How NordVPN works ▷ Ultimate Guide and

How NordVPN works ▷ Ultimate Guide and

For several years, I have been looking for How to get money on internet and without leaving my house, and so far, I have had success getting several of them.

But every time I want to diversify and try to find better sites or platforms that make me more money, I always have a big hurdle in front of me: They are not available for my country.

In Venezuela, there are many pages that are blocked due to the problems in the country, in addition to the fact that in many of them we cannot pay for the services due to the dollar restriction, so they simply do not make it available.

This has frustrated me a lot of money making opportunities because several friends out of the country have recommended me pages to fill out paid surveys and translate articles, but every time I’ve tried to access them I get the same ad that I hate more than anything: The page is not available for this country.

Which made me reach the limit and start looking for a solution, was that many of the survey sites and the ones that it used as intermediaries, like Fiverr, began to be blocked.

At this point, I decided to look for a VPN. I tried many VPNs that I found in Google plus suggestions and in various forums, but although they were free at the beginning, after 7 or 15 days they asked me to pay a very high fee.

So I decided again to go to the forums to look for recommendations and I came across several comments suggesting a program called NordVPN.

My surprise was that it actually worked…

As soon as I visited the page to register and download it, I began to entrar all the paid survey pages and freelancer jobs where I had not been able to entrar before.

This is how I verified that it really worked because NONE of the platforms gave me the happy message of “Website blocked for your country”.

Since then, I have been able to register to fill out the surveys and find various jobs as a translator and writer without any restriction.

That’s why I want to espectáculo you how it works and give you my thoughts on NordVPN so that you perro see if it is the solution that you have been looking for all this time for the blocked pages.

How NordVPN Works: Ultimate Guide to Getting into Blocked Sites

What is NordVPN and how does it work?

Advantages of using NordVPN

How to create a NordVPN account

How to download and equipo up NordVPN

How to use NordVPN to access pages blocked in your country

What countries perro I access using NordVPN?

NordVPN price

Perro I try NordVPN for free?

My opinions using NordVPN

what is and how does it work NordVPN?

NordVPN is a VPN program that by using it you will be able to unlock pages to fill out paid surveys and in general, sites to earn money en línea from other countries such as the United States and Spain.

All this is possible because you cánido change your IP address from your country for someone else’s and thus give you access to all the pages you want to unlock.

In addition, a VPN also allows you to browse privately, that is, reduces the risks that your information or histories search engines are disseminated through various Internet channels.

You probably don’t know this, but there are many pages trying to access your IP address and the data you save (such as your name, dirección de correo electrónico and even passwords to some sites).

But when using NordVPN you perro block them all and browse more securely while accessing all the websites that used to be blocked for your country.

To run the program, you need to install it to your computer or device, since you cánido also use it on your Móvil inteligente and even television.

When it is installed, you just have to clic in the “Turn on” option and you perro start unlocking pages to earn money and the ones you want.

When you turn it on, you cánido either choose the country you want to be connected to and “pretend” that you are there. when changing the IP address with the VPN, or you perro let it automatically connect to one.

For most of the survey pages you only need to connect to the United States, Spain, England or other European countries, and at NordVPN you will find each one of them and even more countries than you cánido imagine.

Advantages to use NordVPN

The biggest advantage you will get when using NordVPN is power unlock all earn money pages that are not available for your country and also be able to access other entertainment such as Netflix and Spotify.

Now, you must be wondering: what exactly sets NordVPN apart of the other VPNs on the Internet?

When I had already tried around 13 VPN programs, I realized that they all had one thing in common: actually they did not unlock all the pages which I wanted to access because they locate me only in the United States.

Many survey sites and earn money platforms They are not necessarily found in that country, nor in Spain or the countries that we find most common.

that’s why, always had trouble access pages that were located in Germany, France, Italy or any other country where we do not normally seek to connect.

With NordVPN you will not have this problem because offers more than 55 countries to connect and unlock the pages you want.

For example, if the site you want to entrar is in Egypt or Japan, you perro connect to this country to change your IP address and unlock everything you want, which you cánido’t do with most VPNs.

For my part, I have been able to entrar several en línea job platforms, surveys and intermediary sites where I find several jobs paid in dollars or euros.

