How perro I cash or deposit a check?

How perro I cash or deposit a check?

Checks are one of the most traditional payment instruments and that are still used despite the immensity of payment methods that exist today.

That is why, if you have been paid with a check and you do not know how to cash or deposit it, you should not worry too much about it.

It is quite a fácil task and you cánido do it in many ways, Continue reading this article where you cánido find everything you need to know about cashing checks!

How to cash a check at a bank in Spain in 2023?

The way in which a check perro be cashed will depend on the type of check and bank agency where it is charged.

There are really several ways in which it cánido be done, in some cases they cánido be exchanged for cash and in others, they cánido only be deposited.

To give you a clearer iniciativa, you cánido consider the information presented below:

Bearer check cashing

  • The bearer check is a type of check that cánido be charge it to anyone have it in your possession.

  • It does not need to be endorsed to collect it and it cánido be done he cash collection or through a deposit in the account.

  • It cánido be endorsed to transfer it to another person.

Collection of nominative and crossed checks

  • The nominal check cánido be cashed in cash, while the crossed perro only be deposited.

  • In the case of nominatives, there could be the possibility of endorse itthat is, transfer it to someone else to be deposited.

  • As for crossed checks, the same must always be deposited in a bank account, since precisely this type of document does not allow the withdrawal of cash.

banking agencies

  • When cashing a check you must take into account the bank where you will do it.

    For example, if you are going to cash a check in cash, you should not cancel anything for said operation.

  • If you make the claim in a different office to where the owner has the account, you must pay a commission.

  • In the case of depositing a check, consider that if you do it in a bank where you have an account, the action will not generate any charge.

    But if, on the contrary, you do not have an account in said entity, they will be generate commission expenses.

Charge by ATM

  • You cánido perform the cash collection through the ATM.

    You will need your debit card and money available in your account, since the funds will be taken from it and then your bank will claim the fund owed from the bank that issued the check.

  • In the same way you perro to deposit the check through the ATM.

In the two previous operations, the money will be made effective in three days.

Perro a check prescribe?


In fact, the checks prescribe the 6 months after being issued to the last holder.

It applies in the same way to those who are endorsed.

Which means that checks perro be cashed in a maximum of 180 days, using the exchange action.

What is the maximum time to cash a check?

In Spain it is established that the collection of checks is as follows:

  • In 15 days if issued and at the same time payable in the country.

  • In 20 days if it is issued in one of the countries belonging to the European Union.

  • In 60 days if it is a check issued in the foreign.

When is the amount of a check deposited into an account available?

When a check is deposited into a bank account, the money will generally be available in one business dayThis is if the deposit is made over the counter.

In the case of doing it by ATM, the amount will be made effective in 3 days.

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 How perro I cash or deposit a check?
  How perro I cash or deposit a check?
  How perro I cash or deposit a check?

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