How to be self-employed in Spain as a foreigner

How to be self-employed in Spain as a foreigner

Any non-EU foreigner, who is with or without legal residence in Spain, cánido aspire to work autonomously.

Next, you will be able to know everything related to how to be self-employed in Spain as a foreigner.

Process the application for temporary residence and work as a freelancer

To have access to right to work self-employed, without being a member of the European economic community, you must meet a series of requirements and have the documentation that endorse and certify your legal status.

To carry out this procedure you must have legalized any document that comes from abroad, therefore, we recommend you prepare all your documentation in time.


Below you will see what are the requirements to obtain authorization for temporary residence and self-employment:

  • Criminal record: must not have criminal record in Spain nor in the previous countries of residence.
  • collegiate: You must have professional school certificate respective, in the case of an exercise of professional activity with or without title.
  • Qualification and professional experience: Depending on the activity you are going to carry out, you will have to have experience in the field or validate your knowledge with the titles that accredit you as a professional in that especial area.

    If necessary, you will have to have the qualifications approved or be part of a collegiate body.

  • Investment: Have the necessary capital For the implementation of the project, it must be sufficient to cover incidents or create employment, according to the Order of the Ministry of Tarea and Immigration.
  • Current legislation: You have to meet the same requirements that the law to compatriots for the start and compañia emprendedora of the economic activity.

    This includes having all personal documentation in force and duly issued by the country of origin.

  • Board and lodging: You have to guarantee capital and the applicant’s support for at least the first year.
  • Regularization: You must not be in an irregular (illegal) way, in Spanish territory.

Documents to present

Once the requirements are known, you should try to have all the certifications and documents that you will be asked for.

The documents that you will need to submit are shown below:

  • Certifications or degrees that certify your training for the exercise of the profession, duly certified.
  • Criminal record certificate, duly legalized in the country of origin.

    This should not reflect sentences that correspond to crimes in the legislation of Spain.

  • Health certificate, stating that you do not suffer from any disease of those provided for in the International Sanitary Regulations.
  • Copy of the passport or travel document, which are not expired.
  • Demonstrate that the capital is available, it perro be accreditation, or a commitment of support from a financial institution or institutions.
  • Project where the economic activity to be carried out is established, the necessary investment, expected profitability and, in the case of the applicant, the job position that will be created for its exercise.
  • A list of the collections such as licenses or authorizations that are required for the opening or operation of the projected activity.

    All this documentation must have an estimate of the status of the process, including the application certifications before the corresponding agencies.

filing office

All the aforementioned documentation must be delivered to the Spanish Consular Office closest to your place of residence.

On this site, the Diplomatic missionwill take the request into account and will issue a communication to start the procedure or if it is not satisfied with what has been delivered, it will resolve the inadmissibility of the procedure.

Form 663 for CDI Request (Identification Code) AFIP

From this moment on, the process will continue its course, and if it proceeds, will issue the visa and, until its expiration, the worker will be allowed to start working effectively in Spanish territory.

The corresponding office will notify the interested party of the residence and self-employment authorization.


The procedure as such has no cost, only some that another tariff that is canceled for the certification of papers.

But once the permission is granted, you will have to pay a fee like autonomous to Popular Security and the corresponding taxes.

The amount of the fee will depend on the monthly income you have as an independent worker.

if you wonder How do I become self-employed in Spain as a foreigner? with legal residence, you will have to carry out practically the same procedure, with the difference that, instead of requesting a temporary residenceyou will have to espectáculo that you have been living with legal residence in Spain.

To request the self-employment permit, you will be asked for the same documentation and requirements as the entrepreneur who comes from outside the country.

How to renew authorization

When a foreigner achieves obtain the autonomous permit in Spain, you will have to renew it.

When it is the first application, both the permit and the visa will expire a year after being approved, at this time the renewal must be carried out.

The general recommendation is to be aware to do it in advance and avoid staying, even temporarily, in illegal situation.

The process is very fácil, if the person is working normally or with the project fully operational, they will only have to demonstrate that the venture continues to comply with all the requirements demanded in the initial application.

Evidence of being up to date with the cancellation of monetary obligations, both with the Treasury and with Popular Security, will also be requested.

How to register with the Public State Employment Service (SEPE)?

For get renewal It is essential not to have tax debts.

Once the renewal is obtained, you will be able to work without problems for a period of two more years.

From here on, every couple of years the renewal will have to be carried out again, with the same conditions as the first, simply demonstrating that the requirements are still met and that you are solvent with all the obligations.

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 How to be self-employed in Spain as a foreigner
  How to be self-employed in Spain as a foreigner
  How to be self-employed in Spain as a foreigner

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