Most of these sites are impossible for me to access with my habitual IP address, so turning on NordVPN perro access each survey page that my friends recommend and apply for jobs that are on a page that is restricted to me.

On the other hand, the service they offer is quite fast. even though you have to connect to servers which are often far from where you are located.

Depending on the country you are in and the one you want to connect to to unblock pages, the Internet connection may become slower, but in NordVPN having several servers, You won’t have problems navigating and you won’t have to wait a thousand years to connect to a website.

By signing up for NordVPN and accessing the service, you perro connect your account on more than one device.

Almost every VPN I’ve seen on the market they allow you to connect only one and if you want to connect two or three, you have to pay twice what you initially invest for just one more device.

While on NordVPN from start you cánido connect 6 devices at the same time, which allows you to have it on your cell phone, computers and even television.

There are other more advanced advantages that, If you are interested in using them or know of them, you cánido easily access and they will always be available to you.

For example, NordVPN offers uso contínuo services and you cánido also download or upload archivos with P2P.

However, the second thing I like most about the service (besides being able to unblock the pages you want), is that when you activate the VPN it does not keep records of Internet addresses that I visit, that is, I have total privacy regarding my search history and, additionally, keeps the connection private.

Of course, in the process it also encrypts all the personal information on my network, preventing it from being shared with other sites. without my having allowed or wanted it.

As create an account at NordVPN

1. Go to the NordVPN page

To create your NordVPN account, the first thing you need to do is go to their website.

Clic on the backlink below:

Once you’re on the page, clic on the red button “Get for $2.69 / month” to start.

2. Choose the plan you prefer

To complete your registration with NordVPN, First you must choose a plan of the 4 that offer just start the form.

Plans vary by for how long you hire it.

The most habitual of all is the 3-year one as it costs only $2.99 ​​per month, but you must cancel the 3 years in a single payment, which would be $107.55 in total.

I recommend you hire this 3-year one if you plan to use the service for a long time, which is most likely, since you save 75% on the cost and does not have a big difference in total price of others.

To pay you have several options: cryptocurrencies, Alipay, Sofort, Giropay and others more.

In addition to selecting the payment, You must entrar your dirección de correo electrónico to which your account will be linked and select the country to which you belong to proceed with the payment.

When you’ve done that, clic on “Continue”.

3. Finish making the payment

By clicking “Continue” it will send you to the corresponding window according to the payment method you have chosen.

For example, if you decided to pay with Cryptocurrencies, it will redirect you to the CoinPayments platform where you cánido choose the cryptocurrency, You must place your information as a buyer and access the NordVPN profile.

By filling out and selecting all the information, Clic on “Complete Order” and you will have already made the payment.

In the case of options such as Alipay or Sofort, the site to which it will send you will have to log in to your account and also fill in the information as a buyer and select from your account cómputo.

4. Access all blocked pages!

The payment is made immediately, so as soon as you complete it you will have full access to the program NordVPN and all its services.

You only have to download it from the main page, connect to a country and turn it on to unlock the pages.

When installing it to your device, you will need to log in with the dirección de correo electrónico and password provided by NordVPN; besides, also You cánido entrar the page through the option “My account” in the upper right corner.

And that’s it! It’s been easy, right?

As download and configure NordVPN

For download NordVPN after you have finished creating your account, you must go to the “Aplicaciones VPN” option which will send you to the window where you perro choose your download.

This option is located in the top menu along with other options such as “My account”, “Blog” and “Servers”.

The window to which it will send you, it will give you several options for you to select what type of operating system, browser or device you are using.

Depending on which one you choose, it will download the correct version according to your case and that you cánido install without any problem.

You have several options to choose from: Windows, Linux, Google plus, Mozilla firefox, Android, macOS, iPhone and Android televisión.

Since the option they choose most frequently is Windows, it is the default screen to download, but you perro choose any other in the top menu.

When you have chosen, just clic on “Download” and it will start automatically.

When the download is complete, open the installer from the download bar displayed at the bottom of the browser (in case you use Google plus Google chrome).

In Mozilla firefox, you perro go directly to downloads from the browser when it sends the completion notification and open it from there.

