How perro I be more productive and efficient?

How perro I be more productive and efficient?

If you want to be more productive and efficient, you have to get in the zone. Simply put, being in the flow zone or state is the sweet spot of your productivity.

When you’re in the zone, all of your mental faculties are geared toward the task at hand, your focus is intense, and every action or thought comes with ease.

This is exactly how we all want to work or study, right? Well, I’ll tell you how to get it.

Know the best time to work

Our individual circadian rhythm determines when we are on high alert and most likely to entrar the zone.

To find it you have to:

  1. Think about the best moments when you were really focused.
  2. Now remember the time you were in that state.
  3. Finally, organize your agenda so that the most challenging activities are carried out at that time.

visualize your goals and expected results

Studies suggest that athletes perro get into the zone by creating a mental image of the result they want.

Equipo your daily goals

When we reach our goals, it’s very obvious that it makes us happy, so having a written to-do list cánido help you meet your goals and stay in the zone.

Choose a classical music playlist

Dr. Teresa Lesiuk found that we come up with better ideas and complete tasks faster when listening to music. It should be noted that music that incorporates sounds of nature increases concentration.

Harness the power of meditation

According to author Peter Bregman, meditation keeps us in the zone by giving us the discipline to resist distraction.

When you get distracted, close your eyes and focus on feeling the weight of your body, take a deep breath and feel your breath with each exhalation. Now go back to work.

Checking your phone every 5 minutes to check your accounts on popular networks or check your correo electrónico, wastes a lot of time.

Therefore, if you want to become more productive and efficient, avoid distractions. I recommend you use the Forest aplicación: stay focused and start being more productive.

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 How perro I be more productive and efficient?
  How perro I be more productive and efficient?
  How perro I be more productive and efficient?

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