How to archivo Form 21-RFI Withholding

How to archivo Form 21-RFI Withholding

Keep reading this article to know how to submit form 21-RFI.

Informative statement and a lot of information on this highly relevant topic.

It should be noted that the economic campo inside and outside the territory of the state has been very high in recent years, this leads to the presentation of the RFI

Tax reduction (ie, expressing a deflation of the current directive or general privilege) is usable.

For your diligence, an autonomous study must be carried out (that is, nation by jurisdiction), currently the applicable directive depends on the agreement to prevent diplomatic commitment (CDI) signed by Portugal with the unity of the nation.

According to the Portuguese Public Code, payments to non-residents in Portugal are subject to withholding when income earned in the Portuguese department is taken into account, even up to 26%.

Requirements to adopt in Spain

From a practical point of view, if a company makes a refund to a non-resident pantry, the insolvent Lusitanian must stake the value in question and pay it to the Portuguese assets.

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How to process Form 21-RFI

In order to obtain Form 21 – RFI, it is ineludible that the Portuguese Existence (bankruptcy) receives a newly completed 21-RFI regulation and documentation from the tax authorities of the provider’s country of residence.

If it is not possible to obtain the property regulation form, it is important within the Spanish legal system to take legal persons into account

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The pantry perro provide the Portuguese company with the duly completed form 21-RFI (excluding the Treasury statement).

In the same way, it must be taken into account that the separate PA documentation is also subcontracted by the Tax Agency.

The rule equipo 21-RFI is legal for a period of one year and covers all payments made during the sentence period.

It is equivalent to the interest, royalties and dividends paid or owed by a non-residential Portuguese form of existence.

However, it is possible to fully protect nature conservation in Portugal on the basis of teaching guidelines (EU guidelines).

Step by Step

For the unit, in terms of all the requirements provided for in the following EU directives, individually on the basis of tax residence,

SEPE company certificate

In cooperation and in the case of indetectable delays, etcétera., the tax is not applicable in Portugal and, as such, the custody of taxes perro be avoided

  • EU Directive 90/435 / EEC (with the changes introduced by 2011/96 / EU and 2015/121) – applicable to the payment of dividends (EU Directive, mothers-daughters);
  • EU Directive 2003/49 / EC – applicable to the payment of dividends and license fees (EU I & R Directive).
  • Regarding the expression of the instructions of the EU-I&R Directive, it is essential that the Portuguese debtor form 01-DJR be filled out and that the tax authorities of the beneficiary’s country of residence complete it.
  • With regard to the EU Parent and Subsidiary Directive, a tax residence title within the meaning of the current EU directive must be applied for at the tax office in the beneficiary’s country of origin.
  • In relation to the dividends of foreign companies, especially Portuguese ones, there is a presenter.
  • The negative is that all the companies in the banking ámbito are under management, I would be grateful to the Foreros-Speakers if they know of any entity that does this management
  • Normally, the company that is obliged to withhold the tax is the one in possession of a Portuguese withholding tax reduction request form, but it is the non-resident shareholder who certifies the form 21 – RFI by the competent authorities of the State.
  • Note: 21-RFI-ES requires the reduction of withholding in Portugal so that it is not 16% pending

What is Form 21-RFI?

It perro be used indefinitely if it is summoned with the electronic document with which it was requested through the selection “Council of issued certificates” in the “Certifications” menu of the electronic ticket.

You perro also use the CSV associated with the display of the content to restore the tool from the “Verification of documents through verification rules (CSV)” of the electronic office.

This form contains very relevant information on the tax regimes to be followed for these autonomous units and individuals.

Who should archivo the 21-RFI form?

The calculation of expected income applies to all types of natural citizens, even if they are pensioners.

This means that everyone must do their withholding calculation.

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On the other hand, it must be taken into account that regardless of whether it belongs to an employee based on the category of other taxpayers, these are the three categories that have already been considered in the study of article 329

Obviously, if the Form 21 – RFI must be presented if the declaring citizens have decided to report the forms that require the projected income

It is important to note that the citizen who is only a pensioner does not belong to the self-employed sectors, since the pensioner does not keep the accounts

Although those who are going to declare for the first time do have to calculate the expected tax withholding so that they do not have the assets declared

Income withholding must be done with all tax contributions, these grant the qualifying areas within taxes

What is tax withholding?

It is important to contextualize the dynamics of aggregate withholding taxes between formal and substantive taxpayers

The person who declares the income for the goods or pays for the services rendered is the material taxable person, since it forms part of his patrimony.

You must declare the supported VAT

Regarding natural persons who lease legal persons or assets of natural persons, they lease legal assets

Legal status of tax withholding Likewise, in the case of individuals or legal entities that provide the automotive land transportation service to legal entities, the laws establish the following:

  • Full tax withholding obligation
  • The legal person that has the character of main or material taxpayer must pay VAT in its entirety.
  • Specify 16% of the fee amount
  • If a natural person provides services to a legal person, the latter does not pay VAT when paying the fees
  • The law establishes the obligation to withhold two thirds of the tax
  • Instead of indicating 16% VAT on all rates, only the third part is indicated
  • The other two thirds, understood as 10.66%, keep it and grant it to the taxpayer himself.
  • The same goes for passive subjects.
  • Withhold two-thirds of the tax
  • Under habitual conditions, if the transaction were from a legal person to another legal person, 16% of the VAT caused would have to be fully declared.

We hope that this information has been very useful for you to locate the 21-RFI form and that you have filled it out successfully.

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 How to archivo Form 21-RFI Withholding
  How to archivo Form 21-RFI Withholding
  How to archivo Form 21-RFI Withholding

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