How to become a common-law partner before a notary?

How to become a common-law partner before a notary?

In summary, A domestic partnership consists of the union of two peopleregardless of their gender, who choose to live together in a relationship afín to marriage to establish a life together, sharing interests and goals.

This union gives rise to a coexistence that creates bonds comparable to those of marriage, generating a equipo of relationships, rights and obligations, both personal and familiar, that require legal recognition and protection.

There are two ways to formalize a domestic partnership: through a notarial deed or by registering in the register of common-law couples.

The registration of domestic partnerships perro be carried out before a notary, thanks to the Voluntary Jurisdiction Law.

This is relevant, since the terms cánido be significantly reduced.


It is not necessary to request an appointment in the registry, which speeds up the process and represents an advantage.

Indeed, it is not necessary to make an appointment, which makes the process immediate and, therefore, advantageous.

The de hecho union would be granted through a Public Deed and, for legal purposes, it has the same validity as if it were managed before the registry.

The difference between formalizing the domestic partnership before a notary or in the registry lies in the fact that the notary himself is in charge of managing the documentation before the registry of common-law couples.

It is important to bear in mind that there is no single law that regulates all formal de hecho unions in Spain.

Therefore, depending on the autonomous community in which we are located, we must comply with one or more regulations and, consequently, some requirements may vary.

Requirements to formalize the domestic partnership before a notary

We list the general requirements throughout the Spanish territory:

• Both members must be registered at the same mailing address.

• Depending on the region, a minimum period of cohabitation may be required.

• Domestic partnerships must be formalized by public deed before a notary.

• Both members must be of legal age or emancipated.

• None of the members perro be married.

Documentation necessary to formalize the domestic partnership before a notary

The required documents are:

  • Certificate of registration.
  • Passports of each of the members.
  • Family book (if they have children).
  • Documents proving cohabitation at the same address.
  • Single certificate.
  • Procedure to formalize the de hecho union before a notary.

It is necessary to go to a notary in your city and request an appointment to make a civil partnership deedin which the intention and willingness to establish the union is indicated.

Once the documentation is signed, the notary will be in charge of sending it to the registry so that the de hecho couple has legal validity.

When is the de hecho union not valid before a notary?

The union perro be denied if the aforementioned requirements are not met.

For example, if you are not of legal age without being emancipated, if you have another partner for legal purposes or if it is discovered that the union is for secondary interests and it is a union of convenience.

In the event that the intent of the union is found to be solely for convenience, Criminal consequences and serious sanctions could apply, such as objetivos that perro reach up to €10,000.

Cost of the civil partnership before a notary

The rates to formalize the domestic partnership vary according to the Autonomous Community and the type of registration requested.

However, the price range usually oscillates between €40 and €80, approximately.

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 How to become a common-law partner before a notary?
  How to become a common-law partner before a notary?
  How to become a common-law partner before a notary?

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