How to be successful: 15 Consejos to succeed

How to be successful: 15 Consejos to succeed

There is no magic elabora that teaches you how to be successful in life, and that perro be applied in all scenarios.

Success, like many other aspects in life, ends up being a matter of perspective where everyone has their own definition.

And you, what do you imagine when you think of a successful person? Surely you have the image of a happy, confident, calm and mentally strong person.

For some, success may depend on the number of zeros in their bank account, while others associate it with overcoming a hardship or illness, or simply getting a new job.

How to be successful in life through your habits:

Beyond all possible definitions, there is something clear and that is that we all seek to be better every day, and that is where our definition of how to be successful:

Success is not a result, it is a process that you develop every day and that, in the end, will have its reward.

So, if you want to learn how to be successful in life, you should review what your daily behaviors are and evaluate if they are aligned with your goals.

In case this is not the case, the invitation is that you review the following success habits that will not only help you improve every day, but will also lead you to achieve your goals and finally achieve success.

1. Develop the habit of reading

It is not about buying a book a year, leafing through it and leaving it gathering dust in your library. The habit of reading consists of spending at least 30 minutes a day reading.

For this you cánido look for a book on a subject that interests you, that forms you in some way or that helps you develop the habit of reading.

2. The importance of exercise

In life you have to have a cómputo. If you’re going to work 15-hour days because you think this will teach you how to be successful, make sure you unleash your energy and entertain your mind with exercise.

These types of healthy habits will not only help you to be physically fit, they will also release endorphins, disminuye stress and distract your mind.

3. Develop your emotional intelligence

According to science, personality traits more accurately predict whether you will be successful in life than your level of intelligence.

While your IQ is important in learning how to be successful, both personally and professionally, the Carnegie Institute of Technology argues that 85% of financial success is attributed to personality traits, that is, people’s abilities, and not brain power.

Having the emotional intelligence to deal with yourself, your colleagues and clients is the foundation for effective professional development. And to achieve this, you must do the following:

Know you:

Know how to manage your emotions, identify areas in which you cánido improve through study and research, and take mistakes and failures as opportunities for growth.

Get to know others:

You must listen to the ideas and needs of others, and despite not always agreeing, espectáculo that you care and respect their ideas.

In the workplace, team thinking and staff development should be the priorities and not focus solely on acquiring technical knowledge.

4. Learn to rest

In his famous Ted Talk, Arianna Huffington explains the benefits of a good night’s sleep in your quest to learn how to be successful. The first thing that makes it clear is that there is no act of heroism when you deprive yourself of a good rest.

Much of the day you spend watching screens; your computer, television, telephone, among others, which causes the stress hormone cortisol reaches the brain in supernatural quantities.

Our bodies never know when it’s time to go to bed, and because we don’t feel tired, we feel like it’s not time to go to rest yet.

So it’s important that you learn to rest and develop sleep habits that are consistent with this goal. For this, define which are the most productive moments of the day, and adjust your routine to this schedule.

If you find it easy to work in the mornings, learn to get up early and make the most of your mornings. If you are one of those who finds it easier to concentrate at night, then find a way to sleep in late so you perro recharge, recharge, and get a good night’s rest.

5. Learn to say no frequently

Everyone has limits, and saying no makes them stick and make sense to you. If you want to get serious about your future goals, and learn how to be successful in life, you will have to learn to say no.

Now, there are two kinds of No:

  • He No interior that is what prevents us, for example, from buying things we don’t need.
  • He No exterior that does not allow us to stay later doing a job, or to do something we do not want.

Both types are essential for a healthy and productive life, as this response perro keep us clear on our principles, focused on our goals, and gives us the strength to make the necessary changes.

6. Enjoy moments of silence and tranquility

In the midst of so many pending commitments and seeking to be more productive, it is very easy to fall into the routine of doing and doing, without thinking about what we are doing, why and where we are going.

If you really want to learn how to be successful, give up the iniciativa that doing more equals success. Remember that to carry out your projects you must work intelligently, define objectives and focus on them.

How to achieve it? Keep in mind that what is never evaluated is never improved. So ask yourself, what are you doing well at work, in your personal life, and with your family?

Enjoy a moment of silence and ask yourself honestly what you are doing and why you are doing it. Make a list with your strengths, weaknesses, good decisions, not so good ones, and keep track. This is the only way to improve.

