How to attract customers to your business with

How to attract customers to your business with

Quantity or quality? Having a blog and publishing content without any filter, bombarding the reader with junk content is not beneficial at all.

Therefore, quantity does not take precedence over quality.

So before you bore your readers and scare them away, research what content your audience really needs. And then heal it so that those readers are left wanting more. Do you want to know how to get this?

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today we premiere the second episode from our podcast “How to attract customers to your business with content marketing”.

And we will have a special guest, specialized in content marketing and SEO.

He is ismael ruizauthor of the blog Unstoppables.

One of the main benefits of content marketing is to achieve a good brand image and reputation.

Therefore, for all of you who start from scratch, this is a topic that will interest you and that you should take note of. because as you know, beginnings are difficult and no one is born with a ready-made reputationyou have to earn it.

And this is where it comes in the importance of creating good quality content.

If you offer your readers content that resolves any doubt or give them advice to overcome a real problem they have, I assure you that your audience will see you as someone special. And without a doubt, you will achieve your goal, which is none other than: attract, convert, sell and retain.

In addition to offering valuable information to the reader, what other factors are important?

You perro already write a content ten, with an extension of three thousand words, and use impressive expressions, but if you do not use palabras claveyou will never be able to position yourself and that content will not be worth anything no matter how well you have prepared it.

Is it worth it then to make an effort to search for palabras clave for your content? The answer is obvious, yes.

Imagine that an Internet usuario wants to Google plus how to get rid of migraine pain.

That person will type “how to get rid of a migraine pain” or “how to get rid of a headache”.

To know what exact words are used by most users that have this problem, there are tools that offer you information about it (how many people search for that keyword, how much is that keyword worth, what competition does it have…) or even Google plus itself tells you how many searches there are related to those palabras clave.

our guest Ismael Ruiz today will explain this topic in more detail, He will tell us what tools he emplees to search for palabras clave, how he chooses the topics for his blog and how he managed to position himself as a reference in his niche.

Do you want to know all the details?

Download the audio or clic on the episode now.

This is the backlink to download it:

In this episode we will talk about:

  • The importance of content marketing on your blog
  • The use of palabras clave in your texts.
  • Ismael’s professional background and experience:
    • How it got started on the internet
    • What led you to open your blog Irrefrenables
    • Consejos when creating your own content and gaining the reader’s trust
    • Perro we lose focus if we become obsessed with the iniciativa of ​​selling and selling?
    • How to find your objetivo audience
    • Consejos for creating an effective content marketing strategy
    • Tools to search for palabras clave for your content and position on the first pages of Google plus
    • How long does it take to know that a content strategy is working?
    • Consejos to motivate those listeners who want to throw in the towel because they don’t see immediate results

Mentions made in collaboration

Ishmael’s Blog:

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 How to attract customers to your business with
  How to attract customers to your business with
  How to attract customers to your business with

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