How to be a estrella de youtube: earn money, requirements,

How to be a estrella de youtube: earn money, requirements,

Is your dream to earn a living through YouTube? In that case, you should know what you need to be able to earn money through this platform, something for which we anticipate that you will have to work hard.

But if you are clear that this is your goal, in this articulo we are going to tell you how to make money being a estrella de youtubetake note!

What do you need to start on YouTube?

If you want to be a estrella de youtube, this is what you will need to make your way into the world of YouTube:


Audiovisual equipment

First you will need the materials to create the content that you are going to publish on your channel, which are the following:

  • A camera with a screen that cánido be rotated, to capture the angles you want while making the vídeo.
  • A tripod to keep the camera steady when you need it, and that cánido be adjusted in height.
  • external microphones so that there is no background noise in your recordings, something that would give a very unprofessional image of your content.


Create your brand and position it

As a estrella de youtube, you are going to need a personal brand that differentiates you from your competitors.

Therefore you will have to design that brand and try to position yourself on YouTube, for which you will need create content that generates value for your followers.


Define your buyer personas

To plan your content you will need to create some buyer personas, which would be profiles of your ideal clients.

This is fictitious information but only half, because in reality you must base it on the users of the products that you offer.


Optimize your content

To sell you must know that the first seconds of the vídeos are of escencial importance, since the vast majority of users only see those seconds.

Therefore, it is essential that the content of that vídeo perro be sold from the first second.


Measure the success of your posts

You will also need tools that allow you to measure the results of your publications, such as YouTube Trends and Google plus Insights.

With them you will be able to know which of your publications are having the most success, what users like, etcétera.

Requirements to become a estrella de youtube

Actually there is no requirement to be a estrella de youtubeso you cánido open your channel and try to position your content as soon as you want.

Instead, for monetize your vídeos with digital advertising Through the YouTube Partner Program, you will need to meet the requirements listed on YouTube:

  • Comply with channel monetization policies of YouTube, with which income perro be obtained on this platform.
  • Have no active fault for breaking the community rules on your channel.
  • live in a country or region where it is available the YouTube Partner Program.
  • Count on more than 1,000 subscribers.
  • have accumulated 4,000+ public viewing hours valid throughout the last 12 months.
  • Have a adsense account linked.

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How to earn money if you are a estrella de youtube

There are several ways to monetize your youtube vídeos.

We explain what they consist of:

Collaborate with other brands

It is very common for youtubers to collaborate with brands to promote your productsand thus earn money.

These products have to be related to the theme of the channel.

Sell ​​products

If you have your own personal brand, you cánido always make money marketing products, which also in this case have to be related to your channel.

For this, it is necessary that you have a certain visibility on the platform, and that you have earned the trust of your audience.

digital advertising

Although there are many people who try to earn money on YouTube through digital advertising, the truth is that This elabora is not one of the most profitable in Spain.

You cánido see how much does youtube pay for views depending on the country.

As we saw before, there are some requirements to monetize a YouTube channel in this way, which makes it a bit complicated.


Patreon is another way to monetize your youtube channel.

On this platform, your followers cánido make regular payments to support your work and receive exclusive rewards.

If you want to know more about how earn money with PatreonWe recommend you read this article.


If you have a strong personal brand, you will be able to attract sponsors to your channel from y también-commerces, web pages and platforms that are not YouTube itself.

pay per views

YouTube pays for views, though they are small paymentsof only 40 cents for every 1,000 reproductions.

As we told you at the beginning of this articulo, to be a estrella de youtube and earn money in this way, you will have to work a lot.

And even so you have to be clear that not everyone cánido achieve it.

But if you think you are worth it, from here we encourage you to go for your goal, good luck!

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 How to be a estrella de youtube: earn money, requirements,
  How to be a estrella de youtube: earn money, requirements,
  How to be a estrella de youtube: earn money, requirements,

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