How perro I charge a tenant in my flat for electricity?

How perro I charge a tenant in my flat for electricity?

When someone decides to rent, the first thing to do is a lease where the parties involved agree to all the clauses and provisions of the same.

If there is an important aspect to introduce in said document, they are the responsibilities in the payments of the electricity service.

If you have decided to rent a property, in the following article we will give you the best recommendations so that in the future you avoid uncomfortable situations with tenants regarding the issue of paying for electricity.

Who must pay the discharge of the light in a rental?

At the time of making the lease it is necessary to make it very clear, who will be responsible for paying for electricity in the home or premises to rent.

Both the landlord and the tenant must agree to the document they are going to sign.

There are several options, in terms of deciding who is going to pay the discharge of the light in a rental.

Naturally, at first the lessor will be the holder of the electric power contract.

But there is no problem in changing the owner of such service.

  • The light contract It perro be in the name of the owner of the house or premises for rent, or of the tenant.

    And the total responsibility regarding everything that concerns the electricity service will fall in the name of whoever is there.

  • Another option is for the landlord to continue to have the electricity contract in his name but for the lease document to stipulate that the tenant will be responsible for paying said bill

This option has its pros and cons.

The benefit is that the landlord will be aware of whether or not the tenant pays the electricity rate since the service is in his name.

But at the same time, what is not advantageous is that when the tenant is late with the payment of the service, the only person responsible before the company will be the owner of the house or premises.

An alternative to have a little more security in the payment of the service is add to the cost of the rent the amount to be paid for the electricity service. Although in this case there is no absolute guarantee that there will not be a conflict in the future, since the tenant could stop paying the rent.

And again, the landlord comes into play as the figure responsible for the collection of the electricity service.

Regardless of what the lease says, the service will be in the name of the lease.

In conclusion, the ideal and It is more advisable to change the electricity bill to the name of the tenant and that he is solely responsible for canceling the service before the company.

In the event that he does not pay, the landlord will have nothing to do with such a situation.

How is a tenant billed for electricity?

As explained above, the lessee may be directly responsible for canceling the light if you have the service in your name.

However, you perro also stipulate the payment of part of it in the lease or add the cost of the invoice to the total amount of the rent.

The most recommended is ask the tenant to put it in his name and that said condition is established in the lease.

In this case, the responsibility to pay the electricity bill, the rate change, or any other aspect related to such service will be the lessee.

What to do if a tenant leaves without paying the electricity?

According to the scenario where such a situation occurs, the lessor cánido exercise certain actions.

That is why the importance of the recommendation we make when changing the electricity bill to the name of the tenant.

  • In the event that the tenant leaves the house or premises and has not paid the electricity bills, but the service is in his name, at some point, and in any place where he is, he must answer for the pending payment.

    The landlord must only notify company and put the service back under your name.

  • But in the event that the electricity contract is in the name of the landlord, well, only he will be responsible for canceling.

    Although you also have the option to cancel and sue the tenant to pay you the corresponding money.

Based on these situations, it is considered the best option to change the name of the electricity contract from the beginning.

This being the best way to avoid problems in the future between the lessor and the lessee.

How to put the light in the name of the tenant?

Placing the light in the name of the tenant it’s a pretty fácil process.

  • First of all, it must communicate with the company to let you know that a change of contract holder is required.
  • When going to the office to carry out the change some requirements must be metas:
    • The National Identification document or the passport of the tenant
    • The full name of the owner
    • Universal Supply Point Code (CUPS)
    • The account number where the invoice collection will be domiciled
    • The lease.

Once the company verifies all the data, will proceed to make the name change in the electricity contract. The change takes between 1 day to 20 business days, depending on the marketer.

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 How perro I charge a tenant in my flat for electricity?
  How perro I charge a tenant in my flat for electricity?
  How perro I charge a tenant in my flat for electricity?

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