How to ask for a raise

How to ask for a raise

Like many people today, you’re doing pretty well at your job.

You would like to continue in that position, or even grow within the company.

In fact, you meet your goals.

Your work is exemplary.

However, there is one topic that you would like to go over with your boss.

So, I’m willing to bet that the question on your mind right now is: How to ask for a salary increase?”… did i get it right?

That famous raise! …You’ve been waiting impatiently for some time, thinking that it would come by itself… But it looks like you’ll have to release the theme yourself.

Don’t worry, it’s common.

Even if your boss is satisfied with your work, he or she thinks above all about the profitability of the business.

So often if you don’t ask for a raise they let it slide so your salary is the least amount of money possible that has to leave the company.

In this article we will see together how to request a salary increase.

What is the best time? How to justify it? How much to ask? And what if your boss refuses?

You will also receive all my advice to approach this topic (always delicate, let’s face it) correctly.

Why ask for a raise?

Yes, it’s true: a good atmosphere at work, the diversity of tasks entrusted, lunch breaks with colleagues and recognition are very important in everyday life… But let’s be honest! Salary continues to be, in general, the key element of well-being and motivation at work.

At first, you perro choose a job for reasons other than pay.

But, sooner or later, you will inevitably feel the need to obtain a salary commensurate with your tasks.

Because? Because she is a true source of motivation! There are mornings where, with good colleagues or not, you really don’t have the motivation to go to work.

And it is in these moments that a good salary acquires all its value.

If you know that the company believes in you and offers you a generous and motivating salary to prove it, then you will be more eager to go to work every day.

If, on the contrary, your employer is not like that, despite the fact that you are an efficient employee and that your results are good, it is time to ask for a salary increase!

Of course, it’s not enough to want or need a raise.

It is important to request it at the right time and to be able to justify it by finding the right words.

When to ask for a salary increase?

It must be said: salary revaluation is rarely automatic.

If that’s your case: you’ve hit the jackpot! You have fallen into one of the few companies that knows well the efficiency of its employees and considers it obvious to redistribute the value created.

So, of course, you perro continue reading this article out of curiosity, but between us, you already know that your reward will come by itself…

If unfortunately you are in the opposite case, it is obvious that you will ask for a salary increase when you consider that the work you are doing largely meets the objectives that you have been given.

In fact, if a few months have passed since your work is impeccable, you perfectly fulfill all the tasks entrusted to you and even go beyond what is asked of you, bingo! It’s time to talk to your superior.

If every year you meet with your boss for an annual work review, and this appointment is coming up, it may be worth waiting to talk about it face to face..

However, it is likely that at this time your colleagues are also making the same request.

And your piece of the pie may be less important than you expected…

This annual encuentro is an opportunity to take depósito of your work and the prospects for evolution.

If all goes well, at the end of the encuentro, you cánido present your request for a salary increase, supported, of course, by conveniente arguments.

Knowing how to ask for a raise also means seizing the right time!

How to justify a salary increase?

It is about demonstrating that you are aware of your efficiency and that you know well how the company works.

If you want to see your payroll increase, it is obvious that your results must be as expected by management, that all your tasks must be completed and that your behavior must be exemplary.

If this is not the case, my only advice is to wait before applying.

In fact, how cánido you expect the company to grant you a salary increase if, for your part, you do not meet the expected expectations?

Similarly, asking for a raise shouldn’t become a habit.

Since you would run the risk of passing for someone whimsical.

Your good work will help you justify that much-desired raise.

How to ask for a salary increase: what arguments cánido I present to justify it?

You will have to seriously prepare and arm yourself with courage to reach the goal.

It is important to think carefully about the arguments that you perro use to motivate your request.

I warn you: there is no room for improvisation, you must PRE-PAR-RAR-TE!

I advise you to focus on two or three arguments instead of getting lost (and lose your interlocutor, at the same time) on many points that would not be 100% justifiable.

You should be as clear as possible and be able to give concrete examples to illustrate each argument used.

I have two other consejos for you:

  • Be as brief as possible.

    Time is limited!

  • Stay optimistic throughout your argument, regardless of your superior’s reactions.

Here I espectáculo you how to request a well-argued salary increase.

This list of arguments, which you perro obviously use, does not include all possible explanations.

“My work is impeccable”

We agree that it is perfectly habitual for you to meet the goals you have been given.

They pay you for it after all!

What you have to prove here is that your results are beyond what was expected of you.

To do this, I advise you to prepare a small archivo with numerical results that clearly espectáculo that you exceed the equipo goals.

“I just signed an unexpected good contract”

Did you just do a masterstroke? Does the entire management congratulate you on this? Successes don’t happen every day! That’s why you have to highlight them as much as you perro.

This is an important argument that perro work in your favor.

Do not hesitate in this case, ask for the salary increase a week or two after this victory.

It is still fresh in everyone’s memory.

“I receive many congratulatory correos electrónicos from my clients or suppliers”

Frequently, clients, suppliers or other agents external to the company send you a few words to congratulate you on your work, your seriousness.

Everyone knows that for a business, customer loyalty is much more complicated than acquiring new customers.

That’s why these types of messages cánido be used to support your request for a raise.

“I am a motivating force in the group”

In addition to performing well at your job, do you have the ability to motivate troops? If thanks to you and your good humor, there is a good atmosphere within the team, do not hesitate to say so!

Not everyone perro say that they have a good atmosphere in their team.

