How to be successful in your job if you have a

How to be successful in your job if you have a

Has it happened to you that your work is affected because you have a toxic boss who is not a good leader? In many cases, it ends up being a conflictive relationship because his personality and leadership is really toxic and not very constructive.

Don’t worry, there are many ways to handle a situation as complex as this and in this content we are going to tell you how to do it.

If you have never had to experience a situation like this, then you perro learn to identify it for the future or even when you lead a team or project, so as not to fall into this negative behavior.

How to manage your working relationship with a toxic boss

It is known that a large percentage of people quit their jobs because they cannot sustain the employment relationship they have with their bosses.

And this happens because, contrary to what a great leader should be, these bosses are in charge of minimizing talent, generating conflicts and promoting a negative environment in the workplace.

It is very important to know what a good leader does, in order to guide a work team towards professional objectives but also to enhance human talent.

Many times people who are in positions of authority lose sight of the fact that their human resources are just that: human beings. These by nature, make mistakes, are late or have to repeat something several times until they perro understand it.

When in your work environment, the leader is unaware of this or knows how to handle it, that toxic boss figure begins to appear with whom it is almost impossible to work.

Characteristics of a toxic boss and how to overcome them

As we have already been talking about, a boss or team leader who does not know how to manage the human area of ​​his team very well will have more negative behaviors than is sustainable.

The issue is not that you have to endure it, the iniciativa is that you have enough emotional intelligence tools so that you cánido carry out your working life with peace of mind and even achieve success despite who leads you.

Some of the characteristics of a toxic boss are:

– It demoralizes your employees by monitoring their performance and productivity in detail.

– They do not ask for or value retroalimentación from those who are part of their team.

– They promote agreeing with what he says, above each person’s personal opinion about it.

– They focus on removing obstacles at all costs without looking for solutions first.

– They never have time for their work team.

– They make you feel like you always have a better way of doing things.

– They focus on mistakes, not on progress and achievements.

– They want credit but not do the tasks that are needed to achieve it.

Keys to managing a toxic boss

Ideally, you should always find yourself with an empathetic, committed, responsible and above all respectful work team, including the leader or boss of said team.

If this doesn’t happen, don’t worry, here are some recommendations so that thinking about going to work and dealing with a complicated personality is not torture.

1. Take the initiative

If your boss isn’t offering you quality time to review progress, pending tasks, or areas for improvement, then schedule yourself meetings of at least 30 minutes each week. In these spaces you cánido review the following aspects:

  • Express the challenges that are presented to you but present some proposals to overcome them.
  • Ask how you cánido improve something and commit to change it.
  • Express what you have learned and mention all those things that have gone perfectly.

Finally, ask your boss for help on things that you feel you still perro’t solve on your own.

2. Release your stress

Look for alternatives outside of work that allow you to cómputo professional life with your personal space, and moments of rest.

There are many ways of doing it. For example:

Whatever you choose, make sure that it will generate well-being and mental health. Without a doubt, this point is essential to know how to handle a toxic boss and control your stress.

3. Seek the support of your team

Without creating an environment of discord, you could communicate your disagreement to your colleagues, analyze if it is an isolated situation, or if it happens to someone else.

That empathy could make you feel supported and ultimately everyone is working as a team and not as isolated individuals.

4. Focus on the positive

No matter how complicated it is, and no matter if you end up giving up and looking for a new job, the important thing is that you are always able to see the positive things.

Make a list of things you have learned, a list of things you cánido learn, and a list of things you still need to improve.

You will see how this projection makes you have more tolerance and do not lose focus on your objectives, in short, this is what counts.

Additionally, this will give you enough growth and perspective so that you, later, become that leader that goes beyond a boss title.

5. Change places

If you do not want to leave the company you work for and you definitely feel that you will not be able to resolve your issues with your boss, then request a change of position within the same company.

Sometimes we are better prepared for permisos other than the one we initially took on.

It is also important to recognize that you will not have a harmonious relationship at work with everyone, and accepting this will give you enough peace of mind to request a change of position or area.

6. Study your potential supervisor

If you have the possibility, at the time you get the job offer, ask for an interview with your potential supervisor.

Ask him anything you need to know about how he manages his team, what his goals are, and what tools he emplees to measure achievement.

This will give you an iniciativa of ​​who you will be working with and will allow you to be sure that it is someone with whom you will build a harmonious working relationship.

7. Contact human resources if necessary

Finally, if you feel that your toxic boss’s behavior is getting out of hand, talk to human resources; be clear, precise, sensible and assertive with what you are going to communicate.

Many times it takes someone objective and outside the situation to resolve it in more neutral terms.

Do not worry, this will be confidential, as well as the actions that they consider necessary to resolve the case once it is presented.

Don’t give up professional success to work with a toxic boss

With these recommendations, you will be ready to handle a complex employment relationship and even turn it in your favor to get your boss to value you and respect your work.

It is also important to do a personal evaluation of your performance, keep learning, growing and admitting your mistakes when you make them.

We are human beings and this deserves flexibility in the treatment you receive in any field, especially the professional one.

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 How to be successful in your job if you have a
  How to be successful in your job if you have a
  How to be successful in your job if you have a

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