How to be a virtual assistant and earn money

How to be a virtual assistant and earn money

Do you think you will be able to work as a virtual assistant serving clients vía chat, correo electrónico or telephone, organizing agendas or work teams, power point presentations or doing en línea procedures?

If your answer is affirmative, then you have the basics to learn how to be a virtual assistant and earn money.

Having all these skills and understanding that they are an excellent opportunity to use them to your advantage, it is impossible that you do not want to know how to achieve it, in addition to approaching a lifestyle in which you could work from anywhere, you will be able to generate very interesting income.

Earn money as a virtual assistant:

It is important to clarify that once you have the basics, it is necessary to enhance your knowledge and learn to offer your work on the Internet.

In this way you will be able to attract new clients, distinguish yourself from the competition and build your own profitable virtual assistance business on the Internet with a long-term projection.

before explaining how to be a virtual assistantwe leave you a backlink to the course that will teach you how to turn your skills, experience or knowledge into a profitable career as a Virtual Assistant.

This course also includes notions to manage your en línea identity as a personal brand, position yourself on the Internet as a professional in virtual assistance and how to find your clients, all explained step by step and from scratch.

How to make money being virtual assistant

How to be a virtual assistant and earn money

Below we will share three fácil steps for you to learn how to be a virtual assistant for people around the world.

This job is a very interesting option to earn money en línea from any corner of the planet.

It is important to be consistent, maintain quality as a primordial coger of your work, ask for retroalimentación from your clients and add as much value as possible to the business of the people who hire you.


Identify your skills, knowledge or experience:

Many people are afraid to venture into an en línea job on the Internet because they feel that they do not have the necessary knowledge, studies or experience.

This is a very serious mistake, because learning how to be a virtual assistant it’s possible; In addition, you perro build a career step by step and from scratch, as long as you know how to identify the tasks that you perro carry out and the potential clients that you perro access.

So, for example, if you are interested in en línea business, you could work for companies or people who want virtual assistants to write articles, manage their popular networks, or interact with potential customers.

If you currently work in an office doing secretarial, accounting or administrative tasks, you perro do the same tasks over the Internet, but for hundreds of companies around the world.

On the other hand, companies that hire virtual assistants are mainly concerned that the tasks entrusted to their staff are carried out optimally and on time.

This is why professional careers, advanced studies or extensive experience, although they influence, are not only essential factors essential to be hired.

In addition, there are currently courses such as Asistademy, which allow you to identify that knowledge, experience or studies that cánido generate income through the Internet.


Apply for Virtual Assistance jobs:

Studies espectáculo that work in Virtual Assistance It is one of the 10 most required within the platforms to look for work on the Internet.

Websites like Upwork, Freelancer, Workana or Fiverr publish a large number of job offers in this field every month.

This is because large companies and entrepreneurs have discovered that working from home is not only a way to save money, but also a way to increase the productivity of their employees.

Thus, companies such as Xerox, Adobe or Aliexpress have been closing their offices to hire virtual assistants and all kinds of professionals looking for jobs from home or from anywhere in the world and through the Internet.

This is why you should learn how to be a virtual assistant and start earning money from home.

The key when applying for a job from en línea platforms is to create an attractive profile for your potential clients, which projects security, confidence and professionalism.

In addition to knowing how to place or present your skills, experience or knowledge (even if they are few) so that you perro attract your clients and distinguish yourself from the competition.

Therefore, proper training is necessary to teach us to present our skills appropriately and attract clients who are already looking for people like us to work as virtual assistants.


Accept jobs according to your abilities and time:

One of the essential factors when learning how to be a successful virtual assistant is to act responsibly when we start receiving job proposals.

It is also important to commit ourselves to carry out tasks that we are sure we cánido accomplish, either because we have the necessary knowledge or because we perro commit to delivering the work on time.

Order and a sense of organization are essential to achieve this.

This will also allow us to work on several projects in parallel without affecting our quality of life.

Currently there are tools for organizing time and work teams such as Evernote, Asana and Google plus’s own platform, all free and that make it possible to manage our tasks both individually and as a team.

Keep in mind that teleworking platforms value your work based on the rating that your clients place on your work performance.

Failure to fulfill a task or not comply with work agreements cánido be a false step in our career.

Platforms to find a job as a virtual assistant

1.Belay Solutions:

On this platform they help companies or business owners to get a virtual team to help them with the most administrative tasks within their organization.

They have solution consultants who identify the customer’s need and help them get what they need.

It is there where you entrar to play a primordial role and distinguish yourself by your abilities to be chosen for the job.

Access the platform: Belay Solutions


This platform is based in the United States, however it works in such a way that anyone with sufficient skills to perform a virtual assistant job perro apply for a job with them.

They offer their clients trained personnel to perform multiple tasks or as needed, they manage to build a team of specialists to perform the requested tasks.

Access the platform: equity

3.My BTLR:

The promise of this platform is that they offer their clients a team that perro solve their needs so that they cánido spend time on what a directivo or owner of a company should really do.

These small tasks are essential for a business to progress, so if you offer good skills, you will be hired and you will have guaranteed professional success.

Access the platform: My BTLR


Profit Factory:

This platform is designed for entrepreneurs who are tired of the bottlenecks that arise in the daily activities of their businesses.

They believe that ventures are great challenges and that is why they seek to offer their clients the best tools so that they perro continue to grow.

That is why they need assistants to solve these tasks, the performance will depend on what you have to offer as a human resource in this case.

Access the platform: Profit Factory



Vava Virtual Assistants is an en línea platform that works by offering digital solutions to its clients, mostly entrepreneurs who are beginning to feel stuck with small daily tasks.

Like the other platforms, Vava believes in the power of hiring trained people to solve the administrative issues that make an entrepreneur limit their time and cannot dedicate energy to growing their business.

So this is another excellent alternative for you to apply for the virtual assistant position and start generating income. enhancing your capabilities.

Access the platform: wow

Apply as a virtual assistant on these platforms:

In conclusion, if you want to have an interesting workflow that allows you to live from a job en línea, you should not only learn how to be a successful virtual assistant, but also know the mistakes that affect your career, and keep in mind what they value most your clients.

To get started, you cánido investigate Asistademy, the platform that teaches you everything you need to be a virtual assistant.

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 How to be a virtual assistant and earn money
  How to be a virtual assistant and earn money
  How to be a virtual assistant and earn money

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