How to be happier in 2 minutes according to

How to be happier in 2 minutes according to

How to be happier when negative news abounds?

Every day we wake up to disasters, deaths, destruction and all kinds of events that make us believe that this world is much worse than we think.

However, the short answer for skeptics is that yes you perro learn how to be happierand no major life changes are required for this to happen.

How to be happier in the face of so much difficulty?

The first thing is to take away the power and control that the negative has over our lives. You must understand that have a positive mentality It doesn’t orinan there aren’t negative thoughts, it means they don’t control your life.

According to Shawn Achora brilliant psychologist from Harvard, who was given the task of studying happiness and looking for ways to how to be happier found the following

“90% of your happiness is not determined by the outside world, but by the way your brain interprets it.”

Curiously, when he told what he planned to do, many people questioned him about what could make a student from one of the most prestigious universities in the world unhappy?

Reality? Harvard students are just as unhappy as everyone else. However, as he put it, what happens in your life—problems with health, money, relationships, and even your prestige—only determine 10% of your happiness.

“You will not be happy because you achieve success. You will achieve success by being happy”
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How to be happy and its importance:

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Dopamine, which the brain produces when you’re happy, has a very important side effect: makes you smarter.

And not only that, a positive brain is 31% more productive, which helps you improve, be quicker to identify problems and be creative when it comes to finding solutions.

How perro you increase your dopamine?

Take two minutes each day and do one of the following activities:

1. Write down 5 things for which you feelbe grateful.

2. How to be happier? Write in your diary a positive experience that you have lived during the last 24 hours.

3. Learn to meditate, this teaches your brain to focus. (Here you have a vídeo)

4. The first dirección de correo electrónico you write in the day will be to thank or compliment someone.

5.Send a text message to an important person in your life thanking them for being in your life.

Finally, there is too much good news to spend sharing the negative, so share good news and happiness to the people you love the most.. Remember:

The next time they tell you that it is impossible to learn how to be happierRemember that the events of the world, and those that occur in your life, only determine 10% of your happiness, the rest is under your control.

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 How to be happier in 2 minutes according to
  How to be happier in 2 minutes according to
  How to be happier in 2 minutes according to

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