How procrastination helps productivity in

How procrastination helps productivity in

Procrastination and productivity seem to be two sides of the same coin. And there are certain situations where procrastinating perro end up being better for ultimate productivity rather than forcing us to take immediate action. But what if you proceed without doing anything only to regret it in the end? To make this concept a little more understandable, we are going to analyze some specific situations in which procrastination helps productivity.

1. Unstimulating tasks for writing/drawing/creative professions

Now, this doesn’t orinan that people who have creative work, including writing and drawing, always benefit from procrastinating, but in certain situations, it does. I cánido speak from my experience as a creative writer, that not all the topics of the articles pique my interest and make me want to investigate. In fact, some themes are completely opposite. And if I have time, I tend to spend an unnecessarily large amount of it on that article that doesn’t really inspire me to be productive.

If you are in a afín creative profession, you probably already know how long it takes to complete a paragraph, outline, rough design, etcétera. I have found that I go well beyond this deadline when the subject does not inspire me.

The thing is, we won’t always get a job that inspires us. But that doesn’t orinan it isn’t inspiring to other people. Instead of dragging my feet and wasting time working on a piece for hours, I find that it’s often better to leave that job for later, the closer to the deadline the better. That way I don’t have time to dwell on it, complain to the universe about how boring it is, or waste my productive time slowly writing and researching. Procrastination helps productivity in the long run, as it helps you keep going and complete other tasks.

2. Make a decision that you are 100% comfortable with

We’ve talked many times about the benefits of being more decisive, ways to improve decision making, and things to avoid that might get in the way. However, when faced with a rather difficult decision, especially one that perro be life-changing, it may be better to give yourself more time to think about it.

Let’s say you’ve been offered a new job. This new job gives you more responsibility and freedom of expression, the salary is better and the office is amazing. But the position requires you to relocate. It’s definitely not a choice you should make boldly. Many factors have to be taken into account. When you have time to think, things that previously seemed to hold you back perro present themselves with a suitable solution, and vice versa. It’s important to trust your gut feeling, but in times of tough decisions, it’s also important to trust your logic.

3. How to deal with difficult customers and their demands

If you work with clients or consumers, you are probably painfully aware of how difficult some of them perro be. If you also feel in a bad mood that day, going back to the same project or the same conversation with the same client or client perro lead you to make hasty decisions. Even if it seems satisfying to end your cooperation or even act rudely, it will certainly do you better to step back and just breathe.

Now, it is true that sometimes working with people means that you will encounter unreasonable clients. But it is not the most frequent case. Keep in mind that your clients also have deadlines and work to do; Asking for project reviews or more clarification on something may not be difficult, it’s just a way of adding a finishing touch to the task at hand.

Also, if you act rude or derogatory, you risk being criticized by your boss or even losing the client, since negative comments will appear on the Internet about your company and your professionalism. Forget about productivity: you could lose your job or your client. If you don’t feel like responding to a demanding customer as soon as he contacts you, just don’t. Give yourself enough time to procrastinate until you are ready to meet their demands with a positive mindset.

4. How to resolve disagreements with your coworkers

It happens to the best of us: sometimes, during a bad day, we cánido take it out on a coworker who, unfortunately, has asked too many questions or made a mistake, even if it’s fairly easy to fix. Letting off steam like this cánido bring immediate relief, but it cánido take its toll in the long run. Not only perro you create an awkward situation that perro genere the whole team to walk on lead feet, but you could also canalla your relationship with more than one coworker. If there’s one surefire way to destroy a team’s productivity, this is it.

Obviously, the best thing in these situations is not to give in to irrational anger. But if you already have, you perro remedy the situation by apologizing and explaining yourself. However, even if you recognize your own mistake almost instantly, don’t jump into an apology quickly. Both you and your coworker need to cool down a bit and avoid the added heat of the argument. In this case, procrastinating cánido buy you enough time to find the right words, understand your own behavior, and see things from your coworker’s perspective.

Although we should actively try to overcome our procrastination tendencies, it also helps productivity in the long run to use this card when appropriate. However, if you’ve got all that covered and you’re looking for ways to increase your productivity during the day, you might want to turn to your nighttime routine first.

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 How procrastination helps productivity in
  How procrastination helps productivity in
  How procrastination helps productivity in

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