How NOT to spend money on nonsense

How NOT to spend money on nonsense

One of the problems that we perro all have is that we always end up spending the little money we have on things that really we do not need.

Whether it’s buying a piece of technology that we really like but is out of budget, going to dinner at a trendy lugar de comidas where we really shouldn’t be eating, buying expensive clothes that we don’t need, spending more money to espectáculo socioeconomic status higher than we really have.

There are countless expenses that we often do lightly without measuring what their true consequences are.

You have to remember that if you spend a large amount of money that you don’t have or that you should use for something else, it cánido leave you in serious financial trouble. It generates a large number of debts that you will not be able to settle adequately later and in general terms it is a problem that you should not go through at any time.

Stop spending money is really difficult, it is something that must be clear, but it cánido be achieved if you follow these consejos that we are going to give you to the letter.

In this way you cánido be sure that you cánido stop doing it and start saving properly.

Evaluate your expenses

One of the first things you should do is assess your spending habits.

A good iniciativa is to make a list in which you detail all your hobbies, activities and other elementos that you spend on regularly.

This will allow you to see what things you spend the most on.

Remember that you perro not only be addicted to dangerous substances.

Maybe you’re addicted to buying shoes and already have too many pairs, or you enjoy eating out too much, maybe you’ve subscribed to too many beauty magazines.

having hobbies is fenezcaIt is something quite good that allows you to recreate your mind, however, you have to remember that you should practice them as long as you cánido afford said expenses, otherwise you should avoid spending money on it.

If you’re on a budget, do not consider them an investmentinclude them in the discrete expenses column (discrete expenses are those that cánido be made more maleable, that is, they are not fixed expenses, but cánido vary from one day to the next depending on the needs you have at that moment).

In this case you have to ask yourself the following: Am I spending too much money on these maleable expenses? Cánido I stop spending so much on this? Remember that unlike fixed, essential expenses like rent, utilities, and other payments that stay the same price every month, maleable expenses are non-essential and perro be easily cut.

Review your expenses for the last three months

Review both your credit card and bank account statements.

Review absolutely all expenses, even the smallest of them (such as a coffee, a postage stamp or take-out food).

This seems a bit exaggerated however it is always a good iniciativa to know where your cash ends up.

Reviewing all your expenses in this way you perro get some surprises, as the amount of money that you cánido manage to spend in relatively short periods of time (such as a week or a month).

An even better way to do this exercise is by collecting economic data for the entire year.

This is a good way to see how your maleable spending increases and ends up accounting for the majority percentage of all your income.

Record all the expenses and you’ll have a pretty good iniciativa of ​​where to start cutting back.

It is also important to recognize where you spend because you want and where do you spend Because you need it (An example: You spend in a bar because you want to go out, you spend on food monthly you do it because you need to eat).

In this way you cánido differentiate your fixed expenses from those maleable expenses.

Use a spending planner

Using a spending planner to assess your budget is a good iniciativa.

These are programs that calculate how much you spend and how much you earn in certain periods of time (1 week, 1 month, 1 year) and in this way it tells you how much money you cánido spend in afín periods of time.

this kind of Applications They help you answer very important questions, for example, Do I spend more than I earn? If you are using all your savings to pay the rent for the month or using credit cards to make purchases for the month, then it is highly likely that you are living beyond your means.

These kinds of applications allow you to determine limits, thus saving you large debts and helping you to achieve constant savings.

There are a wide variety of different budget applications for your cell phone, in which you perro record your purchases immediately after making them and thus keep an updated record.

You perro do it homemadeas in the following vídeo:

Adapt your spending habits.

With the help of your expense planner, you cánido prepare a budget which you must follow to the letter (no matter how difficult this may be).

You have to determine what are the basic monthly expenses that you make, and allocate the largest amount of money you have to them.

Some consejos you cánido follow to disminuye these expenses are:

  • Rent and basic services: If there is a possibility, divide this expense between your roommate or your partner.

    There is the possibility that the rental you choose, your landlord will pay all the basic expenses (electricity, water, heating) or there is the possibility that you pay them.

  • Transport: Some ways to save on this expense are: Walking to work, biking, taking the ómnibus, or carpooling with a co-worker who lives nearby.
  • Feeding: In this case, you cánido choose to minimize eating out, just eat what you prepare at home.

    This way you avoid two things: Wasting food you don’t have and spending on food you don’t need.

  • Health: This is one of the most important parts of any budget, it must be your priority.

    It is important that you have medical insurance in case of accidents or incidents, since in the event that you have to cover all of the medical coverage directly from your pocket, it will be much more expensive than doing it with these means.

  • Debts: It is important to add your debts to the budget, this must be done under the section of necessary or essential expenses, in this way you will be able to appease them as soon as possible.
  • Bills several: These are not maleable expenses, but are expenses that do not fall into the previous categories.

    For example: Food for your pet (in case you have a pet), going out once a month with your partner (for example, a trip to the movies) perro also be considered an expense.

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 How NOT to spend money on nonsense
  How NOT to spend money on nonsense
  How NOT to spend money on nonsense

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