How perro I cash a check without an ID?

How perro I cash a check without an ID?

There are times when you have a check to cash it and just when you need to make the claim, you do not have your identity documents at hand.

Either because they stayed at home or even worse because they got lost.

What perro be done in a situation like this? whatIt is possible to cash a check without having identification? This article will answer all the doubts and questions you have on the subject Keep reading!

How to cash a check without an ID?

In case you do not have any type of valid identification to collect the payment stub, you have other options to collect it, such as:

  • You perro make the payment through ATMs that have such a function, in some cases you will require your debit card.

  • give up the check through an endorsement to a highly trusted person, be it a friend or relative, who cánido make the claim for the check and once he has the money in his possession, he will send it to you.

  • If you are in Canada or the United States you cánido collect it at some Money Mart, a company that is dedicated to settling checks, in which a especial identification will not be required, but rather the request for information regarding your data.

What identification do I need to cash a check?

One of the most important requirements when claiming payment of a check are identity documents.

Usually, if you are a regular customer and known at the office where you will make the claim, they will only ask you for at least one identification.

However, if you are not a client of the bank, to verify that it is you, they will ask you up to 2 identity documents.

In general, they are the DNI or identity card and the controlador’s license.

Other documents that identify you could also be used, as long as they are legal and have your full name, date and place of birth, photo, and signature.

You could use your passport or a card from an institution to which you belong.

What is the deadline to cash a check without an ID?

The deadline for cashing a check without identification is the same that applies to any document of this type.

Generally, banks have as regulations to expire a check to 30 or 60 days.

However, it will also depend on the country and the type of check.

There are financial institutions where the same prescribed after 180 days For example.

Ideally, check with the bank for the term you have to claim said document.

Why do they ask for identification to cash a check?

When cashing a check, they ask for some identification because it is the way in which the bank, check for security reasons if the person who is presenting himself to make the claim is really who he says he is.

In addition, in this way it is intended to avoid scams that are the product of falsification of data or theft of documents.

And in the event that a crime occurs, the person who made the exchange at the window of the bank cánido be held directly responsible.

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 How perro I cash a check without an ID?
  How perro I cash a check without an ID?
  How perro I cash a check without an ID?

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