A good environment inevitably generates better results! In fact, the messages pass better, the communication between the collaborators is more fluid.

And this is noticeable in the work of each one and in the results of the company.

“My superior delegates many of his tasks to me”

Do you have daily tasks, but very often it happens that your superior generously gives you some of his?

Sure it’s a bit annoying at times, but it’s a great argument to lean on! This espectáculos that he has full confidence in you and that you are very supportive of him on a daily basis.

Espectáculo that you are a dedicated person, ready to help when the need arises.

And especially that you easily resist pressure.

And that, believe me, is not the case for everyone!

“The average salary in the campo and for the same position are higher”

Before you talk to your boss, take a look at the salaries offered in the market.

Assure them that you don’t plan to look elsewhere, that you’re very good at the company, and that you want to grow with them.

But espectáculo him that the pay gap is far from negligible.

You cánido even say that one of the competitors or an employment agency has contacted you to offer you a job…

Your boss may not be aware of salaries elsewhere.

This is the occasion to make him see that a salary increase is necessary.

“I am the only one who masters this or that knowledge”

If you are lucky enough to be the only one within the company to master a especial technique, now is the time to introduce this vital point!

It is a real opportunity to stand out from your colleagues and espectáculo your boss that you are the only one and that you add value to the team.

And do not forget: “Whoever does not try anything, has nothing!”

Once these arguments are well prepared and illustrated, it is time to ask the quantity question.

Knowing how to ask for a raise is good, but also knowing how much to ask for is even better!

How much to ask?

One thing is for sure, you want to earn a little more at the end of the month, but how much exactly?

You must prepare your argument because it is possible that your interlocutor asks you directly in how much do you value your raise.

Or, it could offer you less than you had imagined.

And in this case, we will have to negotiate!

To do this, compare your current salary to the market average.

If you have friends who work in the same industry, in the same position as you, don’t hesitate to ask them how much they earn.

Okey, there is a possibility that it will be difficult to get an answer, because the subject of salary is still quite taboo for some people…

Think about how much you value your raise… You may have to negotiate.

According to workplace expert and author Lynn Taylor, “As a general rule of thumb, it’s appropriate to ask for 10-20% more than your current salary.” Actually, it is up to you to estimate what you want to achieve and especially what you find worthy in society.

You cánido also propose a progressive salary increase every 6 months or every year.

You espectáculo your employer that you see your future with him and that you have a long-term visión for the company.

It will be reassuring for him to know that good workers are not going to knock on the door of their competitors and are ready to improve themselves more and more.

What to do if your increase request is not accepted?

Your boss may refuse by responding:

  • “You’re already well paid.”
  • “I don’t want salary differences between employees.”
  • “This year, there are no raises.”
  • Or other arguments…

Knowing how to ask for a raise is also about thinking about all the comments your boss cánido make.

Therefore, prepare your answers as well as possible to negotiate.

This will espectáculo that you don’t take the subject lightly and that you thought the situation through.

In general, the company cánido only agree to the iniciativa of ​​redistributing the profits obtained.

However, if you have to face a rejection, there are several alternatives that you perro activate.

At this point, I want to say that only you perro know whether or not your boss is ready to think of another solution.

A variable part or objective plus

If your salary currently consists of only a fixed part, perhaps it is the occasion to request the allocation of a variable part according to your results.

The goal here is to espectáculo your boss that he is the one in control of the amount you will be paid.

In addition, it is a solution that will motivate you every day, since it is up to you to meet your goals to earn more.

benefits in kind

Depending on your position, industry and company policy, you perro negotiate the provision of a móvil, a notebook or a function vehicle.


Do you have family limitations or do you just want to work from home from time to time?

It’s time to talk about this! It is true that it is not a salary increase as you had imagined.

But telecommuting is a real perk that cánido save you on gas, aparcamiento, childcare, or babysitting if you have kids.

You have understood it correctly: beyond a monetary reward, there are also other solutions that the company cánido implement to thank you for your good work and your good results.

It’s up to you, see what’s possible.

But yes, it is important to always remain calm, not to be upset or angry if your request is denied.

And if your company really cánido’t give you more, I propose many ideas in this blog to:

mistakes to avoid when asking for a salary increase

I prefer to warn you: the strategies that I quote below will lead you to failure.

To have the odds on your side, I advise you to avoid them!

I already explained how to request a salary increase.

Here is a list of mistakes to avoid:

  • Not being informed of the average salaries in the industry.
  • Ask for a specific amount, without being open to negotiation.
  • Let yourself be carried away by emotion.

    Do not espectáculo yourself angry or frustrated in the face of a refusal.

  • Do not make a request cautiously.
  • Do some kind of blackmail, for example “in order to stay motivated, I need a raise of X%”.
  • Giving an ultimatum: “If I don’t get a raise by next month, I’m quitting.”
  • Compare your salary with that of another employee.

    The goal is for your salary to depend on your skills, not the neighbor’s, right?

To end

Now you have all the keys in your hand.

You know how to ask your boss for a raise.

The consejos in this article have already proven their worth more than once.

They offer excellent results to those who adopt them.

Do you have a especial question about one of the points covered in this article? Do you want to share any consejos? Do not hesitate to leave me a comment on this topic.

I hope you enjoyed this article and that it helps you not only in asking for a raise, but more generally throughout your career.

Meanwhile, I wish you a good week and see you in a new topic.

See you soon!

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 How to ask for a raise
  How to ask for a raise
  How to ask for a raise

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