How to add a secondary correo electrónico in PayPal?

How to add a secondary correo electrónico in PayPal?

Add secondary correo electrónico accounts to PayPal «It is a very useful function for several things» in terms of security and also when working in the different businesses that we find on the Internet.

Find out how to do it quickly and easily!

Benefits of associating secondary correos electrónicos with PayPal

  • Shield the security of your account: When you don’t want to provide the primary dirección de correo electrónico address (the one we use to access PayPal)… By adding secondary accounts you will be able to receive payments while remaining anonymous in a certain way, thus protecting the account from possible malicious people.
  • Avoid business blockages: Imagine that you are working on Appen Contributor or on some other website and your account is suspended, that dirección de correo electrónico is recorded in the page’s database, when you want to create another account in Contributors they will not allow you to add the same dirección de correo electrónico because it has already been used… But using these associations you will be able to open a new account, using your same PayPal as always.
  • Charge in pages: many platforms (example ySense) they require you to be able to collect, that the dirección de correo electrónico you used to register in them “matches the one in your PayPal account”… If you used a different correo electrónico for X or Y, don’t worry, just apply what we will teach in this brief tutorial and you will be able to withdraw your earnings.

How to add secondary correo electrónico accounts in PayPal?

Once we have already logged into our account, simply clic on the icon of the nut, located on the right side of the menu.

There you will see a section that says “Correo electrónico address” where your primary dirección de correo electrónico address appears.

To associate one or more secondary correos electrónicos, You only need to clic on the “+” signas I espectáculo you in the image below:

Next, in the box that appears, you are going to write the dirección de correo electrónico that you want to have as secondary, and then press the button «add dirección de correo electrónico«.

Now you only have to check the inbox of the dirección de correo electrónico you put.

Since there PayPal will send you a confirmation dirección de correo electrónico, clic the backlink and you will be redirected to PayPal.

Finally entrar your password and press the button «Confirm Correo electrónico«.

In this way you will have successfully completed the procedure of affiliating a different dirección de correo electrónico to your PayPal.

It should be noted that for security PayPal will notify your main correo electrónico (with which you log in) that someone added a new dirección de correo electrónico to your account.

And that’s it friends, as you saw the process was quite fácil… Now if you entrar your PayPal, your main correo electrónico address and the new one you just added will appear.

As seen in the image, secondary e-e correo electrónico perro be edited or deleted whenever they want.

What is the maximum number of correos electrónicos allowed?

It is possible to add up to 6 different correos electrónicos + the main one, it means that cánido have a total of 7 different associated correos electrónicos to the same PayPal.

Without a doubt, this function will also be useful when they need to create multi-accounts on pages that pay to PayPal and that all the funds go to a single account.


It does not work on all platforms, the portals that request synchronization with PayPal, cánido realize it and depending on the terms and conditions they have, you run the risk of being banned.


That was all family, if you had some of the problems that I named at the beginning of the article, I hope that with this information you perro solve them.

It should be noted that the new correos electrónicos you add will work exactly the same as the primary correo electrónico does… Let me explain: You cánido pass that correo electrónico to anyone who is going to transfer your PayPal cómputo or place it on any website (that pays PayPal) and the money will be added to your cómputo as if you had received the dollars with your main dirección de correo electrónico .

In addition, you will also receive notifications of the payments you receive using that correo electrónico.

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 How to add a secondary correo electrónico in PayPal?
  How to add a secondary correo electrónico in PayPal?
  How to add a secondary correo electrónico in PayPal?

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