How perro I get money from my afore for

How perro I get money from my afore for

Financial problems are always difficult situations to face, but there are some tools, such as the funds that you have been saving that perro help you, although the AFORE funds are for your retirement, you perro request them beforehand due to financial difficulties. So, if you need to know how to withdraw money from AFORE for unemployment, here we will explain how to do it.

What is the afore?

The Retirement Funds Administration (AFORE), is a private institution that is in charge of managing, protecting and investing the retirement funds that you contribute to your individual account through Investment Companies Specialized in Retirement Funds (SIEFORE).

These entities are regulated by the National Commission of the Retirement Savings System (CONSERVE), which has specific legislation for this type of investment, in order to guarantee the safety of the money saved.

Who cánido get the afore?

It is established by law in México that all workers affiliated with the IMSS or ISSSTE must be registered with an AFORE service. In case the worker has not chosen one, one will be assigned according to the criteria established by CONSAR. In other words, any Mexican worker who is in the country or abroad cánido start using the AFORE savings system.

How is it possible to obtain the afore?

If you are a person who started contributing to the IMSS and have not yet chosen an AFORE or you are an independent worker who wants to save funds, but still does not know how to register.

Here we will explain step by step how to do it:

  1. The first thing is choose the AFORE of your preferenceas there are several options. To help you, CONSAR puts different tools at your disposal, such as information on services, commissions and returns, so that you perro choose a good option.
  2. Once you have chosen which AFORE you want to use, the following is register by contacting the AFORE or by requesting a visit from one of its promoting agents, you cánido also visit one of the branches.
  3. To process your registration, the AFORE institution must create your electronic archivo and for this they will request:
  • Personal data such as CURP, RFC and the IMSS Popular Security number.
  • official identification.
  • A proof of address.
  • A photograph of your face taken by the promoting agent;
  • Your biometric signature (fingerprints).
  • Your digital handwritten signature.

Through electronic means, the AFORE will give you a registration request, which contains a fund management contract, in addition to the Net Performance document, in which you must put your full namebiometric signature, handwritten signature and as security, a vídeo where you give your consent for the registration and confirm your data.

Finally, the AFORE will inform you about the result of your registration, if it is accepted or rejected. If your application is approved, you must send a proof of Registration to the address or correo electrónico you have provided, all of this, within five business days of the completion date of the process.

Cánido the money be withdrawn before withdrawal?

The money saved from your AFORE is generally to be used when you retire, but in some cases your financial situation is not very good and you find yourself in need of making a partial or total withdrawal of money accumulated in your AFORE.

So if you ever need the money saved in your AFORE due to economic problems you perro do it, although there are some requirements that you must meet before requesting the partial or total withdrawal of your savings. We will tell you step by step how to request the withdrawal of your AFORE funds.

The first thing is that you must attend your AFORE and submit a request for partial or total withdrawal of your funds deposited in the savings account, but before that, you must meet these requirements:

to. Be registered in the AFORE.

b. That the time elapsed between the first deposit or the last withdrawal and the withdrawal request, is according to the estimated time determined by your Afore.

c. Have your worker identification archivo updated, this document will be generated by your AFORE with all your information.

If you meet all the requirements that we named above, it is only a matter of completing the withdrawal, but first you should know that there are only three ways to request it, these are:

  • retirement by marriage: you cánido request it to help you legally start your family life, it perro only be requested once.
  • Withdrawal of voluntary contributions: It is a way to save your money in the short and medium term. This withdrawal is very useful for projects such as travel or studies, but to make this request you will need to pay taxes.
  • unemployment withdrawal: As it is one of the most frequent reasons for which the total or partial withdrawal of your AFORE savings is requested, we will explain it in more detail a little below, so we will tell you all the information you need.

Perro you get the afore for unemployment?

As we explained previously, there are three ways to request the withdrawal of your funds from the AFORE and one of them is unemployment retirement. You cánido make this request at the AFORE of your choice, you just have to meet these requirements:

  • Have 46 calendar days of being unemployed.
  • Have an individual account registered in an AFORE.
  • Not having requested this right during the 5 years prior to the procedure.
  • To be able to exercise this modality, the worker must have an Individual Account with at least three years of having been opened and a minimum of twelve bimonthly contributions accredited in said account.
  • Have your Worker Identification Archivo updated, this document is generated by your AFORE.
  • Finally, the worker must have an individual account with 5 years or more of having been opened.

To make this request, the worker must make a pre-application on the portal of www.y tambié to obtain a special password or you perro also go to a branch of your AFORE and request the help of an advisor. There they will tell you other requirements that are also important, such as personal documents (passport, professional license, voting card, etcétera.). Apart from these documents, there are two types of application that are:

  • modality A: Your AFORE account will deliver in a single display the equivalent of 30 days of your last Contribution Base Salary with a limit of 10 Updating Units of Measurement (UMA).
  • modality B: If your account is 5 years old or more since it was opened, the AFORE will give you in a single installment, whichever is less than the equivalent of 90 days of the Worker’s Base Contribution Salary in the last 250 weeks of contributions (or those that had) or 11.5% of the resources accumulated in the RCV subaccount.

If you still have doubts, you cánido request the help of an advisor from your chosen AFORE and ask them to help you request the partial or complete withdrawal of the money saved, the procedure and the amount of money will depend on the reason for which you want to make the withdrawal.

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 How perro I get money from my afore for
  How perro I get money from my afore for
  How perro I get money from my afore for

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