If not, go directly to the “Downloads” folder in your documents and open the installer by double clicking left about him.

The example that I put below is from the option when downloading NordVPN with Google plus Google chrome.

When opening the installer, it will ask you for administrator permission as in most programs to install, which you must accept in order to go to the NordVPN installation window.

It will take about 30 seconds the window to open while loading all the archivos that come with it.

Once there, the steps that you must follow are super fácil:

  • Choose a folder where Your entire NordVPN installation will be saved. You perro also leave the default one.
  • Clic on “Install” when you have chosen it.

Installation It perro last a couple of minutes. but in many cases, it usually doesn’t take more than 1 or 2.

When finished, it will automatically run the program and it will espectáculo you the NordVPN window where you must put your data to log in.

Already logged in? Then it only remains to configure it.

As soon as you entrar the program, a map will appear where you cánido see the location of the servers from NordVPN.

Next to it, you will see an option where you must indicate what you will use NordVPN for.

For your services of Uso contínuo, P2P, Anonymity or Security.

In the event that your only goal is to unlock pages to earn money such as paid surveys or trabajo independiente jobs, You cánido choose the “Security” option or the “Anonymity” option since both allow you the same function and when choosing them, you just have to clic on “Connect”.

If on the other hand, you are looking to use torrents or entrar specific pages, Uso contínuo and P2P options are good.

When you have chosen the option that suits you best, you cánido connect to any server from the map or by going to the “Countries” option. that appears in the top menu like in the picture above.

Depending on the device on which you have downloaded NordVPN, the program it will look different once you select what you will use it for.

In my case, It looks like the image that I will leave you below, where a bar appears on the left side with the list of all the countries to which I cánido connect.

It also indicates which servers are my favorites and which ones I used recently. I only have to clic in any of them and it will connect automatically.

to disconnect it you must clic on “Disconnect” in the bar that appears next to the map and that’s it.

The other way in which the program perro be seen on your device is the one that I showed you in the first image where the options appear “Map”, “Countries” and “Settings” next to an on and off button.

In this case, go to the “Countries” option where you will see all the countries to connect to as well as your favorites and special servers for certain pages.

You cánido connect to the country you want with just clic the power button that appears next to the name of this.

And ready! Your VPN is now on.

To simply disconnect you must clic on the same icon of the country to turn it off or in the top menu next to “Settings”.

Now, NordVPN also has settings more advanced that you perro see in the “Settings” option.

There you will find the CyberSec, Coche connect and Start NordVPN on startup (which is used to run the program as soon as the device is turned on).

The one that is best for you to keep on is the CyberSec one because you will be able to divert and avoid all the pop-up Ads that They usually open when entering a page.

The other two options are more according to your preferences and if your device or computer perro handle it.

Autorun NordVPN it may require a lot of effort from your computer to boot up and it will take a couple more minutes to be usable, so I suggest you don’t select that option.

The last option that It’s the “Internet Kill Switch” It works so that you cánido access the pages only while using the VPN, if the VPN fails then all the pages will be closed.

This is an already very advanced option if all you are looking for is unlock pages to earn money, so you don’t need to activate it.

To see all this more thoroughly, read my article NordVPN Tutorial in Spanish: How to configure your VPN in 3 steps.

How to use NordVPN for access blocked pages in your country

To be able to unlock pages that are not available for your country, you just have to connect with NordVPN to the corresponding country.

Lots of survey pages (for example) they will be unlocked if you entrar a server in the United States or Spain, but this is not always the case.

Some pages are found only available for the country where they were created.

One of the en línea survey pages that I use the most because it is the one that pays the highest and sends surveys the fastest, it has its servers in Germany.

so when trying entrar from a server in the United States, It was also still blocked for that country.

I had to specifically choose a server from Germany; perro be any of the available as long as it is from the corresponding country.

When I connected from NordVPN, I immediately reloaded the page and it was unlocked.

The procedure to connect to a server is identical to the example that I have given you above with the list of countries or clicking on the power button next to the name of the country you want to connect to.

If you don’t know which country it corresponds to the page you want to entrar, by going to Google plus and placing it in the search engine you will be able to find it.

