How to Activate Binance Card Step by Step and

How to Activate Binance Card Step by Step and

Binance is one of the most used cryptocurrency exchange platforms Have you currently applied for your Binance card? If you have not done so yet, clic on this backlink to see an instructional vídeo on how to do it.

Now, if you already have it, what follows is to activate it so that you perro start depositing your funds, pay at any establishment, or withdraw at an ATM. explain to youemos quickly and easily how to activate the Binance card.

Step by step to activate the Binance Card in 2023

The first thing you should do is log in with your Binance nombre de usuario and password and have the letter that you received along with the card at hand.

Once you are in the Binance account, carefully follow these steps.

  1. Go to the section “Wallet” at the top right of the menu.

  2. Within the Wallet section, select the option “Overview”.

  3. When it finishes loading, you must clic on the “funding

  4. Next, you must go to the option of “cards

  1. When you are on the card page, you will find the option to “Activate Now”

  1. Within this section you must place the last 4 digits of the card and then insert the CVV, that is, a 3-digit code that appears on the back of the card.

  2. By having these data incorporated a congratulations message will appear indicating that the process was successful

Once the corresponding steps are completed, you will have your Binance card activated.

It is important to mention that although at this time it was not necessary to use the data from the letter, it is best to keep it safe.

Now, inside the panel you will have the levels section. You already know that the issue of levels will depend on the refund that they make to you, that is, on what is deposited on the card.

Additional information about Binance Card

Within the “My Binance Card” section you will find the option to view or change the Pin, which you must have on hand in case you are requested.

You also have the option to freeze it, or to see your card details if you have several. In the profile you will find the legal data associated with your card.

In the “cómputo sheet” section you cánido see your limits currently allocated to this card. In addition, you have the “Payment Priority” section in which you cánido modify the payment priority, showing you the order of cryptos to spend that you have available.

You also have the answers to frequently asked questions in the FAQ section in case you want to see more information.

How perro you fund the Binance card?

Funding the Binance card is something you cánido do on the same platform. Follow these 3 steps to get it:

  1. In your Binance account you have the “Transfer” option, which espectáculos the “Spot and funding wallet” section, that is, the card in this case.

  2. Then you select the “Coin” you want to transfer.

  3. Entrar the amount or select the cómputo you have available and clic confirm. Ready it would already be available to use.

if at any time you want spend your money elsewhereyou entrar “Transfer” again and do the opposite operation, it is very easy.

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 How to Activate Binance Card Step by Step and
  How to Activate Binance Card Step by Step and
  How to Activate Binance Card Step by Step and

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