How to become an Uber Freight controlador

How to become an Uber Freight controlador

For owner-owned truckers or carriers, the shipment booking process cánido be complicated and time-consuming, involving rate and contract negotiations, as well as outdated modes of communication.

However, Uber Freight has revolutionized the industry by offering a convenient mobile aplicación, transparent pricing, and easy-to-use tracking and logistics tools for drivers and carriers to connect with shippers.

It simplifies the reservation process and allows faster payments.

In this guide, we’ll explore how Uber Freight works for drivers, including the aplicación’s functionality, payment structures, and how to apply to use the platform.

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How does Uber Freight work for truck drivers?

Uber Freight simplifies the booking, logistics and payment process for drivers.

As with the Uber controlador aplicación, registered users perro explore available loads based on their preferences such as base, load type, and shipping routes.

With Uber Freight’s transportation platform, carriers articulo their needs and you respond to them.

You perro see transparent price quotes based on carrier rates.

The entire process simplifies the job search for owner-operators.

Instead of having to coordinate with individual carriers or wait for your carrier to send you a load, you perro take action and book loads with the Uber Freight aplicación.

You have access to a trusted network of vetted carriers with ongoing business needs, so you cánido stay as busy as you want.

Once you’ve booked the freight and it’s on its way, the Uber Freight aplicación will also allow you or your carrier to get real-time updates on the status of the shipment and any changes or additions the shipper requests.

The aplicación also simplifies document management.

You perro submit Proof of Delivery directly in the Uber Freight aplicación and get paid in seven days free of charge.

Uber Freight Controlador Aplicación

The Uber Freight aplicación is what you’ll use for all Uber Freight activities.

The application is available for Android, iPhone and iPad.

It has a clean and modern interfaz and automatic shipping notifications available.

Here are some things you perro do with the Uber Freight aplicación:


Book a load with a single tap

Browsing available loads is a fácil process.

You cánido easily see the start and end destination, distance, dead center (if appropriate) and the fee.

If you are satisfied with the details, you cánido press «reserve load» to reserve it instantly.

Make sure you and your carrier are ready to transport the load, as accepting the load forces you to transport it.


Get custom loads with Smart Loads

Uber Freight has a feature called “smart charges«.

Analyze your history to find loads that match your preferences in terms of lanes, load types, and more.

When it finds a load that matches your preferences, it will automatically send you a notification.


Present proof of delivery

Submitting proof of delivery is one of the most frustrating parts of shipping freight.

Traditionally, you had to use outdated tools or even analog methods like faxes.

Uber Freight eliminates all of that.

You cánido submit a proof of delivery in the aplicación and receive payment within seven days of submission.

To send proof of delivery, you’ll need to tap “I’m downloaded” within the aplicación.

You cánido only do this once the trailer is completely empty.

After tapping on this, the aplicación will ask you to take a photo of the signed proof of delivery.

Make sure the photo is clear and entendible.

Failure to do so may result in payment delays.

Uber Freight pay and salary

Uber Freight’s pay structure depends on several factors, such as mileage and market conditions, which are afín to other freight driving jobs.

However, Uber Freight simplifies the booking process and guarantees prices in advance, eliminating the need to negotiate prices with carriers.

Although Uber Freight jobs don’t necessarily pay more, the ease of use allows for more drive time and faster payouts, allowing drivers to maintain a steady cash flow without the need to chase down paper bills or follow up with unpaid carriers.

Uber Freight Controlador Requirements

To drive for Uber Freight, drivers must have their own MC or DOT number and be a licensed carrier with at least $1,000,000 coche liability coverage and $100,000 cargo liability coverage.

Uber Freight only operates in the continental United States.

Owner-operators who don’t have their own MC or DOT number cánido check if their carrier is registered in the aplicación and use Uber Freight’s fleet management tools to book loads and track shipments en línea.

However, this means that Uber Freight does not provide the autonomy its marketing materials promise, but it is due to law enforcement, not platform policies.

If you manage a fleet for a trucking company or other carrier, visit the Uber Freight website for more information.

Requirements for Uber cargo trucks

What kind of truck do you need to drive for Uber Freight?

Currently, Uber Freight drivers must have a 53′ dry or refrigerated van.

Beyond that, the company is vague on its website.

This is good news for drivers, as it means there are no other special requirements beyond having a truck that meets state and federal estándares.

As far as we know, Uber Freight does not require a background check from Uber.

Apply to drive for Uber Freight

How do you sign up for Uber Freight?

Assuming you have an MC or DOT number and are a licensed carrier, the registration process is as follows:


Visit the Uber Freight registration page

Go to this page.

You will need to entrar your phone number.

After that, Uber Freight will ask you to entrar your full name, correo electrónico address, and password.

Make sure it’s a password you perro remember, as you’ll need it to log into the Uber Freight aplicación.


Submit the required documents

With your phone number entered, you will now need to fill in the information about your trucking company.

To prove all the information you provide, you will need to submit the following:

  • DOT or MC number
  • Valid Certificate of Insurance (COI) attesting liability for the car and liability for the cargo
  • Bank account information (this allows Uber Freight to pay you vía ACH direct deposit)
  • State motor carrier registrations or permits (if you are an intrastate carrier)


Complete the Broker-Motor Carrier Agreement

Uber Freight requires all carriers to complete this agreement that outlines the relationship and legal obligations both parties have when working together.

Be sure to read the agreement carefully before signing it.


Download the Uber Freight aplicación

Assuming Uber accepts your request, you perro download the Uber Freight aplicación and sign in to your account using the correo electrónico address and password you provided when you registered en línea.

Please note that if you are a controlador who works with a carrier that emplees Uber Freight, you cánido still download the aplicación and sign up.

Your operator perro also send you an invitation using your phone number.

This will guide you through the steps to sign up to use the aplicación.

Questions Frequently Asked Questions about Uber Freight Drivers

Now that you know how Uber Freight works and how to sign up, let’s address some common questions potential Uber Freight drivers have.


What is Uber Freight Agregado?

Uber Freight Agregado is a program that helps drivers offset common expenses.

The Uber Rewards program is for shared truck rides.

To be eligible for the program, all you have to do is book a load every 30 days through the Uber Freight aplicación.

These are some of the discounts you perro get:

  • Fuel savings: up to $0.20 per gallon
  • Save up to 50 percent on truck parts
  • Monthly discounts on phone plans
  • Save up to $16,000 when you buy a truck

Learn more about the Uber Freight Agregado Program.


Perro I negotiate the rates in the aplicación?

No, You perro not.

One of Uber Freight’s selling points for both carriers and shippers is that rates are non-negotiable.

Since the rates are market, you perro be sure you’re getting a fair price (although you should always do your own research to be sure).


What carriers use Uber Freight?

Businesses of all sizes and types use Uber Freight.

It plays a critical role in the supply chain, and as long as the materials perro be legally shipped in 53′ dry vans or reefers, Uber Freight will ship them.

It could be transporting anything from beverage cans to butter to tile.

To name a few examples of companies that Uber Freight lists on its website.

Start driving with Uber Freight

Uber Freight is revolutionizing transportation management for shippers and carriers alike.

As a controlador, you perro take advantage of this technology to book loads and get paid with less hassle.

Sign up for Uber Freight to get started.

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 How to become an Uber Freight controlador
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