How to be charismatic and have a personality

How to be charismatic and have a personality

If you have ever been made to feel important, you know how important it is to know how to be charismatic

These people who have made you feel special, know how to treat you, give you their attention and manage to make you feel so good that you want to be surrounded by these kinds of people in your life.

Charismatic people are able to differentiate themselves from the rest with their attitude, they have an attractive personality that attracts good opportunities in life, and beyond having positive thoughts, charisma is a decision that is practiced daily.

How to be charismatic and stand out:

In this article we will explain how to be charismatic through certain habits that will differentiate you from other people.

You will learn how to treat others, not from a position of interest or manipulation, but you will understand that differentiating yourself and creating an impact on others is not so much about what you do, but how you make others feel.

when you learn how to be charismaticyour popular skills improve, you relate better with other people, new doors and business opportunities open, and in short, you become a kind of magnet that attracts others.

In the end you will find some characteristics of an attractive personalitywhich complement these habits and that constitute that plus touch to create a life that others admire.

1. Listen more than you talk:

To get you started, here are 5 fácil habits you cánido practice that will make your other person feel important every time you talk to them:

  • make questions
  • keep eye contact
  • Smile
  • nod
  • Responds verbally and non-verbally to your words

As we have mentioned, if you want learn how to be charismaticyou must make the person in front of you feel special, and what better way to do it than by listening carefully.

Make sure the conversation revolves around other people, their stories and anecdotes, and not you.

Practical consejo: Only speak when you have something important to say, and when we talk about importance, it refers to the other person and not to you.

2. Do not selectively listen to others:

People who are charismatic pay attention and actively listen to 100% of the people with whom they interact.

Learning how to be charismatic only with the people who suit you is useless, since more than charisma this is opportunism.

If you really want to differentiate yourself and attract people into your life, stop listening based on the level of success or interest they represent for you, and start listening knowing that they are people like you, with stories from which you perro learn great life lessons.

3. Put your phone away when you’re with other people:

You will never learn how to be charismatic if when you are surrounded by people, you are glued to your phone checking notifications, calling or simply browsing popular networks.

Regardless of whether you have aplicaciones to earn money, being glued to your cell phone while someone else is talking to you espectáculos that that other person is not important to you. It reflects your lack of attitude and respect.

Go out of your way and give your attention and time to the person in front of you. No matter what notification, correo electrónico, alert, or message you’re receiving, it perro wait.

Remember that the best gift you perro give anyone is your time and disposition.

4. Do not expect anything in return:

If you base your relationships with other people on what you cánido get in return, you will never build real relationships. If your friendship is based on how you take advantage of yourself, and not what you cánido provide and support others, don’t expect long-term friends.

Let alone learn how to be charismatic. So if you really want to positively impact the lives of others, ask yourself every day what you perro do for the people next to you.

5. Being charismatic implies giving up the ego:

As you may have realized, charisma is about focusing conversations and relationships around others, not your stories. While you may feel like talking about your achievements, recognition, and receiving adulation, learning how to be charismatic requires you to give up these desires.

While this cánido boost your self-confidence, you’ll be dealing with topics that your peers aren’t interested in or passionate about, as the conversation is all about you and not what they want to share.

6. Give the necessary importance:

How much did you learn when you were the one doing the talking? What life lessons let you hear your own opinions, achievements and recognitions? In short, listening to yourself repeat the same stories will not leave you new lessons.

Listen to others yes. Make sure the conversation is about your company, not you. Remember that everyone knows something that you don’t, no matter their level of success, professionalism, or education.

From the simplest detail to the most complex explanation, everyone has something to teach you. Learn as much as you perro.

7. Give the spotlight to others:

Equipo yourself the task of finding out what your coworkers, friends and family have been up to. Ask yourself what their achievements and goals have been, and when a special date approaches, make sure that you are the first to recognize and congratulate them.

When you take these details into account, you will be making the people next to you the center of attention, you will be making them feel special and unique.

To complement this, frequently let them know how well they are doing, ask them about their progress on their project, or about that topic they shared with you.

This will make them feel important, and wanting to surround themselves with people like you.

8. Choose your words wisely:

Learn how to be charismatic it requires you to understand that the words you use impact the attitude of others, the way you express yourself perro positively (or negatively) impact a workspace, so you are careful what you think to say.

How many toxic people do you know who are always too lazy to do anything? The language you use plays a primordial role in your life, so think carefully before expressing “how lazy” you are, the “nonsense obligations”, or “how difficult everything is”…

The words you use, and the way you express yourself, are key factors in the search for your goals, they espectáculo your way of seeing life, how happy you are and the power of your mind.

9. Do not focus on the mistakes of others:

If all you do is count the mistakes of others, you will never learn how to be charismatic. Although we have all spoken ill of someone, or heard of someone who is not present, this is not a valid excuse.