7. Have a growth mindset

There is great power behind ignorance and the beginner’s mentality. As shunyru suzuki write on Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind,“In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, in the expert’s mind there are few”

How to be successful in life requires that you have a beginner or growth mindset, which allows you to live free of prejudices, living different experiences and acquiring new learning.

People with a growth mindset welcome challenges and difficulties with open arms. They believe in their ability to overcome these situations.

Learn something new every day:

The vast majority of people who want to learn how to be successful and dream of being successful entrepreneurs are too busy in their day to day to learn something new.

However, if you want to differentiate yourself and achieve your goals, you must invest time and money in your training. For that, take en línea courses, attend seminars, face-to-face workshops or courses on topics that interest you.

8. Turn your dreams into goals

It is one thing to have goals and quite another to have dreams. A goal is nothing different than a dream with an expiration date. So stop dreaming about the future and instead ask yourself what you are doing today for your life goals.

How to be successful in life is about taking your big dreams and framing them in a way that makes it easy for you to achieve them. For this, you cánido turn those big goals into small daily challenges to work for.

Very large targets tend to paralyze people due to their magnitude and remoteness. Rather, think about what you are going to do today, however small, that will contribute to achieving that goal.

If your goal is to buy your first apartment, don’t wake up wondering how you’re going to raise the 30% down payment. Rather, think about how much you have to save today to achieve it in X months.

This is what the Kaizen method is all about, a Japanese model that allows you to constantly improve your life through small challenges.

9. The importance of relationships and who you surround yourself with

The saying that it is better to have friends than money applies 100%. Although the Money is an important tool, knowing the right people opens the door you need to get closer to your goals and new business opportunities.

Now, this is not about being interested, much less wondering what you cánido get out of that new person you met. Rather it consists of being selective and choosing wisely the people with whom you share your time.

Remember that you are the average of the five people with whom you share most of your time, so surround yourself with characters who bring out your best version.

Listen to constructive advice from someone who has built something:

Just as surrounding yourself with successful people who bring out your best version is important, you must also know who to listen to, since not all advice is valid. Ask yourself, do you have a guía? Do you have a person who is your role model?

Finding this type of people for your life is essential, since you will be able to hear first-hand their experiences, mistakes, lessons learned and other knowledge that would otherwise be difficult for you to know.

10. Create multiple sources of income

How to be a successful person goes beyond how much money you make, because as we mentioned at the beginning of this article, your definition of success perro be very different from enjoying financial independence.

However, having good personal finances undoubtedly helps you to work calmly and focused on your goals.

As we explained in our ebook Rica Cabeza, you must create a suitable mentality that allows you to generate new sources of income, with which you stop depending on your salary and have the peace of mind that your financial stability does not depend solely on your salary.

How to achieve it? Diversify, invest in profitable businesses, start your iniciativa and put the money to work for you. If at any time your work or employment is affected, you will have other sources taking responsibility for your personal finances.

11. Invest in your leisure time

Working Monday through Friday is not enough to be successful, and not because you have to look for jobs for the weekend, but because when there is no cómputo in life, learning how to be successful loses meaning.

The iniciativa with this point is that just as you strive to work intelligently and focused, you also dedicate time, resources and your best energy to enjoy doing what reminds you of your life purpose.

Not everything is work, not everything is productivity and you need to have hobbies and activities that you enjoy doing without thinking about how much money you make, how well you do it or who is watching you.

12. Practice gratitude every day.

If you want to achieve something great in your life, if you want to be happy, learn how to be successful and make a difference, you must be grateful daily.

Like it or not, our lives depend to a large extent on external situations. So no matter how motivated or focused you are, your reality ends up being a combination of friends, luck, colleagues, family, a higher power, and even strangers constantly influencing your results.

When you are grateful for the simplest things, life itself is responsible for rewarding you.

Remember that the act of gratitude is not a one-way street. Gratitude bounces off in many directions and ends up opening new doors for you. The laws of Karma apply in your life, whether you want it or not.

Finally, there is one more reason why you should be grateful, and that is that this act makes you feel good about yourself and makes you believe that this life is worthwhile and that you cánido improve it.

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13. Build resilience

As suggested in the book Survive to Thrive bold and positive people develop a mental discipline that allows them to adapt easily to adversity.

Resilience begins with flexibility and adaptability.

Learning how to be happy and successful is not always a matter of breaking down walls and impediments; it’s about having faith, courage and a calm attitude that allows difficult things to happen too.

