How to bless the money received? 5

How to bless the money received? 5

Many people have the belief that the blessing of money is essential so that it never fails and so that it multiplies successfully, so there are many prayers that have been created for this purpose, to respond to how to bless money successfully and delivered.

The prayer to bless money It is one of the ways that people find to be able to establish a loving bond between their purchasing power and what they do to have it, because as we all know from our own experience, money is what moves the world, it is what we work for and we make an effort, it is the reason that there are jobs in the world and that every day we get up early to face a new time of work.

In this sense, the need to acquire money without it being wasted, and the need to acquire it again but multiplied, turn out to be just reasons to create a prayer for the money to payand with this, be calmer about the fact that we will always have financial income that allows us to survive in society.

Prayer is something very sacred, it is what makes us have harmony in life, what allows us to live in a stable way and what brings us closer to our beliefs, to our origin of life and to everything that has to do with energy. positive to go hand in hand with success, leaving failure aside.

For this reason, we must pay attention to 5 powerful prayers that are effective for bless the money in all its glory.

Learn to attract money:

Prayer to bless my money and make it work

Beautiful mother full of love,

Of abundance and prosperity,

Always fill my heart

To stay in relationship with God,

So that uncertainty and anxiety,

Do not dominate my being

That I cánido make my money grow,

To see it multiplied always,

That I perro face my debts,

That my debts disappear,

Let the opportunities come to me,

To keep progressing,

In good fortune and optimal finances,

I beg your,


Get more money fast:

Prayer to bless the money received

San Benito,

Saint of my devotion,

You are an example of life

The safe shelter,

Help me to be constant

not to give up,

Do not give up when the road is difficult,

Find the way to my understanding,

And towards my economic abundance,

Bless the finances that come to me,

By whatever means it gets to me,

So that I don’t miss it,

Neither my family

I beg your,


Money is important, see how to get more:

Prayer to bless money and that it never lacks

glory of the most high,

Blood God,

Heart of our mother Mary,

Images of love,

Representation of an entire territory,

Faithful of faith and love of the soul,

I surrender to you today

To ask you that the money in my home be fruitful,

It multiplies for better conditions,

May it be fully transformed

Abundant with glory,

and under his blessings


Prayer to bless money with Archangel Uriel

Archangel Uriel,

God’s faithful helper on high,

key in combat,

reflection of beauty,

Make the blessings come to me,

To never be without sustenance,

Bless each of my income,

So that they continue to be granted to me,

No problem,

Be my faithful companion of happiness,

And my refuge in life,

To always stand firm

Filled with complete hope,

And of you immensity,


Prayer for my achievements

With your compassion, God, I give you my economic anxieties so that you enlighten me with your Light and supremacy.

I will always stay by your side, asking you today from my despair to procure favors from your infinite greatness.

I beg you to support me in improving poverty and abstinence from material goods, and surround me with your fortune and prosperity.

You who are the God of the world, creator of everything and owner of everything, I ask you to grant blessing to my achievements so that they do not lose their value, and continue to increase.

I implore you to bless my financial acquisition so as not to suffer from misery, make my work a stable investment for my children and family, as well as a blessing for the growth of my finances.

I will cancel all my debts and solve the needs of my life, for which I ask God, enlighten me from the greatness of your throne, protect me and bless my financial income.

God, shelter me with your warm love and do not allow anyone to deprive me of the blessings of your presence, I beg you to help me, so that I perro manage the money that I am placing in your hands well.

Protect me always and forever, so that I cánido be kind to my neighbor who lacks resources.

Granting of my gain to those who do not have is something that I have sought, help me in this service, bless my efforts to this offering that I grant you.

Protect the finances that in my hands are resources to meet survival needs, my soul is attached to your indulgence, Heavenly Father, grant me the goodness of your heart in what I ask of you.


Prayer has power over our finances

Prayer is the one that brings us closer to the connection with ourselves, with what we idealize, want and work to see materialized in our life, which is why connecting with the inner being is of escencial importance to be able to live in a prosperous environment full of of blessings.

Prayer is what brings us closer to our ideals, to what we long for, so blessing each of our steps and also our financial gains is what will make us always successful in the field of work, that we never lack livelihood and that we perro live in a positive environment where everything goes perfectly.

Blessing money is the right way to be able to thank for obtaining it and to continue receiving monetary blessings.

Whoever blesses money finds a space of positive energy that allows them to see abundance in it, allowing them to help others from their wealth.

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 How to bless the money received?  5
  How to bless the money received?  5
  How to bless the money received?  5

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