How the referral program works

How the referral program works

Do you want to earn money using your Coinbase account? With the referral program of this wallet you cánido do it since it allows you to receive interesting commissions with just Invite a friend to join this cryptocurrency trading platform.

Next, it is explained how the Coinbase referral program works.

What is the Coin Base referral program?

The referral program allows you, as a usuario, the possibility of generate new users to the Coinbase platform. This, in turn, it generates you, earnings by commission and in the same way to these new users. In addition, this initiative is beneficial to the platform, since, with this program, its number of clients would increase and, therefore, its profits.

In other words, it consists of invite a “friend” to Coinbasewhich, in turn, makes a purchase over the €82.21 in cryptocurrency assets available in that wallet.

Both he and you will receive automatically a plus €8.22 in BTC.

How the Coinbase Affiliate Program Works in 2023

Coinbase gives you the ways to get your referrals, at the same time that it exposes you the conditions that you must follow when you proceed to do so.

Options for referencing on Coinbase

In the home sectioninside your Coinbase account, you will find a box or section where you will be given the following options:

  • Put an address dirección de correo electrónico of a recipient to whom you want to make the Coinbase recommendation and send the invitation
  • copy backlink of the invitation and send it to whoever you want
  • Share this invitation on popular media

You cánido see this same advertisement recurrently throughout the website in practically all its different sections.

Conditions that must be met when using the Coinbase referral program

Coinbase contains a detailed list of requirements for the using your referral program, as shown in the image below. To get access to it, just gonna Conditionsat the bottom of the mentioned box.

But at a minimum, the following requirements must be met:

  • Your country must be within the range of the supported countries within the Coinbase platform
  • Is MANDATORY that your friend to invite, register using the backlink that you have to send him so that he perro apply the function of the program
  • And, according to this list of Conditions, once your friend’s purchase or sale of 100 USD is completed, both of you will receive 10USD

In case you don’t receive your referral plus on Coinbase

If in certain circumstances it happens that you do not receive your referral plus on Coinbase in the same list of Conditions you will get the possible reasons of because No have you got it. Among them perro be mentioned:

  • That the guest has not registered successfully using the backlink
  • That the request for referral plus has been made through Coinbase Pro, which is not allowed
  • That the guest has failed to meet the requirements for a plus within 180 days after opening your account

Well, with this it is explained how to use the Coinbase referral program correctly. Now you perro, with complete confidence and following the directions in this article, start inviting your friends to join this habitual cryptocurrency platform, such as Coinbase.

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 How the referral program works
  How the referral program works
  How the referral program works

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