How to be a broker (where to start)

How to be a broker (where to start)

If you are passionate about finance, the depósito market, you are good with numbers and youand visualize investing money and getting results Being a broker is a good option for you.

For many it is the dream job. Large sums of money, transaction fees, luxuries and a life of comfort. But yes, being a broker is a profession that demands a lot of time and dedication on your part.

The financial market and the depósito markets sometimes sleep, but The economy is in constant motion.

Sometimes it cánido be exhausting. The exchange of goods and values ​​for money will absorb you.

But today there are dozens of investment opportunities in new marketsand more and more people are making more money by investing in the depósito.

“If you want to be rich, learn not only how to earn, but also how to invest.” Benjamin Franklin

In this article you will learn more about the subject and you will understand What is a Broker, what do you need to be one? and some information about this profession.

Do you want to be a Broker? learn first the concept

Most of the time, people confuse terms like Broker, Trader, Analyst or Depósito Investor. They are not the same things.

I explain. When companies go public, they sell a fraction of their business—called a share or security—that any person or company cánido buy.

A broker is a company or individual that is in charge of managing these investments.

They are in charge of buying and selling financial products on behalf of other companies or individuals.

a broker is an intermediary between investors and depósito exchanges, involved in a commercial transaction. They take care of make money for investors.

Also the brokers they are sales agents who are in charge of looking for more investors and clients for the company in which they work. Brokers get money (a commission) for every transaction they make for you.

They suggest movements and transactions to their clients, to increase profits in investment portfolios.

In most Latin American countries, Spain and the United States, private persons perro be brokers. To become one you must meet several requirements, and pass exams before the national securities commission of your country.

To be a stockbroker you have to be a person highly qualified.

Perhaps Wall Street doesn’t that sound tempting?

To get there you will need more than will.

Differences between brokertrader and investor

It should be noted that there brokers -agents, or brokers- in several areas:

  • There are brokers or real estate brokerswho are in charge of advising investments in houses, real estate, apartments, buildings or offices.
  • The insurance brokerswho are in the policy business and trying to sell you your new life insurance.
  • Raw material brokers, who trade steel, wood or other materials.
  • Travel agentswho design your next vacation.
  • The brokers or bookieswho are intermediaries between bettors.
  • And the depósito brokersor stockbrokers, who make transactions on behalf of companies or individuals in the depósito marketdescribed in this article.

On the other hand are the traders; who are people dedicated exclusively to the purchase and sale of shares, bonds, securities or currencies. All transactions they make cánido be in your name, or on behalf of other companies.

Normally, brokerage firms and financial entities -such as banks and investment firms- employ traders and experienced private stockbrokers to make these transactions, earning their clients more and bigger profits.

The investors; on the other hand, they are money people. Those who invest waiting for the return on their investment, placing their trust in the hands of a broker either trader.

Such are the relations between them; For example, you want to invest $1,000 in the depósito market, in Apple shares… You are the investor: What are you doing?

you go to you broker of trust -individual or company- and you tell him that you want to invest. They receive the money that you will invest, and then, a trader -or stockbroker will take care of making the transaction for you.

“Buy stocks, company shares, take sleeping pills for 20/30 years and when you wake up, voilà! He is a millionaire”, André Kostolany

How to be a Broker? Or what should you learn to be a broker

Since you know what a broker is, you may wonder how to become one.

Becoming a broker is not something that takes you a couple of days. to be a stockbroker you will need to have a series of important knowledge and skills to develop you like fish in the water.

If you’re not good at personal relationships, bad with numbers, and don’t know about finances, it will probably be more difficult for you.

But life is made of challenges, don’t be disappointed.

Learning will only require time and dedication. In addition, thanks to the Internet you perro become a broker and invest in the depósito market with few clicks.

But first, you must comply or adopt the following characteristics:

  • Most brokers they speak English
  • The brokers have extensive mathematical and financial knowledge and commercial
  • The brokers are good sellers
  • The brokers are public relations by excellence
  • The brokers are good working under pressure and dealing with stress
  • The brokers know computer toolssuch as Excel or trading programa
  • Good brokers are experts making decisions

Being a broker is one of the most complete careers out there. It also takes you to the limit with the pressure that implies the variations and behavior of the market.

Still you will get many gratifications if you do your part and learn these disciplines.

What should you study for be a broker?

Most brokers have a professional career and they went to college.

Even so, noo It is essential to have a university degree to be a stockbroker. But you will have the obligation to pass a series of exams that will authorize you to practice this career.