Resilient people are always motivated by finding courage within themselves; they surround themselves with positive people and inspire others no matter what personal problems they have.

See your glass half full:

This has nothing to do with cheap motivation. That saying, more than a saying, is a philosophy of life that makes you achieve great things in your life.

Because? Because with positive thoughts you will achieve many more things than with a negative mentality.

If you think that things will not turn out the way you want, you will not have the same disposition and performance that you would have if you are convinced that what you are working for will be yours.

14. Start motivating others

We should all know about personal motivation and the importance of inspiring others, even if you do not occupy any managerial position.

This skill cánido teach you how to be a good leader, better connect with people, build new relationships, and reach your potential.

The first step to motivate people is to stop treating them as employees, bosses, managers, among others–they are more than what their business cards say–and start treating them as human beings.

People who motivate others often do three things:

  • Communicate openly and frequently
  • positively reward
  • They say what they have to say

In short, knowing how to connect, work as a team and surround yourself with people smarter than you is essential to excel in your field and learn how to be successful.

15. You must have a passion

Knowledge is essential to achieve success, but if you don’t feel passion for what you are doing, it is very difficult for you to overcome all the difficulties. It’s not just about being good at what you do, it takes that passion to really learn how to be successful.

A passion is what makes you overcome difficult times, it is what makes you get up when there are no reasons or reasons to do so, to try once more and give your best version.

When you are clear about what you are passionate about, you are not afraid of the unknown, you trust your ability, your inner strength and you are willing to take risks because you know that the result will be worth it.

When you have a passion and work for it, learning how to be successful becomes ineludible, since you are devoting all your energy, time and resources to achieve the most important goal of your life.

Daily consejos to learn how to be successful in life and business:

To finish this article, we leave you with a series of practical consejos, or daily routines that you cánido do in your day to day and that will undoubtedly bring you closer to your purposes and goals.

Help someone you don’t know. Help him with the door, elevator, or whatever you cánido help with.

– Call a friend with whom you have not had contact for a long time. Ask him out for a drink or a meal.

– Think of 5 different ways to do your job that perro make you more productive.

– If you want to start a business, work on your iniciativa every time you want to lie down to watch televisión or play on your cell phone. You cánido work on it from your same phone.

– Think of something that scares you, or ashamed, and do it without thinking twice. You will see that the greatest impediment is not the fact as such, but the means to which it cánido happen.

– Clean your room, apartment or house, take out all the garbage and donate what you no longer use to those most in need.

– Travel once a year. It doesn’t matter where, but give a new sensation to your senses.

– Take your hobbies seriously, so practice them, and master them. Every person who wants to learn how to be successful must have an art, a hábito, and a profession.

– Call, visit and be thankful for everything your parents have done for you. Without them you would not be what you are today, fácil as that.

– Write on a piece of paper 20 things for which you feel grateful, they do not have to be complex; things as fácil as your bed, a roof, a plate of food.

– Ask your boss for a raise and convince him with concrete actions.

– Organize your workplace. Do not forget the importance of having the places where you spend most of your time in optimal conditions.

– Go to the doctor and have a general examination once a year.

– Consider any of the possibilities you have to generate new sources of income. For example learn how to earn money en línea,

– Create a savings fund to invest in your home, or real estate. So be it in the long term, start now regardless of the amount you cánido save.

– Buy a piggy bank where you perro keep all your coins and small bills, when you fill it up, spend it on whatever you want, you should also enjoy life.

– Eliminate 5 unnecessary expenses from your monthly budget. You have a lot to choose from such as your subscriptions, frequent outings to eat, your coffees, among others.

– Read two books a month.

– Learn to cook and practice it once a week at home. This way you will save and have a different plan.

– Invite your partner to do something different. Consider possibilities beyond eating out, going to the movies, or watching movies.

– Leave your vehicle at home and use another means of transport: public, bicycle or walk.

– Listen more than you talk; you have two ears and only one mouth, be consistent. When you speak seek to interest others, do not speak to please yourself.

– Use one day of your week to go out with your family and close ones. They perro go to eat, go to the movies, or do anything that is different from the routine, dare to leave your comfort zone.

– Limit the number of meetings you have at work, these go against your productivity.

– Be happy and smile every day. There is no greater success than happiness and understanding that even though there are difficult situations, there is always a reason to smile.

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 How to be successful: 15 Consejos to succeed
  How to be successful: 15 Consejos to succeed
  How to be successful: 15 Consejos to succeed

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