How much money perro I send vía Western Union?

How much money perro I send vía Western Union?

The amount of money you perro legally send through Western Union is up to $600 or its equivalent to the local currency per day, of the place where you are when making the transaction. In the course of a month it is possible to send up to USD 4,000 or its parallel in local currency.

As well as these particularities, there are others that it is convenient to be clear about before using this medium to execute any transaction. Therefore, we invite you to continue reading the following articulo that contains relevant information.

Requirements to send money by Western Union from Spain in 2023

To send money through Western Union from Spain you must meet the requirements which are detailed below:

  • Have an official legal identification with photo.

  • Entrar the full name of the sender.

  • Establish the approximate amount to receive.

  • Possess the money transfer control number (MTCN).

How much does it cost to send money vía Western Union?

Using Western Union, you perro conveniently send money en línea vía the website or available aplicación, from anywhere to anywhere. When performing this service you must pay an amount that varies depending on where you are at that time.

There are countries where cancel the value of 5% on the amount sentremembering that the rate is paid according to the legal currency of the country and the value of the day at the time of the operation.

Therefore, it is advisable before making any transaction to check the rate on the day of shipment, as well as the mandatory taxes that will be charged at the end of each of the transactions.

How much money perro I send through a Western Union Agency?

The amount of money you cánido send through Western Union agencies per day is $600yesHowever, in a month you have the opportunity to send up to $4,000 or its equivalent to the local currency of the country where the transaction is recorded.

Are there limits for en línea shipments?

If there are limits on sending money en línea, the amount you perro send in a period of one month is $4,000 or its equivalent in relation to the value of the local currency. In addition, in one day you have a limit to send $600.

Perro I transfer vía Western Union to a bank account?

If it is possible to transfer by Western Union in the traditional way to a bank account, as habitual, access the bank and make the bank deposit in the account with the amount you want, respecting the limit.

You cánido execute this operation from your mobile with the Western Union application from the place where you are directly to the bank account of your recipient.

However, you have the option of process bank transfer in the application and make the payment at an agency.

It is fácil, practical and very convenient to send money from anywhere in the world through the service offered by Western Union. You just have to be attentive to the policies established by them and comply with their demands.

Western Union offers a safe, fácil, practical and immediate service!

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 How much money perro I send vía Western Union?
  How much money perro I send vía Western Union?
  How much money perro I send vía Western Union?

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