Also, you should keep in mind that most brokerage firms and financial institutions prefer to hire traders, brokers, and agents. with knowledge and university degrees.

All university degrees related to the financial field cánido propel you to be a depósito broker or stockbroker. You must have diverse skills. Some careers that perro help you become a broker:

  • Business Administration
  • Economy
  • Public accounting
  • Commercial administration
  • Industrial relationships
  • Economic engineering
  • Math
  • Statistics
  • Marketing
  • International Trade
  • Financial law

Also, there are other professionals who are not graduates in university careers related to the financial field, and have been able to venture into the main depósito exchanges of the planetsuch as London and Tokio.

It won’t matter if you have a degree in history, or are an educator. Having knowledge about the market behaviormastering the numbers and with some charisma, you will be able to pursue this exciting career.

The rules for the brokers they are not so fácil

As you may have noticed, the Brokers are financial professionals who help you buy and sell securitiesbonds, shares or currencies in the financial markets.

Even so, their activity as intermediaries is controlled by governments.

to be a broker you have to take several testsand do a lot of diligence, depending on your country, to obtain a series of accreditations that give you the right to entrar the business.

The laws are not the same in all countries.

Usually, the National Securities and Financial Activities Commission of your country regulates the operations and functioning of the depósito market.

All countries have laws and institutions with different functions.

In SpainFor example, brokers must register with the National Securities Market Commission.

In USA You perro be a broker by passing the exams of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority.

In Argentina The Capital Market Law, published in August 2013, regulates the places to trade securities.

In México Those who want to be brokers or intermediaries in the depósito market must be certified before the National Banking and Securities Commission (CNBV).

In Peru You will only need a document that certifies that you know the subject and an affidavit.

In Chile you must meet several requirements that are equipo out in Law No. 18,045 of the Depósito Market.

In colombia the institutions that regulate the activity are the Financial Superintendence, the Self-Regulator of the Depósito Market and the Depósito Market.

In Venezuela Securities purchase and sale activities are regulated by the National Securities Superintendency, the National Securities Commission and the Capital Market Law.

Regardless of the country where you are, you must Follow the rules and laws regulating depósito exchanges.

Learn to be a broker without having much knowledge

Be certified stockbroker before the authorities It’s not something you cánido achieve overnight. To be the next Wolf of Wall Street you must learn how the market behaves. Start experimenting with internet tools.

With the Virtual Depósito Exchangea depósito market simulator from the financial website Market Watch, you cánido Start selling and buying fictitious stocks. Also with he Depósito Market Game from Investopedia.

Both work with real market information and will allow you to test your forecasting, forecasting and investing skills in hundreds of industries.

Although these 2 simulator tools look like a game, work with real data, and allow you to start today. But you have to take it seriously.

To be a broker you need knowledge, but with these and other tools you will be able to train yourself to invest intelligently in the depósito market.

“A lot of the success perro be attributed to inactivity. Most investors cannot resist the temptation to constantly buy and sell.” Warren Bufé

As invest today in the depósito market and learn to be a broker

They say that Practice makes a master.

With these tools you cánido practice and learn more about the behavior of the financial market. And in the future, why not? become a broker.

If you want to start today, en línea brokers like IQ Options allow you invest in various depósito markets replicating strategies of the best traders on the internet.

General Risk Warning:
. Every investment involves risk. Only risk money that you perro afford to lose. Past performance is not an indicator of future results. The purpose of this content is merely educational and should not be considered investment advice. My readers are the most important thing in the world to me.and I don’t want them to spend money they don’t have.

You cánido also invest in penny stocks or cent sharesthrough other brokers, and pray or try that the prices of the shares rise in the markets, making a lot of money.

Or you perro adopt a simpler investment model such as BINARY OPTIONS, which are not as complex as the classic buying and selling of conventional brokers.

options binary options They allow you to earn money by predicting the behavior of the depósito price of publicly traded companies, in a short period of time.

In Gananci there is a very comprehensive article on the subject. Clic here to read; The ultimate guide to investing in binary options and making money. In the article they recommend investing with IQ Optiontry it and test your broker skills.

be a broker It does not have fixed rules. You will be able to design your own investment models, for you, and for your clients. With your knowledge, a good financial intuition, and seriously following everything you learned in this article, you will be successful in the depósito market.

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 How to be a broker (where to start)
  How to be a broker (where to start)
  How to be a broker (where to start)

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