To unlock multiple pages of translations, transcriptions, writing and paid surveys, I have even had to connect to servers in South Korea.

To do it, you don’t need to log in all the time to the main program window.

You perro perfectly go to the icon that is created in the taskbar next to the clock and other options like your WiFi and sound.

Over there, you must clic on the on or off button as the case may be and it will espectáculo you the servers you recently connected to.

As soon as you launch NordVPN that icon is created, so you don’t need to do anything plus except open the program once.

TO what country is Cánido I access using NordVPN?

NordVPN has a total of 60 countries which you cánido access from the program that you download to your device or computer.

Of course, for each country there is not only one server, but you perro choose between 6 to even 280 servers making a total of more than 5000.

The countries to which you cánido access the you cánido search by continent on the official NordVPN page, but here I come to bring you the complete list of them.

For a start, in Europe there are 72 countries in total including Belgium, Italy, Slovakia, England, UK, Germany, France and many more.

They all have more than 17 servers that are distributed in their cities.

When I have to connect to Europe, I prefer countries like United Kingdom, Germany and the Netherlands since they have many more servers and additional services.

In Asia Pacific, It has 11 countries where they are included: Australia, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, New Zealand, South Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam.

Unlike Europe, it does not have so many servers in each country, but the connection is very stable and you perro unblock the pages you want from Asia.

In my case, I use the servers in Japan and South Korea with more frenquency.

Not because of something specific, but because of the type of pages and content that I want to unlock like vídeo games, anime pages and exclusive content from both countries, but i tried the other servers from that continent and work 100%.

In the American continent you perro find United States, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Costa Rica, Chile and México.

USA is the country with the most servers on NordVPN and it is the most stable of the countries to be able to connect.

Most Paid Survey Pages you cánido unlock them by connecting to one of the servers in this country.

The other servers that are in Latin America are not many, but they are just as stable and useful in case you you need to entrar or unlock a page from them.

Finally, all other countries available on NordVPN They are those found in Africa, the Middle East and India.

There are only 70 servers which are divided between South Africa, India, Türkiye, Israel, United Arab Emirates and Egypt.

Of all of them, nothing more I have tried one of the servers in Egypt and South Africa when I needed to entrar a page of translations.

Despite being far from my country, they worked excellent.

At NordVPN you cánido connect to any of the 60 available countries, but keep in mind that the further the server is found, the connection may become a little slower.

However, I personally have not had any problems with none that I have connected to.

Price by NordVPN

To use NordVPN you must choose a plan from those they offer, although they also you cánido try it for free as I will espectáculo you below.

The platform has 4 different plans with a monthly price, however, in 3 of them the full amount must be paid for the amount of time you hire them.

No matter which one you choose, all plans allow you connect 6 devices in total with the program and without the need to contract the service for each one.

A couple of months ago when I started looking for VPNs that were preferably free, the truth was that I came across a lot that said that I shouldn’t pay and that I could download for free, but after a few days they sent me a notification that I had to pay to continue with the service.

The worst of all is that none it really solved my problem in its entirety because there were still more pages that were blocked than those that I had been able to access.

Before learning about VPNs and trying several of them, I thought that most of them were cheap and that a monthly payment did not exceed $5, but I was wrong.

Many of them, at the end of the free trial they asked me to pay more than $15.69 per month, which seemed like a total exaggeration for the service they offered.

The funniest thing is that the most expensive were the ones that even when installed, They had brought me viruses to my computer.

At NordVPN, the plans are much more accessible And it’s one of the things that caught my attention.

In total there are 4 plans as I was telling you:

  1. He monthly.
  2. the one of one year.
  3. Of two years
  4. And three years.

The one that most people usually hire is the 3-year-old since with it they save 75% in the total cost and monthly it is only $2.99, while the one and two years are $3.99 and $6.99 and save between 66% and 41%.

Of course, if you choose the monthly plan you must pay as indicated, every month.

But it is the most expensive plan since you don’t save any monthly percentage and you pay $11.95 which is almost double even for 2 years.

I would recommend hiring the 3-year-old one since it is cheaper in all aspects, but you perro choose the one you think is best according to the use you will give it.

In my case, I contracted the 3-year plan and by paying a single installment, I totally forgot about having to cancel something plus.

