytics Aplicaciones

There are some third-party aplicaciones that you perro add that cánido also help end these unwanted calls on your mobile phone.


This is an aplicación (iOS, Android) I used it and found that it blocked quite a few calls. However, now I find that my phone provider blocks so many calls that I no longer need them.

After installing the aplicación, you will receive free contenido publicitario alerts and cánido instruct the aplicación to block the number in the future. Espectáculos you true caller ID, allowing you to identify and block robocalls, telemarketers, debt collectors, and scam calls. Scam and scam calls are automatically blocked without your intervention.

Engage Calling

This aplicación (iOS, Android) will provide information about incoming business calls. Once you have installed it, it does not require any action on your part. When a verified participating organization calls you, you’ll receive a notification with the company logotipo, name, and reason for the call. It’s not blocking anything, it’s just giving information about legitimate calls to allow you to question other calls.


With the very clever name of Nomorobo, this aplicación (iOS, Android) blocks robocalls, telemarketers, contenido publicitario texts, and phone scammers. Unlike Hiya, however, it’s not free.

This option is left to you to block calls or identify them. After a 14-day trial, it will cost you $1.99 per month. However, it may be worth it for you to stop interruptions to your workday.


This aplicación (iOS, Android) will block contenido publicitario calls and robocalls and also provide you with a visual voicemail. Any spammer or hurto-caller who dials your number will hear “Number Disconnected”, which will remove you from their call lists. It also blocks non-robocall numbers. It promises to do it faster than other aplicaciones.

Wireless Device Solutions

Mobile phone manufacturers also provide services that allow you to avoid unwanted phone calls. Of course, the happier you are with your phone experience, the more time you’ll spend using it instead of turning it off during your workday to get things done.


Starting with iOS 13, you cánido turn on the “mute unknown callers” option so you don’t receive calls from anyone you don’t know. Block numbers that are not in your contact list and with whom you have never been in contact.

This will definitely cut down on your calls and leave your day open. However, you may be blocking an urgent phone call from a family member who is using someone else’s phone in an emergency.

Google plus

Google plus offers the service “call screen”. You perro automatically screen calls in English in the United States on Pixel phones. You perro also manually screen calls in the United States and Canada on all Pixel phones and some other Android phones.

The service does not work with third-party applications, so it is recommended to disable them. It also doesn’t work if you’re connected to Bluetooth or using headphones. It examines all calls that are not from a number in your contacts and will use Google plus’s contenido publicitario database to identify the calls.


The Smart Call option on Samsung phones emplees the Hiya service. See above how that service works.

The most important thing to remember when you want to stop unwanted contenido publicitario phone calls from doing more is that you won’t be able to stop all numbers from calling. However, if you want to limit interruptions to increase your productivity, any one of these options, or a combination of some of them, will leave you more time to focus on your work.

Once you eliminate unwanted calls, further increase your productivity by finding the most productive times of the day.

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 How to block unwanted calls on iOS,
  How to block unwanted calls on iOS,
  How to block unwanted calls on iOS,

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