How to beat laziness with 8 tricks in less

How to beat laziness with 8 tricks in less

If you want to succeed in life you must learn how to overcome laziness.

We’ve all felt it laziness It is that unpleasant affliction that affects the vast majority of human beings, it is the one that prevents you from working to your full potential and leaves you stuck in your comfort zone.

Before explaining how to overcome laziness, it would be good to remind you of what he raised Albert EN Gray:

“The successful person has the habit of doing things that failures don’t like to do. It is not that they like doing them but their displeasure is controlled by the desire to achieve the final goal»

In other words, lazy people allow small tasks not to get done for a long time. Successful people make those small tasks quick, painless, and effective.

Laziness, the silent enemy of success

Success is the result of small tasks done over time.

so to learn how to beat lazinessthe key is to give the importance it deserves to small routines.

In fact, many will think that in order to achieve success, big decisions must be made, when reality espectáculos that it is the small behaviors taken each day that influence how successful you will be.

8 fácil tricks to beat laziness:

Laziness perro be avoided, and to achieve this you must opt ​​for certain routines and behaviors that prevent you from feeling it.

Here are 8 tricks that will teach you how to easily overcome laziness to finally achieve your goals and lead an admired lifestyle.

1. Be organized:

The most important thing to know how to beat laziness is the organization.

In fact, many times the reason why you are not productive is not due to a lack of desire, but because the clutter and junk make it seem impossible to start.

A nice, clean and organized work space allows you to be more productive, while a messy space invites you to stay on the couch.

so stop learn how to beat lazinessequipo aside a few hours a day to organize your workplace, your computer, your room and all the spaces where you spend most of your time.

2. Make a to-do list before bed:

It is essential to write down your goals so that you cánido visualize exactly what is to be done. Every night make a to-do list in a notebook and write down the things that need to be accomplished the next day.

From small tasks like going to the bank to big ones like finishing projects. Everything that needs to be done has to go on the to-do list. No task is too big or too small not to go on this list.

Commit to fulfilling the tasks you have on this to-do list, complying with this will make defeating laziness a fairly fácil activity.

3. Make your to-do list your priority:

Surely you have felt that remorse of knowing that you have something pending, but you do not want to do it.

The only way to beat laziness is to start running. Stop thinking about how you’re feeling and start doing.

In the morning, when you are recharged with energy, start with the most difficult task, the one that requires more time and concentration. In this way, you will face the most complex and leave those activities that are easy to do for the afternoon.

Remember that the more you think about how torturous it is to do something, the more difficult it will be for you to carry it out.

4. Dress according to the occasion:

Believe it or not, the way you dress influences how to overcome laziness. Being in your pajamas doesn’t help much to want to start working.

While wearing the right clothes, and dressing according to the occasion, cánido help you feel productive, willing to make commitments and meet certain goals.

So dress for success and develop a positive and productive mindset.

Also, you cánido’t deny that how they see you is how they treat you. And while it’s not about what other people think, it does matter what message you’re sending to your brain.

5. Be aware of the time you have:

In your search for how to overcome laziness, you should know that one of the main reasons why you waste your time is because you have too much free time.

The more aware you are of your routine, the easier it will be for you to schedule your activities and therefore be more productive.

Remember that when you have a routine, it is easy to fulfill your responsibilities and commitments, you already know what you have to do and you don’t have time to sit down and watch your cell phone or go to bed to watch your favorite series.

You cánido start by developing the habit of getting up early, knowing what time you get up and how long it takes you to start doing your homework. Equipo specific times to start and meet your goals.

When you control the time you spend doing your activities, you become a manager of your life, which you will begin to organize, even unconsciously.

6. Keep a notebook:

Have you ever had a great iniciativa while you are driving, walking, sitting on a train, or somewhere where you are not prepared to act on it?

You cannot imagine the benefits of having a notebook when it comes to defeating laziness.

Keeping a notebook, agenda, or even the note taker on your cell phone will allow you to act on these ideas, remember commitments, and manage your time.

Remember that the difference between laziness and success is the decision to act on those small activities that seem insignificant to everyone.