Cánido try NordVPN free?

Yeah! NordVPN offers a 7-day free trial and you cánido try the entire service for free without any restrictions so you perro assess if it’s the VPN you’ve been looking for.

Get free trial It is exactly the same as the registration phase.

You need to choose one of the plans and entrar your correo electrónico and payment information, but when you are requesting the free trial nothing will be deducted from your account until the end of the 7 day period.

It’s a great way to check if it actually works to unlock all the pages you want to access. and finally be able to earn more money when entering sites paid surveys and different jobs.

When I was going to hire NordVPN, I didn’t think twice to take advantage of the free trial and I requested it when registering and entering my data.

During those 7 days I was browsing different entertainment pages and above all, I managed to register on more than 12 platforms to earn money since I was able to unlock them connecting to the server that corresponded to the country.

Although most VPNs bring a free sample or trial, They usually allow you to connect to only one country or two: the United States and Spain.

Instead at NordVPN you cánido connect to any of the 60 countries Even if you’re on probation.

Taking advantage of those days was how I was able to realize that the service worked even better than I thought to be able to unblock the pages in which I was tired of reading “This page is blocked for your country”.

Once the 7-day trial is over, they will immediately deduct the money from your selected account so that you perro continue with the service. If you don’t want to keep using it, you simply have to cancel the payment before the end of the seventh day.

my opinions using NordVPN

After I got sick of my full-time, on-site jobs that didn’t pay well at all, and on top of that, They made me exhaust myself to exhaustion, I made the decision to search for jobs en línea or at least some methods to earn money as are paid surveys.

It took me a while, but luckily I was able to find several pages where I managed to register and start earning some money little by little.

Within a few months, I was able to find a platform where i could make money using my voice and that was one of my salvations when I needed the money the most.

Why am I telling you all this? Because even though I found several websites to work with, over time they started to be blocked for my country.

This made me look for more options, but every day they were fewer and fewer due to all the restrictions and blockades that exist for Venezuela.

If I didn’t find other ways to earn money, I would have to go back to 8-hour face-to-face jobs in an office that didn’t genera me not even half of what he currently earned, so that was not an option.

That’s how I started looking for a VPN, after a friend explained to me how they worked and what would be my solution.

He had suggested one, but it was quite expensive and I was initially hoping to find something for free.

I did, but after I realized that all those free VPN programs they were fácil tests and when they were finished, they asked a very expensive sum for their services.

In addition to the fact that in the process I had to remove like 2 trojans and 5 other viruses from my computer since the installer archivos were contaminated.

But despite all those failed tests, i needed a vpn ASAP.

While searching one of the forums for recommendations and questions, I saw that many users they were recommending a program called NordVPN.

Out of 5 stars it had 4.8 (which was great) and ended up getting my attention when I even saw the vídeo of a famous estrella de youtube recommending it.

I didn’t think about it much and went to the page to try it out.

At first I didn’t know there was a free trial, but they had said I could pay and if I didn’t like it, during the first 30 days they perro refund me the money.

But when I entered and was completing my data I realized that could request the 7-day trial for free, so I went for that option and still selected the 3-year plan.

As soon as I had access to the program and my account, I became a little euphoric about trying various servers and entrar survey pages I had blocked, and unlike other VPNs I’ve tried, NordVPN unblocked every single site I tried.

He had originally entered a server in the United States to unlock two pages of translations that he had seen in an article on one of my favorite weblogs about earning money.

Then I wanted to try the Spain connection because I knew that many of the survey sites they came from there.

Each one of them was going very well and I had no problem unlocking them. every time I exited and re-entered the page.

After that, it all came down to getting into sites. to download entertainment content such as series, movies, games and anime.

However, what I undoubtedly liked and satisfied most of all, was being able to entrar all the survey pages and once again have more than 10 instead of only 2 or 3 platforms to fill them just because the rest were blocked.

When I finished the 7-day trial, I no longer had any doubts: NordVPN worked and have continued to use it to this day.

Since then I have been able to entrar the page I want from my notebook, cell phone and even Smart televisión.

And you, have you tried NordVPN yet? Tell me what you think below in the comments.

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