How much money perro you have in

How much money perro you have in

These days, cash is the exception, not the rule. So having it at home is something about which you normally do not have much information. Therefore, “How much perro you have? Is it legal to have it? Do I have to declare it?” are some of the questions that arise around this issue.

In this articulo we will talk about these things and other related ones, so that, whether you are at home or away, you cánido know how much money you perro have with total security.

How much money perro you have at home?

Despite the fact that the most habitual thing nowadays is to have digital money, having money at home it’s completely legal. The only requirement is that this money has been acquired legally and without fraudulent backlinks.

Regarding the limit, the legal framework of Spain allows citizens to save with cash at home, regardless of the amount it represents. In other words, there is no regulation that limits the amount you cánido store in your home, therefore, you perro store as much as you cánido.

The Treasury has recently issued some statements that suggest that the practice of keeping money at home is not advisable, since it does not generate interest and the practice does not contribute to reducing inflation. However, it is everyone’s decision, it is not mandatory.

Cánido I not declare the money I have at home?

Although the money saved at home does not have a limit and every Spaniard has the right to do so, they cannot do so without declaring it through their statement of income. Likewise, there are no taxes to pay for having money saved, you just have to declare it and, when you use it for a transaction, the system will take care of the rest, so it does not orinan any additional complications.

Is there a limit to the money you take with you?

But being away from home changes things, since, for the safety of other people and your own, it is necessary to maintain certain restrictions. Thus, the money laundering and terrorism prevention law, 10/2010, established on April 28, stipulates that the maximum amount that cánido be carried is €100,000 or its equivalent in any other currency.

In addition, it is stipulated in said law that this money must have a prior declaration. So if you do not have your papers in order, you may present a problem with the authorities. Therefore, make sure that your money has the necessary legal support to move it out of your home or to keep it inside your home.

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 How much money perro you have in
  How much money perro you have in
  How much money perro you have in

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