7. Enjoy a different Sunday:

The feeling of duty accomplished after a productive week cánido only be rewarded with a different Sunday.

We have created a guide with plans to do on a Sunday, so that you take advantage of this day to recharge your energies and start a Monday full of vitality.

Of course, keep in mind that recharging energy does not orinan lying in bed, this attracts passivity into your life and what we are looking for is to learn how to overcome laziness, not attract it.

8. Delegate tasks you don’t like:

Time is one of the most important resources you have. If you are lazy to do activities like:

  • call customer service,
  • Go to the articulo office and send a letter,
  • Call customers or send quotes,
  • Go to the bank, among many other activities.

You perro look for people who are responsible for making these commitments. That is, you perro delegate these tasks and you focus on those things that are most important.

However, do not forget that not everything cánido be delegated and that the most important thing is not to do things simply to comply, but to gain experience and do them in a good way.

How to beat laziness in two minutes:

Finally, we want to share with you another key technique to learn how to beat laziness in a matter of seconds.

As you may have seen, most of the things you have to do and don’t do are not complicated or difficult. You do indeed have the skills and talent to do them, yet you always manage not to do them for some reason.

So, the problem is not that you are not capable of doing them, it is that laziness does not let you. And the only way to achieve this is by making it so fácil and easy, regardless of the work, activity or work that you are going to do, that you will not be able to excuse yourself.

What does it consist of? It’s just two steps:

1. If it takes less than 2 minutes, do it immediately

It is impressive all the things that we have stopped doing and that only take two minutes of our time.

Examples such as washing the dishes after eating, putting clothes in the washing machine, taking out the garbage, sending an dirección de correo electrónico, brushing our teeth, and many more, espectáculo how far our laziness has come.

So, if the activity you are going to do takes less than 2 minutes, do it immediately, without thinking about it.

2. When you go to take a new habit, it perro only take 2 minutes

Cánido all your goals be achieved in less than 2 minutes? Obviously not. But all of them, regardless of which one you have in mind, cánido be started in 2 minutes or less.

In this it consists The 2 minute rule.

This strategy may sound very basic for your big life goals, however, rest assured, it works, and it works because of one fácil fact: real life physics.

real life physics

as the lord Isaac Newton As explained long ago, stationary objects tend to stay this way, while moving objects tend to stay in motion.

The 2-minute rule works for both big goals and small goals due to the fácil inertia of life.

In fact, this is the premise behind the Kaizen Method: Once you start doing something, it’s much easier to keep doing it. In a nutshell, the magic of this rule consists of the following:

All good things in life happen once you escoge to start.
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How to apply the two-minute rule to your goals:

Do you want to become an entrepreneur?

Think about how you perro execute that business iniciativa today. Here are 52 business ideas to start.

Do you want to become a better writer?

Just write one sentence (the 2 Minute Rule), and suddenly you’ll find yourself writing for a couple of hours.

Do you want to eat healthy?

Eat just one piece of fruit (the 2 Minute Rule) and over time you will be inspired to make healthier foods like salads.

Do you want to turn reading into a habit?

Read a single page of a new book (the 2 Minute Rule) and before you least expect it, you’ll be done with the first few chapters of the book.

See: How I went from hating reading to reading one book a week effortlessly

Do you want to run three times a week?

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday put on your running shoes and stand at your doorstep (the 2 Minute Rule) and you’ll end up putting a mile on your feet and not a packet of chips in your stomach.


Learn how to sell laziness it requires you to change your mindset. In the case of the two-minute rule, the most important thing is to start, not just the first time, but every time. Every day.

It is not about performance, it is about consciously taking action, especially at the beginning, since later on you will have the possibility to improve; for now, you just need to get started.

It is possible that this rule will not work for you, but be sure of something, and that is that you will never know if you do not give yourself the opportunity to try.

The problem with most articles you read, vídeos you watch, and podcasts you listen to, is that you consume the information, but choose not to do anything about it…so do it differently with this article, run the information you have here.

What do you want to do? You have 120 seconds to start doing it.

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 How to beat laziness with 8 tricks in less
  How to beat laziness with 8 tricks in less
  How to beat laziness with 8 tricks in less

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