Rather practice honesty, and if you are going to talk about someone who is not present, let it be to recognize their achievements, abilities or qualities. And if you have something to say to him, good or bad, have the courage to say it up front.

Being charismatic doesn’t orinan always smiling, it means that you value other people so much that you’d rather speak your mind honestly.

10. Have the courage to admit your mistakes:

Successful people are not charismatic because of what they have achieved, their charisma is not due to their achievements but to the way they treat others. In fact, there are plenty of successful people who have zero charisma, zero friends, and zero popular skills.

Be humble enough to admit your mistakes. Recognize that your road to success is being built, and that although you have many flaws, you are determined to achieve your goals.

How to achieve it? Admit, laugh and correct your mistakes. This espectáculos that you are much bigger than them and that you are charismatic enough to talk about them and even make fun of yourself.

How to be charismatic and have an attractive personality:

To finish, we share with you 30 characteristics of people with an attractive personality, these qualities will help you stand out and create a very good impression with others.

1. People with a attractive personality they do not listen to respond, they actively listen to other people because they want to understand the points of view of others.

2. They understand the importance of creating a first impression that others will never forget.

3. They assume responsibly each of their actions, mistakes and successes. They are trustworthy and looking for a solution.

4. They are consistent with their ideas, they do what they say and they are committed to their word. They don’t talk just to talk.

5. Regardless of their condition, job position or economic level, they treat all people equally.

6. They ask. They ask a thousand times instead of making guesses and assuming for others. When in doubt, they prefer to spend the “worry” of asking instead of staying with the uncertainty.

7. They smile to life, stretch the muscles of the face. It is important for them to learn how to be happy in life.

8. If you want to learn how to be charismatic and be remembered for your attractive personality, remember the name of each person you meet.

9. Although they like to serve and make others feel special, they do not forget the purpose of their life. Every day is an opportunity to get closer to him.

10. It is not strange that you receive a message, an dirección de correo electrónico or a call from them where they ask how you are, how your projects are going or simply to leave you a greeting.

11. Having an attractive personality means always seeing your glass “almost full.” Have a positive mindset, see learning opportunities, not mistakes.

12. You don’t have to ask for help to be offered. They want to make you feel special, and for that they are willing to help you.

13. They are not afraid of making mistakes. And the reason why this happens is that they understand that this is not the end of the road to success, it is just one more step.

14. They remember your birthday, your special dates, events that no one else has in mind. They nurture and invest in relationships, from a thank you letter to the simplest text message possible.

15. They encourage others to fulfill their dreams. The satisfaction that others achieve their goals and being part of this process gives meaning to their lives.

16. Your voice denotes confidence, security and transmits tranquility to the people around you. This does not orinan that they talk a lot, quite the contrary, they have an opinion which they express with certainty, and in a few words, they express their ideas.

17. They don’t judge you. They understand and accept that nobody is perfect, not even them; they also know that an attractive personality is always under construction and this implies mistakes.

18. They apologize for their mistakes, misinterpretations, distractions, or any act that made you feel bad. Being charismatic doesn’t orinan you’re perfect, it means you want to improve every day.

19. In the same way that they apologize to you, they know how to forgive you. However, keep in mind that it is one thing to forgive and quite another to forget.

20. They don’t speak for you, they don’t express your ideas for you. They defend you, respect your rights and do the impossible so that you perro demonstrate, but this does not orinan that they are going to do your homework for you.

21. They give you compliments; They talk about your new house, your new job and even your projects as if they belonged to both. They are happy for you and want to see you succeed.

22. They know how to take a compliment too. They like to feel special without this turning into showing off or wanting to look above the rest.

23. They are sincere to the point of not being able to. They do not believe in white lies or live their day to day with little lies that get them out of trouble. They believe in sincerity as the best tool to build true relationships.

24. They feel happiness and pride in the achievements of others. While some criticize or belittle their goals, and others are simply envious, people with attractive personalities celebrate their accomplishments as if they were their own.

25. To have an attractive personality you must learn to make a good impression, reflect your best abilities and use these 5 ways to see yourself more intelligent and powerful.

26. If they have something to tell you, they tell you up front. They don’t criticize and even less talk behind your back.

27. Their attractive personality comes through when they’re with you. They give you their full attention; no cell phones, notifications or distractions. They make you feel special by giving you their time.

28. They admit when they are wrong. They have no problem being responsible and correcting their mistakes. Of course, they make sure to never make the same mistake twice.

29. They are not afraid to be vulnerable and espectáculo their most sensitive and emotional part. They understand that in order to truly connect with you they need to espectáculo themselves as they are.

30. Finally, they are constant in front of their life goals. They work every day to achieve their goals, they believe that motivation is not necessary when you have discipline. And this is something they have left over.

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 How to be charismatic and have a personality
  How to be charismatic and have a personality
  How to be charismatic and have a personality

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